Are Labradoodles Good Dogs?

Those in the process of getting a new dog for their family and searching for the right breed might be wondering: are Labradoodles good dogs? Luckily, we have done our research and answered this question below. 

are labradoodles good dogs
Are Labradoodles good dogs?

Our guide details the pros and cons of bringing a Labradoodle (a mix of a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle) into one’s home. You will learn all about the best parts of owning a Labradoodle as well as some of the downsides. Nonetheless, we find that Labradoodles are good dogs for children, families, and individuals.

Common Characteristics of a Labradoodle 

cream labradoodle outdoors
Labradoodles LOVE the outdoors but don’t always want to be outside.

Before we dive into the pros and cons of a Labradoodle, it’s essential to discuss the general characteristics of this breed. This type of dog is genius and can make a great family pet once they are trained. 

These dogs are friendly to absolutely everyone, so you can take them to visit family and friends. The Labradoodle is not aggressive. It is a happy and gentle creature. One might see a Labradoodle jumping for joy and playing with a child.

Nonetheless, many factors go into the temperament and characteristics of a Labradoodle. It is not just about breeding but socialization and training regimens. When choosing a puppy, you’ll want to pick one that is curious, friendly, and willing to be held by humans or play with children.

dog with panda toy
The Labradoodle is well-behaved with his panda toy. (Image: Instagram/@iambobbiethedoodle)

For a quick list of common characteristics that are present in a Labradoodle, take a look below. 

  • Smart and sociable
  • Friendly
  • Energetic
  • Playful
  • Enjoy swimming
  • Devoted and eager to please
  • Relatively easy-going and calm 
  • Gentle

However, for apartment dwellers, the Labradoodle is not a good choice since they need more room to play and need to have some physical exercise for their overall health. 

In addition, the Labradoodle may not be the best choice in families with toddlers and small children because it is a strong jumper and may accidentally knock a child over. Otherwise, these dogs make great family pets. 

The Benefits of Owning a Labradoodle

cute labradoodle photo
A close up face image of Labradoodle puppy Max

There are many benefits to owning a Labradoodle, such as their friendly temperament and lack of shedding problems. They are very social and intelligent creatures who will keep you entertained for hours.

Since Labradoodles are eager to please, they are relatively easy to train. However, it might take some patience as some Labradoodles tend to act like they are in charge of the house. Labradoodles are very social dogs, so you will definitely get to know your neighbors and strangers on the street. 

These dogs would love to spend their whole day playing with their owner. They will not get bored and may need even more people to give them attention. So if you’re lonely, then a Labradoodle is a perfect choice to keep you entertained and feeling loved. This dog will show their owner all the love in the world. 

lays beside his owner
Labradoodle shed less meaning there will be minimal hairs on your couch. (Image: Instagram/@griffindoodledog)

Another benefit of owning a Labradoodle is its lack of shedding. On the Labrador Retriever side of breeding, they have strong genes that reduce shedding issues.

You’ll be happy that your house won’t have tons of dog fur all over the couch or in the carpets. Furthermore, your dog won’t need nearly as much grooming as other types. These dogs only need their fur to be brushed and groomed two or three times per week and will require a haircut every three or four months.

Another benefit of a Labradoodle is that this dog is usually healthy, unlike some other mixed breeds. When Labradoodles get plenty of exercise and are well taken care of, they can live for as long as 15 years.

The Downsides of Owning a Labradoodle

recently shaved Labradoodle
A recently shaved Labradoodle loses the lion cut/teddy bear vibe

One downside of owning a Labradoodle happens if you purchase an older dog. As they say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Since Labradoodles consider themselves the alpha and believe they’re more in charge than their owner, an older dog of this mixed breed may be more stubborn and much harder to train.

In the beginning, such a dog won’t listen to commands, may beg for food persistently, or take the owners’ spot on the couch the second they get up. As such, keep training your dog without stopping until the Labradoodle gets used to a new life with his new family.

If you’re looking for a guard dog, then a Labradoodle is not the right canine for your needs. They love people and would be happy to play fetch and chase a ball around with strangers. They are always looking to make a new friend. However, this makes them inferior as guard dogs or protectors of the house.

Labradoodle stares at owner
Labradoodle stares at the owner for so long. (Image: Instagram/@toby_tobert)

These dogs also take up plenty of time to care for, as they are very energetic and need lots of exercise, stimulation, and long walks. You might want to have a fenced-in yard for your dog so that they have more space to play by themselves. 

Some Labradoodles can be larger dogs, which means you’ll need more room for this canine. Apartment dwellers without much space should consider other breeds.

In addition, the larger mixed-breed pup can end up shedding more than the typical Labradoodle. There are certain health conditions to watch out for in Labradoodles as well. This mixed breed is more prone to ear infections, eye problems, hip/elbow dysplasia, and food allergies.

It’s unlikely to have a dog who isn’t at risk of specific health problems, but these conditions are a downside of Labradoodles. Nonetheless, these pups are good dogs for children and a family.

Why Are Labradoodles Good Dogs?

red apricot labradoodle
A recently shaven Labradoodle rests on the floor in a holiday home.

There are many reasons why Labradoodles are good dogs to own. First, they have a very lovely, adorable, and sweet look as they wag their tail and smile from ear to ear. Since they’re a mixed breed, they get to take on the most beautiful parts of Poodles and Labradors.

Below are some other reasons why you might find a Labradoodle to be an excellent choice for your family. 

  • They are gentle dogs and usually do not get aggressive. In fact, with enough socialization and training from a young age, the Labradoodle becomes one of the friendliest dogs ever. They can be very patient with children, so they’re a great breed if you have kids around.
  • Even if you have a small home, you’ll find this dog’s temperament makes it an excellent choice, as long as they get their exercise. Also, they can make a great therapy dog or a service dog. They’re a very hard-working breed, so they may be on television as show dogs too.
  • They come in both miniature sizes and larger sizes, so they make great family pets, depending on the age of your kids. For younger kids, the smaller version is best. If you have preteens or teenagers, the larger-sized Labradoodle is excellent.
  • Labradoodle puppies are more affordable than Goldendoodles, so you might save some cash on the breed you’ve chosen. These dogs are becoming much more prevalent around the United States.
  • Another great reason to get a Labradoodle is due to their love of swimming. If you enjoy going to the lake, ocean, or backyard pool, then Labradoodle’s are a great pick since they enjoy being in the water.

All of these reasons show why Labradoodles are excellent dogs for an individual or a family.

Wrap Up

If you’re looking for a friendly and social dog who doesn’t shed a lot and has few health problems, then the Labradoodle is an excellent pick. 

However, you’ll need to be aware that they take a reasonable amount of time to take care of and need plenty of room to play and exercise. They often want attention, so you’ll need to set some time out of your day to show them some love.

Labradoodles are easy to train and are great with kids. These incredible dogs will make any pet owner happy at the end of a long day.