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Welcome to Oodle Life!

Chris the creator of oodle life and his Labradoodle puppy Max
Chris the creator of Oodle Life is a health professional and dog writer. Max is a Miniature Labradoodle puppy who is a very good boy!

My name is Chris Allen, and I am the creator of OodleLife, your one-stop shop for family dog advice, expert Poodle Mix information, hands-on training advice, and real-world toy and pet gear reviews. We manufacture specialized dog grooming products including shampoo, brushes, and slickers.

Meet our vets

Our Canine Expert Review Team

At Oodle Life, our team of canine experts, featuring Dr. Alice Adams, Dr. Amanda Chambers, Dr. Liza Chan, and Dr. Ivan Duong, is dedicated to the well-being of your furry friends. Dive into our dog-centric world, where we share fascinating insights and delightful stories.

While we don’t provide specific advice, our canine companionship experts make navigating the dog world an exciting journey!

Ask a Vet
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Dr. Amanda Chambers

DVM Veterinarian
Dr. Amanda Chambers is a full-time small animal general practitioner in Kansas City, MO. She graduated the University of Missouri with her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.
She takes a special interest in dermatology and soft tissue surgery. She and her husband, Jake, share their home with two cats, Lilly and Creed, and a Golden Retriever, Malcolm.
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Dr. Ivan Duong

Veterinarian (University of Sydney)
Dr. Ivan Duong spent the first two years of his Vet career working at the Sydney National Humane Society, caring for both beloved pets, homeless animals and advocating for animal welfare and rights.
He enjoys all aspects of veterinary practice but has a special interest in emergency medicine, preventative care and senior palliative care.
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Dr. Liza Cahn

DVM (Veterinarian)
Dr. Liza Cahn is a veterinarian who graduated from Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2013 with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM).
Dr. Cahn has over years of experience working as a veterinarian in small animal practice in Washington and California. She loved working with dogs and cats and educating owners on all aspects of veterinary medicine, especially animal behavior and dermatology.
Dr. Cahn has an active veterinary license in Washington State.
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Dr. Alice Adams

BVSc (Hons) (Veterinarian)
Alice graduated from the University of Queensland in 2017 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science.
She particularly enjoyed treating family dogs and is passionate about preventative health and behavior.
She has additional experience in the insurance and business improvement industries.
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Dr. Charlotte Stiles

DVM (Veterinarian)
Charlotte graduated from the University of Zagreb in 2023 as a Doctor of veterinary medicine.
She has undertaken internships in Belgium, Spain, Austria, and Germany and has a 15 year old dog called Chiki.

Industry recognition for Chris Allen, Founder of OodleLife

  • Chris graduated with honors from the University of Queensland (2013)
  • Chris works full-time as passionate health science communicator and family dog expert.
  • As a family dog expert, Chris has been featured broadly in the media from NewsWeek, Morningstar, Starter Story, ABC4, and animal charity sites like the Greater Good.
  • The print magazine Bubble Life also has featured articles written by Chris.
  • In late 2022 our Christmas Safety for dogs campaign saw extensive coverage and dog expert interviews from US radio stations (WBOY)
  • Using his health expertise, Chris and the OodleLife team developed a USA-made Oatmeal Dog Shampoo for ALL dogs which is now a popular seller on Amazon
  • OodleLife has a trademark with the USPTO and a commitment to uphold the highest quality family dog advice, vetted by experts
  • OodleLife is an invite-only MediaVine PRO member. The quality of the content and subsequent reach to millions of dog lovers has been recognized. A further commitment to continue to excel in providing helpful content was made.
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Why OodleLife was started

We love Poodle crosses and all family-friendly dogs – and want your puppy to be a happy healthy, fun-loving member of your family.

I love the smiles that our dogs give us, and the happiness and joy we give our puppies by caring for them well!

A few years ago my wife and I were in a position where we could finally have enough time to welcome a new puppy into our family! After much research and preparation, we welcomed our Multigenerational Miniature Labradoodle boy Max into our lives.

We love making videos on our YouTube channel about puppies!

  • Chris (and Max the Labradoodle) have been featured on Morningstar, Embark, Wikipedia, the Good Dog Guide and more!
  • We have thousands of dog lovers on our email list, and our Pinterest is super active.

There is SO much to learn, enjoy and experience about Oodle dog ownership. We have trained our dog, met friendly dogs of all types, and investigated the best techniques, healthcare tips, equipment and toys for our Oodle.

Since Max joined our family we have met (at the dog park mostly) so many amazing puppy parents, and writers who know so much about the Oodle crossbreeds like Goldendoodles, Cavapoos, and Bernedoodles.

I wanted to share accurate and well-written information about both Poodle mixes AND all family dogs with the world. I recruited my wife and some of our new friends to help me research and share information.

When not working on this website, I work in the healthcare industry. I have experience with researching and writing accurate and reliable information only referencing the best sources.

Contact us!

If you would like to contact our Australian or Texas team, shoot us an email to hello [ a t ] oodlelife [dot] com! If you join the mailing list just hit reply – I am always there answering questions!

See our full contact details on our Contact Page.

Via phone –

(817) 601-7406 (Dallas)

Our primary USA-based number of our Grapevine office is the easiest contact point. Given the large number of enquiries we get from our primary markets of Canada, Australia and the UK, the number accepts international calls and voicemails.

Via mail –

2451 W Grapevine Mills Circle
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Grapevine, TX 76051

labradoodle friends
Happy Oodle friends (Max my happy Mini Labradoodle in the middle)