Akita Basenji Mix Breed Guide (with Photos)

The Akita Basenji mix is one of the best best dogs you can find. They have been bred to be smart, friendly, and loving towards all people, including children.

Their loyalty is unparalleled, as is their courage. Akita mixes are very popular for families because they make great pets.

rare basenji akita mix
The rare Basenji Akita mix. Two strong-willed and fire-y personalities in one dog

Is Akita Basenji Mix a Good Dog?

Much like any other mixed breed dog, these dogs vary in temperament, appearance, and health. It is important to know that an Akita mix may not always be the best family pet.

Akitas are stubborn, independent, and protective. They are not recommended for first-time dog owners. Therefore, their mixes should also be avoided by inexperienced dog owners.

Both Akita and Basenji have a mind of their own and are difficult to train. So you can expect the same from an Akita-Basenji mix. However, with early socialization, training, and consistent boundaries, you can raise a well-behaved pup.

The Akita Basenji mix is not a registered AKC dog breed.

happy akita basenji mix dog
A happy mixed Basenji Akita dog (with Collie?)

The History of the Akita-Basenji mix

The Akita-Basenji mix is a fairly modern crossbreed. The Japanese Akita and the African Basenji are both extremely old dog breeds.

The AKC recognizes the Japanese Akita as its own breed, while the American Kennel Club recognizes the Basenji as a member of its “Non-Sporting” breed group.

The first mix was bred in the late 1950s. It was a happy accident when a Basenji, who was named “Handsome” bred with an Akita named “Aki” producing a litter of five puppies.

A puppy from this litter went on to win best of show at a dog show in San Francisco.

This event marked the popularity of these two breeds and it is rumored that Aki and Handsome were not the only dogs to breed in that fashion.

Akita Inu

Physical Characteristics of Akita Basenji Mix

Akita Basenji Mixes are great dogs, especially if you want a larger hunting dog. They have a great sense of smell and love to run. They will also play fetch until they drop and love to be with their families.

They do have some similarities in appearance, just by looking at them. Both are long, tall dogs, with lots of energy and stamina.

Akita Basenji Mixes tend to have short hair and can be any range of colors between red, brown, black or white.

Their ears are usually long and floppy, especially when they are puppies but as they get older their ears often stand up straight.

The Akita Basenji Mix is a very loving dog that loves to play with its owners and other dogs. They make great family pets but should be watched closely around smaller children as they may accidentally knock them over because of how active these dogs are.

akita basenji mix
An Akita Basenji mix

Training Requirements

The Basenji is a natural hunter who has a very strong prey drive. The Akita is also an excellent hunter and is more dominant than the Basenji.

You will want to train your Basenji Akita mix puppy not to chase small animals and other pets.

Early socialization and obedience training will be very important to help these two dogs learn how to interact with their new family, other dogs, and strange people.

Activity Level of Akita Basenji Mix

Basenjis are bred to be hunting and working dogs. This means that they have a lot of energy and need to be kept busy and entertained.

This also means that Basenji Akitas will require a lot of training and exercise.

Akita Basenji mix will require a lot of daily exercises, playtime, physical activities, and mental stimulation.

Basenji Akitas need at least an hour of exercise per day, which is a long walk or jog, or running outside.

Basenji Akita mix can become easily bored if left alone for long periods, so crate training is highly recommended for this dog breed.

a basenji cattle dog mix
A Basenji Cattle Dog AND Terrier mix. What a combo.

Health Concerns for Akita Basenjis

Akita Basenjis are known for being healthy dogs, but there are some health concerns you should be aware of. As a larger dog, this breed has a shorter life expectancy, on average, and can develop joint issues later in life.

This breed is also susceptible to the following health conditions:

Hip dysplasia: This condition affects the hip socket and can cause pain and lameness if it’s severe. In some cases, surgery may be required.

Dental disease: If not treated properly, dental disease can lead to infection and even tooth loss.

Heart problems: Heart problems are relatively common in dogs, especially large breeds. Coughing or shortness of breath may indicate an issue with your dog’s heart.

Allergies: This breed can have sensitive skin that reacts to certain allergens like dust mites and certain foods. Symptoms include itching and hair loss.

The floppy face of a Basenji smiling
Basenji dogs have a surprising amount of loose skin on their face!

How is it With Children and Other Pets?

The Akita Basenji mix is a great family dog. It has been bred to be a companion and a protector.

The Akita originates in Japan and the Basenji comes from Africa, so the mix of these two breeds creates a very interesting combination.

This breed will do well with children, but it is not recommended for families with small children.

This breed will also do well with other pets as long as you socialize it from an early age. The best environment for this breed is one where it can run freely without being tied up.


As you can see, this crossbreed is quite interesting. It is a cross of two high-energy and intelligent dogs. If you are ready for a high-energy companion that is loyal, this could be for you.