Basenji Jack Russell Mix (Breed Guide + Photos)

In this post, we are going to be looking at the Basenji Jack Russell Mix and its characteristics. It is obviously a mix between these two breeds and is sometimes referred to as a Jackrusselenji. If you own one or are thinking of getting one, this post will give you some information on what to expect from them.

In short, a Basenji Jack Russell mix has traits from both parents and will borrow different aspects from either breed. They may or may not be able to bark and will also be spared some of the sicknesses inherent in purebred Basenjis such as Fanconi syndrome.

A Basenji Jack Russell Mix
A Basenji Jack Russel Mix – a super cute red and white cross!

Whatever you mix a Basenji with, expect the result to be fun to have and sometimes challenging dog. The Basenji is known for its many endearing traits as well as stubborn streaks. It is a highly independent dog and will sometimes pick and choose whether or not they want to obey you.

On the other hand, the Jack Russell is also known to be a very energetic dog that also tends to exhibit a high level of intelligence but is not as stubborn as the Basenji. Combine these 2 dogs and you get a great dog.

Is the Basenji Jack Russell Mix a Good Family Dog?

Both of these breeds are great family dogs with a few differences. The Basenji is best suited to families that have older children. They can have issues in situations where there are toddlers in the house.

The erratic movements of toddlers and the direct eye contact they will have with the Basenji at that age can be read as aggressive behaviour by your B which could make them hostile. This is not an issue with older children though.

The Jack Russell, on the other hand, tends to show a lot of affection and is good with smaller children. They are also very energetic just like the Basenji and are more trainable.

basenji terrier mix
A small Basenji Terrier mix. Look at the face markings and ears!

Mix the two and you get a great combination of traits. Essentially, with a Basenji Jack Russell mix, you are getting a dog that brings in the best of both worlds. In short, it is a great family dog. What can’t be determined outright though is which of the dominant breed traits they will inherit.

For example, will they have the same issues with small children that the Basenji has or will they borrow more of the Jack Russell’s traits? Unfortunately, you can only know clearly when they reach a certain stage of maturity.

What’s good though is that both breeds exhibit a high level of protective behaviour and bond well with at least one member of the family.


How Do You Train A Jack Russell Basenji Mix?

Basenjis are notorious for being hard to train. This has led to some mistakenly calling them dumb. On the contrary, Basenjis are quite intelligent. In fact, it is this intelligence that causes them to easily lose interest during training sessions.

They tend to pick and choose if and when to listen to you. One moment they can be very attentive and obedient and then the very next, they will lose interest and completely ignore you. This is one of the reasons it is highly advisable to keep Basenjis on a leash if you are hiking, for example.

The Jack Russell is a bit more manageable though as far as training is concerned. A combination of the two temperaments will, most likely, lead to a more manageable breed that is easier to train. Again, it has to be stressed that this is largely based on which of the breeds’ traits are more dominant in the mix.

Overall though, you should expect to get somewhat of an easier time training just about any kind of Basenji mix than a purebred one.

cartoon of a basenji jack russell mix breed
A cartoon of a Basenji Jack Russel mixed breed.

What Should you Consider Before Adopting or Buying a Basenji Jack Russell Mix?

A Basenji is a mid-size dog while the Jack Russell is a small breed. Both are known to possess high amounts of energy. Due to this, you should be prepared to give them their required 30 minutes of exercise minimum per day.

When you fail to d this, you will expect to have a very restless dog on your hands. If you live a busy life where you will be leaving your dog alone at home for long periods during the day and may not have the time to walk them, it’s a good idea to engage a dog walker or have a close friend or neighbour do it for you.

Though it is not a common thing among cross breeds, you will also need to have them checked out for hereditary diseases that occur in Basenjis such as Fanconi syndrome. The only way it can be passed on is if it is present in both parents.

Since it is unique to Basenjis, it is highly likely that your mix will not have it provided the parents are both pure breeds.

black and white basenji cattle dog mix
Black and white photo of a black and white Basenji Cattle Dog Mix breed.


To cap it off, the Basenji Jack Russell mix is an energetic and loving dog that is also super cute. It is a great addition to any family and will give you many memories for years to come.