Can Poodles Howl [And Tips To Prevent]

Some dog breeds are known for being quieter than others. As Poodles are a popular breed that is usually quiet, many dog lovers want to know if Poodles can howl. The short answer is yes

While Poodles do not howl often, they can, especially if they are sad or if they’ve learned from another dog. 

can Poodles howl
Can Poodles howl? [And tips to prevent]

Do Poodles Howl When Sad?

Poodle howls often sound sad, and many owners report that their Poodles howl because of separation anxiety. Howling is a form of communication, so dogs – including Poodles – will howl if something is wrong. They will also howl to get attention, especially if your Poodle learned to howl from another dog. 

Poodle howling inside the house
A Poodle howling inside the house after being left alone. (Image: Instagram/@frankthepartipoodle)

Some Poodles learn to howl because they get attention when they make the noise. Poodles are smart dogs, and they can learn how to manipulate their owners. If they get food or affection when they howl, they are more likely to repeat the behavior. 

Can All Poodles Howl?

All Poodle breeds can make a howling noise. If they don’t, they might not know how to make the noise. Dog howling is similar to human whistling.

a toy poodle howling
All Poodles (like this Toy Poodle) can howl, growl, and bark

Humans can whistle, but they have to learn how to do it first. If a Poodle isn’t taught how to howl or hears other dogs do it, they won’t make that noise. 

As many Poodles are mixed with other breeds to make them hypoallergenic, many Poodle-mix breeds can howl. For example, Poodles mixed with Hounds, Retrievers, and hunting breeds are more likely to howl than pure Poodles. They howl when they retrieve prey so their owners can find them. 

Poodles playing at the park
Two Poodles are playing at the park.

Poodles mixed with chatty dogs, like wolves and Huskies, are also more likely to howl. They enjoy communicating so they howl more often than pure Poodle breeds.

Can All Dogs Howl?

Unless dogs have an issue with their vocal cords, they can howl. Some breeds are more likely to howl, especially Hounds, Huskies, and Retrievers. Any Poodle mixed with these dogs will howl more often than any pure Poodle breed. 

different dog breeds
Different dog breeds posing together.

Tips for Teaching a Poodle to Howl

Owners who want their Poodles to howl will need to teach them. The best places to teach Poodles to howl are kennels and dog parks. If you have friends with dogs that howl, arrange playdates with them.

sad poodle
Poodles are smart and social – and a prone to separation anxiety. This can lead to problem behavior like excessive barking.

You can also arrange for your Poodle to interact with chatty dogs like Beagles and Huskies. 

When your Poodle spends time with dogs that howl, your Poodle is more likely to try howling to communicate with the chatty dogs. 

You can also encourage your Poodle to howl by singing with it. Sing at the highest pitches you can reach. When your Poodle mimics you by howling, give your Poodle a tasty treat and lots of praise.

poodle sitting on the lap
A super cute Poodle sitting on its owners lap.

Eventually, your Poodle will howl on its own, usually to get a treat or to get you to sing along. 

While training your Poodle to howl, use a command like “sing” or “howl.” Eventually, your Poodle will connect the verbal cue and will learn to howl on your command. The key to success is using the same cue word as you train your Poodle to howl.

Use the word when you sign, too. 

Other Training Techniques

If your singing or time with howling dogs doesn’t work, you can try a few other techniques to get your Poodle to howl. Some Poodles will howl along with musical instruments. You can try playing a harmonica or a kazoo to encourage your Poodle to howl along. 

training a poodle
Training a large red-colored Poodle outdoors.

Another tip that works is playing a siren. Poodles and other dogs will howl along with sirens. Rather than waiting for an emergency vehicle to drive past your home, play a video with a siren. You can sing along to encourage your Poodle to do the same. 

Singing along with your Poodle will help your dog feel comfortable when trying a new sound. Some dogs are hesitant to make noises because they aren’t sure what they’re doing. Think about how many humans don’t want to sing in public or speak in front of an audience.

owner gives Poodle scratches
The owner gives Poodle scratches on its face and ears. (Image: Instagram/@zorkandrock)

Dogs can experience anxiety, too. 

Why Poodles Howl?

Some dog breeds howl more often than others. Poodles can howl, but it doesn’t mean they all do it willingly. If your Poodle howls, there is usually a reason. Most Poodles howl because they want to communicate with you, especially if you are the one that taught your Poodle to howl. 

Poodles howling
A Poodle howling in bed.

Once your Poodle learns to howl, it might howl as a protective measure. Your Poodle might detect danger, then it will howl to warn you. Your Poodle will howl to get your attention, even if it’s only for a treat or for praise.

Poodles also howl simply because they can

Wrap Up

Poodles can howl, but they need a dog or a human to train them. They have the physical means to howl, but they aren’t as likely as other breeds to do it.