Are Pink Poodles Real?

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of dog breeds in the world. To our delight, they come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. 

However, few are as iconic and well known as the Poodle. If you have a child, they might even ask you for a pink one. Now it’s your job to answer one crucial question: do pink Poodles exist?

are pink Poodles real
Are pink Poodles real?

When you first think about it, you might think it’s crazy to imagine a pink Poodle. Aren’t those only in the cartoons? Still, Poodles have one of the most varied color palettes out of all dog breeds, so if any dog were to end up mythically colored, the Poodle would be one of the best candidates. 

So, are pink Poodles real, or are they merely an urban legend?

Are There Naturally Bred Pink Poodles?

Poodles come in many colors, but unfortunately, there is no way to naturally breed a pink Poodle. If you see a pink Poodle on the street, it didn’t come by its pink fur by natural means. Instead, the owner has dyed the Poodle’s hair to achieve the desired color.

Those who have pink Poodles actually have a dog that naturally has a white or light apricot color. If you have your heart set on a pink Poodle, you’ll need to look into how you can dye Poodle hair.

pink Poodle walks
A pink Poodle walks at the beach.

What Colors Can a Poodle’s Hair Be?

A surprising number of people are interested in pink Poodles. We can’t say for sure why that is, but the reason may be that pink is one of the few colors that Poodles don’t naturally come in.

One of the Poodle breed’s biggest appeals is the variety of colors that result from breeding all the natural shades. As a result, most Poodles already look unique.

The colors a Poodle can come in include black, blue, silver, gray, apricot, cream, white, brown, red, silver beige, and cafe au lait. The most common color is black, but none of the colors are overly rare.

Poodles playing at the park
Two Poodles are playing at the park.

Why Are People Interested in Pink Poodles?

So, you can’t get a pink Poodle through natural means, but people are still interested. Why?

pink-haired Poodle
A pink-haired Poodle looks so happy! (Image: Instagram/@pinkpoodlerosie)

Many believe that the general popularity of Poodles is a result of their status as circus dogs. Specifically, Poodles were popular circus dogs in the early 19th century, and remain so to this day.

Back when circuses started becoming popular in the United States in the 1800s, Poodles were a big part of the show. Trainers were able to teach Poodles how to perform a variety of interesting and exciting tricks. At this time, many circus owners would color their light-colored Poodles to draw more attention from the general audience. 

After all, audiences came to see a spectacle. What could be more spectacular than a Poodle performing tricks with pink hair? 

Furthermore, as Poodles became more popular, their curly hair allowed groomers to get creative in how they presented them. Different cuts and styles emerged so that each dog could look different. 

Some haircuts were considered more elegant, so wealthy owners would look to have the most elegant-looking dogs. Dye also was not easy to come by, and owners would flaunt their wealth by using it on their Poodles.

Today, many owners around the United States opt to dye their dogs pink. However, they do not do it for the same reasons as owners from the 19th century. Instead, they do it so that their dog stands out.

Many owners also believe their dogs like the extra attention they get as a result of their pink hair.

white and pink Poodle
A white Poodle dyed with pink.

Is It Safe to Dye Your Poodle’s Hair?

When people started dying their Poodle’s hair, it was not safe. Dye wasn’t regulated the same way it is today, and sadly Poodles were exposed to many unsafe chemicals. However, these days it’s no longer something you need to worry about.

Poodle with pink ears
A Poodle with pink ears helping owner in the garden. (Image: Instagram/@reah_the_pink_poodle)

Hair dyes are much safer for dogs and people in the 21st century, so there’s not much to worry about when you dye your Poodle’s hair. However, it is still smart to be cautious about which products you choose.

You shouldn’t put just any old product into your dog’s fur. You should treat them the way you want to be treated! That means researching the product before applying it to your dog’s coat and checking to ensure there are no potential concerns with the product. 

When you do dye your Poodle, you should also take care to keep the dye away from their eyes, nose, mouth, and other sensitive areas. Keep in mind: if it would hurt you, it will hurt your dog, too

And if your furry friend doesn’t seem to enjoy the process or is acting stressed, maybe it’s worth letting the pink Poodle dreams go. It’s far better to maintain a positive relationship with and not stress your already beautiful baby! 

white poodle
A pure white Poodle coat

Can You Use Food Coloring?

One thing that comes up often is the use of food coloring as a substitution for hair dye. You can do this, but you need to be extra cautious. Food coloring can hurt if it gets in your Poodle’s eyes, noses, mouths, and ear openings.

When applying the dye, you need to make sure you take your time.

Additionally, while hair dye and food-coloring are non-toxic, it’s not good if your dog licks the dye before it’s dry. (Just think – would you eat straight food-coloring? Probably not!) You’ll need to keep a close eye on your Poodle while it dries.

Drying can take a long time, so be prepared to do nothing else for a little while.

food colors for dogs
Are food colors safe for dog’s hair?

Can Dark Haired Poodles be Dyed Pink?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to dye a black or dark-haired Poodle pink. It will change color when you apply the dye, but you won’t get the color you’re looking for. Only dye the fur of white or light-colored Poodles for the best results.

black Poodle comb
Combing a black Poodle.

Final Thoughts

Sadly, pink Poodles are not real. Bummer, we know.

However, it’s still absolutely possible to turn your Poodle pink! Just make sure you read and follow all the precautions on the hair dye container, and your best friend will be looking pink and posh in no time.