Yorkies (Yorkshire Terriers)

Yorkshire Terriers are alert and agile dogs that make good family pets. They’re active and love to be outdoors, but don’t mind a cuddle and a snooze.

As a dog expert who focuses on family and companion dogs – I get asked often about the Yorkie breed. Their beautiful coat and temperament make them a top recommendation for families of all ages and sizes.

At OodleLife our expert dog writers and Vet review team have covered Yorkies extensively, and continue to add information and advice. Yorkies are one of our favorite breeds (even though they are not an Oodle!)

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Yorkie puppy feels sleepy
Yorkie puppy feels sleepy on his comfortable blanket.

Yorkie Health and Grooming Concerns

Despite their small size, Yorkies can face issues like dental problems, hypoglycemia, and patellar luxation.

Our OodleLife dog experts aim to equip you with essential knowledge on preventative care, early detection, and management of these conditions to ensure your Yorkie maintains optimal health.

Additionally, we offer grooming tips specific to their fine, silky coats, helping you keep your Yorkie looking and feeling their best

Yorkie Training Advice

Yorkies, with their bold personalities, require consistent and patient training methods.

We provide insights into harnessing their energy and intelligence through positive reinforcement, covering everything from basic obedience to socialization techniques.

Yorkie Breeders and Rescues

In our Yorkie Adoption section, we guide you through the process of welcoming a Yorkshire Terrier into your home, whether through adoption or responsible breeding. Highlighting the importance of ethical practices, we offer advice on selecting a Yorkie that matches your lifestyle and preparing for their arrival.

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black and tan yorkie
How is this for a pose! A black and tan Yorkie

Although they are not a Poodle mix, they are low shedding with a single coat of hair. This makes them popular for families with allergies.

Like Poodle mixes, their coat maintenance can be a little challenging to DIY – but it is manageable!

chocolate yorkie
A Chocolate Yorkie (aka a brown coat Yorkie)