Are Cavapoos Aggressive? [The Truth]

Cavapoos, a cross between a Mini Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, are small, fuzzy, affectionate dogs. Many families choose these teddy bear-like dogs as family pets. But are Cavapoos aggressive, though?

Although Cavapoos are not an aggressive dog breed, aggressive tendencies can arise in any dog. Continue reading if you want to ensure the best chance of owning a non-aggressive Cavapoo.

are cavapoos aggressive
Are Cavapoos aggressive?

Temperment of Cavapoos

Most Cavapoos are moderately low-energy dog breeds that still have some silly playfulness in their personality but may vary depending on their generation. 

cavapoos playing outside
Two cavapoos happily playing outside

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Temperament

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a dog breed with a lot of energy with hunting instincts. This breed loves to have plenty of love and attention, making them a great dog to be around kids. Cavaliers tend to bark a lot, often mistaken as an aggressive personality.

However, it’s just this pup’s way of expressing their curiosity or anxiety.

Miniature Poodle Temperament

Miniature Poodles have a similar temperament as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog breed. Poodles can be a little protective and territorial but are not aggressive an aggressive breed. Miniature Poodles require lots of mental stimulation and need proper training as puppies. 

What May Cause Cavapoos to Be Aggressive?

Here are examples of why a Cavapoo may show signs of aggression.

Cute sleepy cavapoo
Cute sleepy cavapoo lying on the bed

Acting Teritorrial Around Their Food

Cavapoos are very loyal pets that are protective of their owners and can also be protective of their food. You may notice some aggression if you try to grab their food bowl or move your hand near their bowl before finishing their meal. 

Typically, Cavapoos will not bite or hurt their owners if they feel like their food is compromised, but they may snarl or snap at you.

A Cavapoo may also have a slightly aggressive attitude if they don’t receive enough food. It is essential to feed your Cavapoo regularly with the appropriate amount of food for the dog’s age and size

Past Abuse or Neglect

Sadly, adopted dogs may come with a little emotional baggage. When puppies experience abuse or neglect, they may become suspicious of humans and have difficulty trusting their new owners. Though it may take some time for the pup to trust that their new owners will meet their needs, it is still possible. 

If you plan to adopt a Cavapoo, make sure to apply the proper techniques for dogs who have gone through abuse or neglect. 

Illnesses or Injuries

When Cavapoos aren’t feeling well or have some injury, they may act aggressively while they are in distress. Give your pup plenty of space while they heal and start feeling like themselves again. If you suspect an illness or injury, be sure to schedule a visit with a veterinarian to ensure the best recovery. 

Hormonal Imbalances

Just like humans, pets can experience hormonal imbalances that may cause irritability. Aggression is especially common when a female Cavapoo is going through their menstrual cycle. As with illnesses and injuries, avoid contact during these times to avoid any aggression. You may also talk with your veterinarian about other options, such as spaying or neutering. 

Prevent Aggression in Cavapoos

Even if Cavapoos haven’t experienced any of the above causes of aggression, they may become aggressive without proper prevention techniques. Here is how to prevent aggression in Cavapoos. 

cute cavapoo enjoying snow
Cavapoo enjoying the snow.

Training and Mental Stimulation

Cavapoos are intelligent dogs that need plenty of mental stimulation, and not having enough may lead to irritating behaviors such as barking or chewing. Teach your Cavapoo lots of new commands and tricks while practicing what they already know. This regular training will help tire your dog out, making them less likely to act out. 

Play and Exercise

Studies show that active dogs are calmer dogs—the more exercise you can give them, the better for them and the people around them. If a dog doesn’t get plenty of time to exhaust its energy, it may channel that energy into chewing or barking. 

Puppy Proof Your House

Ensure that your home is puppy-proof from the time your Cavapoo walks in the door. Remove any items, such as shoes, out of reach. Give your pup plenty of supervision to ensure they can’t get into anything. Puppies that do not learn destructive behaviors at the beginning of their life have less risk of developing destructive behaviors over time. 

Offer Positive Reinforcement

Aside from basic commands, offer treats anytime your dog shows good behavior. For example, when you leash your Cavapoo for a walk, give them a treat and verbal praise when they walk next to you. It is tough to train your dog not to do something, such as “don’t pull,” so teaching good behaviors from the beginning is vital.

fashionista cavapoo chilling outside
A fashionista cavapoo chilling outside.


Are Cavapoos aggressive? While Cavapoos aren’t an aggressive breed, all dogs can become aggressive. Some causes of aggression in Cavapoos include territory over food, past abuse or neglect, illness or injury, and hormone imbalances.

To prevent aggression in your Cavapoo, ensure they are getting plenty of mental stimulation, exercise, and proper training.