Cavapoo Pros and Cons [Ultimate List]

Thinking of adopting a Cavapoo, but aren’t sure if they are the right breed for you? While dogs are pretty adaptable creatures, some dogs are better suited for different living environments. The same goes for dog owners. No one breed will fit the lifestyle of every dog owner. 

What are the Cavapoo pros and cons?

cavapoo pros and cons
Cavapoo Pros and Cons – Things to consider before rescuing or adopting a Cavapoo

It is essential to do your research before adopting a particular breed. While you may be sold on that cute puppy face, that puppy is going to grow up, and it’s important to know what you’re in for before adopting an animal into your family. 

Every breed has its pros and cons, and Cavapoos are no exception. They have some amazing attributes and a couple of not-so-great ones too. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of becoming a Cavapoo owner. 

Pros of Owning a Cavapoo 

Besides being adorable, the Cavapoo has many other highly desirable qualities. The breed is a mix of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a poodle. With many mixed breed dogs, you get the perks from each breed all combined into one! Here are some of the pros of becoming a Cavapoo owner.


This small to medium-sized dog’s size is one positive thing to note, for example. Cavapoos are small enough to fit into pet carriers, which means you can easily transport them. Most of them should be small enough to fly on a plane with you, and they don’t take up a whole lot of space in your home. 

f1b cavapoo wavy coat sits on the grass
F1b wavy coat Cavapoo dogs are the most likely to be hypoallergenic

Smaller dogs also tend to live longer lives than large dogs. A Cavapoo pup should live anywhere between ten and fifteen years. 


When trained properly, Cavapoos are very social animals and enjoy both animal and human company. When you adopt a Cavapoo puppy, it’s essential to make sure you practice appropriate socialization with people outside of your home, as well as other dogs. This is generally a good practice for all breeds to ensure they are comfortable and friendly with humans and dogs outside the home. 

waiting Cavapoo for command
The Cavapoo is waiting for a new command. (Image: Instagram/@lola_the_cavapoo_family)

Cavapoos are generally a brilliant and trainable Poodle mix. Since they are so apt to want attention from their human companion, they are eager to please and mostly pleasant to train.  

Activity Levels

They are not overly active and require moderate exercise to remain healthy and happy. Generally, several short walks a week or some time at the dog park will be sufficient to keep your Cavapoo healthy and happy. 

Cavapoo walking on the road
A Cavapoo is walking on the road. (Image: Instagram/@say_sawyer)

Dietary Needs

Another plus of the Cavapoos size is that the portion they need to eat is relatively small, about 1 cup of food on average a day. Feeding large breed dogs can get extremely expensive due to the higher amount of food they need to consume. 

serving healthy food option for Cavapoo
The owner is serving a healthy food option for the Cavapoo. (Image: Instagram/@obithecavapoo)

Any dog needs to be given high-quality dog food in appropriate portions, so keep in mind that your focus should not be on how cheaply you can feed your dog regardless of the breed. 

You should select an appropriate food for your pet. There are even breed-designed dog foods that will target the specific needs of your pet. 

Cons of Owning a Cavapoo 

There is no perfect dog out there. What’s important is that your dog becomes perfect in your eyes. However, you should make sure to be aware of all the cons of owning a Cavapoo. 

Making sure you adopt a breed compatible with your living situation, schedule, and financial situation is essential to making sure you pick a pet that will fit best with your lifestyle and capabilities. 


The major downside to owning a Cavapoo is their grooming needs. Since they typically have longer and more dense wavy fur, they have strict grooming requirements to ensure their coats do not become tangled and unkempt. 

cavapoo in the snow on nose
Small dogs like a Miniature Cavapoo can thrive even in snow or cold conditions

Ideally, you should expect to brush your Cavapoo daily. Doing so will prevent their wavy fur from becoming tangled and unmanageable. 

Once you get into the swing of your Cavapoo puppy’s grooming routine, it won’t seem like as much work, but if you’re already thinking that daily brushing isn’t going to be something you can keep up with, then the Cavapoo is not the breed for you. 

tricolour parti Cavapoo

In addition to daily brushing, you can also expect to make fairly frequent visits to the groomer. There, they will make sure their fur is tidy, their nails are taken care of, and overall that your pup will look and feel healthy! 

Social Needs and Cavapoo Temperament

While velcro dogs are sweet as can be, and we love to feel loved by our pets, it can make it challenging to meet these types of dog’s needs if we have busy work schedules. 

cavapoo puppy in the swimming pool
Don’t let the look fool you, many Cavapoo dogs LOVE the water (beach, pool, or lake)

The Cavapoo dog breed loves being around their people, so if you work a ton and require a dog that likes to do his own thing, Cavapoos may not be the ideal breed for you. 

Health Issue Susceptibility for Cavapoos

Every breed has its potential risk of developing health issues. Specific breeds and even mixed breeds each have different health issues that tend to be more likely. Cavapoos most frequently have problems with Patellar Luxation and Mitral Valve Dysplasia. 

Cavapoo prefers to stay in bed
A Cavapoo prefers to stay in bed. (Image: Instagram/@thor_the_cavapoo)

Patellar Luxation in dogs is when the movement of the thigh muscles that pulls the shin bone makes an abnormal movement rather than the way it is supposed to move. Smaller breed dogs are typically more apt to develop this issue. 

When this happens for long periods, it can cause issues, including the femur bone wearing down and eventually causing the patella to become dislocated.  

Mitral Valve Dysplasia is when the mitral valve is not as strong as it should be, and it causes heart issues in dogs, including heart murmurs. When this happens, the heart becomes less efficient at doing its job, and dogs can experience congestive heart failure. This disease is more prominent in smaller dogs, including the Cavapoo. 

tired Cavapoo lying on the floor
The tired Cavapoo is lying on the floor. (Image: Instagram/@rory_the_cavapoo)

Keep in mind that making frequent trips to your veterinarian, feeding your Cavapoo a well-balanced high-quality diet, and giving them plenty of exercise and walks will help maintain better overall health. 

However, every crossbred dog does have certain genetic predispositions to certain diseases based on its genetic history, breed, and size. 

Final Thoughts 

Cavapoos are an excellent companion pup and designer dog to adopt. They have many positive qualities such as their intelligence, companionship with their owners, and their size. They make great family dogs and are excited to please their people.

Almost every Cavapoo owner reports a trainable and inteliigent (though cheeky) dog with personality and a kind heart. 

They do require a little more grooming maintenance than some other hybrid dog breeds do, but it’s a small price to pay to get a great breed mix that will steal your heart and become your new best friend. 

Remember that with any dog, proper training is crucial. From the time you adopt him or her, you will have to work to establish appropriate behavior. While some breeds are easier to train, no breed is naturally trained without the effort and patience of their owners. 

When you adopt a hypoallergenic dog or any other animal, you should have the mindset that you will adopt that pet for its entire life. So make sure you educate yourself on the breed so that you know what to expect. 

If you adopt or rescue a Cavapoo breed, get ready to have a little shadow that follows your every step and loves you every minute they’re with you.