Can Dogs Eat Liverwurst (Is It Bad?) 

We all know how much dogs love begging for whatever their humans eat! I can attest to my pet demanding everything I have on the table, from steak to ice cream. But just because a dog wants something does not mean he should have it.

So, the question is – can dogs eat liverwurst? 

can dogs eat liverwurst
Can dogs eat liverwurst? (Is it bad?)

So, Can Dogs Eat Liverwurst? 

A tiny bit of liverwurst as an occasional treat may be safe for your dog. However, the answer to the question of “can dogs eat liverwurst?” depends on your liverwurst’s exact ingredients.  

The main ingredient of liverwurst is liver (from pigs or calves). It usually also contains meat, veal being the most common. Fat is another major component.

raised feeding bowl
A dog drinks and eats at raised feeding bowls.

So, always read the exact ingredients in whatever liverwurst (and every other food) you let your dog consume. And ask your veterinarian whether you should offer the food to your pet. 

But liverwurst also features herbs and spices. In many cases, these are fine for dogs, but sometimes liverwurst may have herbs and spices that are bad for dogs

You will see why liverwurst can be a problem when we look at some of the herbs and spices you might find in liverwurst.

These ingredients are why you can only let dogs eat a tiny amount of this food. Any more than that is risky.  

Herbs and spices you often see in liverwurst include: 

  • Thyme (good) 
  • Allspice (potential problem) 
  • Nutmeg (dangerous) 
  • Marjoram (dangerous) 
  • Black pepper (safe in small amounts)
  • Ground mustard seed (dangerous) 

Liverwurst is okay as an occasional treat for your pup. Do not go overboard, though. Too much liverwurst may result in an upset tummy or your dog becoming overweight or obese. 

Is Liverwurst Bad for Your Dog? 

Liverwurst might be bad for your dog if you let him eat too much of it, or if the liverwurst contains ingredients that are bad for canines. 

There are many different liverwurst recipes out there, so you need to check the exact ingredients in your liverwurst before you offer any to your dog. 

What Will Happen if Your Dog Eats Too Much Fat? 

Of course, a dog that eats excess fat might become overweight and obese. And being overweight or obese is linked to a multitude of health issues. Examples include: 

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Liver disease
  • Urinary tract disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Arthritis

Additionally, an overly fatty diet may cause your dog to develop pancreatitis. This condition involves an inflamed pancreas. 

The most common pancreatitis symptoms are stomach pain, vomiting, and loss of appetite. Pancreatitis can be a grave condition, and it may become chronic. Contact a vet to discuss your pet and this ailment.

sick dog sleeping
A sick dog sleeping on a pillow.

Can Dogs Eat Liverwurst Pate? 

Like firmer kinds of liverwurst, tiny amounts of liverwurst pate are probably acceptable for your dog. But, this should only be an occasional treat

While every kind of liverwurst is high in fat, liverwurst pate is especially so. Liverwurst pate may be more likely to have dangerous ingredients for your dog, like onions or alcohol. 

Check over the ingredients first, like with every other food you give your dog.

What is Liverwurst? 

Liverwurst is a traditional German sausage or processed meat. You might also hear people call it a liver sausage. 

Unlike other sausages, liverwurst is soft, and you can spread it on crackers or bread. There are also liverwurst varieties that are a bit more like a firm sausage. 

As we mentioned earlier, liverwurst uses liver, meat, and a significant amount of fat. Liverwurst also contains a variety of herbs and spices. 

The exact herbs and spices in liverwurst depend on the recipe.

liverwurst as dog food
Is liverwurst safe for dogs?

Only Cooked Liverwurst is Safe for Your Dog 

Like all other meats, liverwurst should be thoroughly cooked before you give it to your canine companion. Fortunately, the liverwurst that you buy at a store is generally already completely cooked. Otherwise, you can steam it, boil it, or lightly cook it in minimal oils for your pet.

Why Do Dogs Like Liverwurst? 

Well, dogs generally like every kind of meat. They do have a special love for liverwurst, however, because of its liver content. There’s no doubt about it, dogs do love liver

But as we have learned here, you should not give your dog liverwurst too often. But you can certainly offer your dog plain cooked liver. Unlike liverwurst, plain liver does not contain unhealthy or potentially dangerous ingredients. 

While you can give your dog liver a lot more frequently than liverwurst, you still should not overdo it. Ask your veterinarian for information on how often Fido can have liver. 

If you give your dog too much liver frequently, he could end up with health problems. These issues are because he could end up consuming too much vitamin A.

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Liver is Good for Dogs

One of the good points of liverwurst is its high liver content. The liver meat is great for dogs, and canines usually love this nutritious food. 

It also offers essential fatty acids that benefit canine health. The liver is rich in a variety of minerals, including zinc and iron. 

The liver is an impressive iron source. Just like people, dogs need enough iron in their diets to stay healthy. The liver is also an outstanding source of vitamins A, B2, B9, and B12, as well as folate and riboflavin.   

dog eats animal meat
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Related Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Now you know whether dogs can eat liverwurst, take a look at some other frequently asked questions from dog owners. 

Can dogs eat processed meat? 

Processed meats contain large amounts of salt and artificial ingredients. That is why you should avoid giving it to your dog. If you give your dog any processed meat, it should only be a tiny amount as an occasional treat. 

Read the processed meat’s ingredients and make sure none of them are dangerous for your pet. 

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Can dogs eat bologna? 

You should not give your dog bologna too often. Just a little bit is okay, but do not go overboard. 

Bologna contains far too much salt to be healthy for your dog. It also contains chemicals that are bad for your dog. 

Welsh Springer Spaniel bowl
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Can dogs eat cheese? 

It’s perfectly fine to give your dog little pieces of cheese in moderation. Before you do this, however, ensure there are not any ingredients that are harmful to canines. That way, you will not end up giving it brie cheese along with a tummy ache.

Remember, chives, onion, and garlic are toxic to dogs. You would be surprised how many cheeses contain these ingredients. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that many dogs are lactose intolerant. If this applies to your pet and you give him cheese, he may end up with stomach pain and other symptoms.

One kind of cheese you should never give your dog is moldy cheese. Examples are blue cheese, stilton cheese, and Roquefort cheese. These cheeses can be dangerous for canines.

That is because the mold in these cheeses gives off a mycotoxin that is toxic to dogs.  

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Final Thoughts: Can Dogs Eat Liverwurst? 

We now have the answer to the question, “can dogs eat liverwurst?” As we have learned here, it might be okay to let your dog eat a tiny bit of liverwurst. 

But this depends on the kind of liverwurst you have. Some liverwurst products contain ingredients that can hurt your dog. 

If your dog loves liverwurst, try offering him some plain cooked liver instead. But this should just be an occasional treat, too. Always ask a veterinarian for advice before adding something new to your pet’s diet.