Goldendoodles are a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. They come in a variety of sizes from the lanky energetic standard Goldendoodles, through to Miniature and Teacup Goldendoodles.

goldendoodle puppy
Family friendly, fun-loving with a zest for life. We love the vibrant (and often non-shedding) Goldendoodle. It endures as one of the most popular Poodle Mix breed dogs.

Knowing what type of coat a Goldendoodle will have is important – as these dogs are often desired for their non-shedding hypoallergenic hair. If you are after a non-shedding Goldendoodle – you will need to look for a F1b Goldendoodle.

I love the Goldendoodle crossbreed and have plenty of experience with this wonderful Poodle cross. It is one of the most extensively covered breeds on Oodle Life. Don’t forget to check out our complete Goldendoodle color guide (with photos).

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