Do Dogs Get Bored of the Same Walk? [How to Tell]

If you own a dog, then you know that dogs love routine. My dog is a creature of habit. Every evening after dinner, she goes to the couch and looks at us as if to say she’s ready to watch her shows.

Having a regular schedule for your dog is important. Predictable mealtimes, potty breaks, and playtime make your dog feel safe and at ease. But is too much repetition a bad thing?

do dogs get bored of the same walk
Do dogs get bored of the same walk? [How to tell?]

How do you know if your dog is bored with the same old routine?

Whether you own a dog or are planning to get one, it’s good to know how to read your dog’s signals and keep them happy. Read on to find out whether dogs get bored of the same walk and what to do about it.

Do Dogs Get Bored?

Yes! Dogs get bored. Keeping a dog entertained is one of the main challenges that dog owners face. Boredom in dogs often leads to destructive behavior like chewing, barking, or getting into the trash.

Puppies and young dogs, in particular, are susceptible to boredom. However, dogs can be taught how to deal with boredom and settle themselves, so it’s important to begin teaching them self-settling behaviors from a young age.

Teach your dog to put themself in their crate or on a bed, and provide them with chews to keep them occupied while they’re there.

rolling eyes
A lying dog with rolling eyes.

What Does a Bored Dog Look Like?

When your dog spends all day lying around the house sleeping, you might start to worry that they’re bored. Most dogs would prefer a bit more activity in their day than just sleeping all day. Just having another dog or a human around is enough to make a dog feel happier during the day.

While most dogs that sleep all day might be a bit bored, they are usually not so bored that it becomes a problem. A truly bored dog with lots of physical or mental energy to burn will often turn to destructive behavior to release that energy.

If you have a dog that chews things up while you’re gone, barks or whines all day, gets into the trash, or engages in self-destructive behavior like chewing their skin, chances are your dog is bored and needs some more mental stimulation and exercise.

Do Dogs Get Bored of the Same Walk?

Honestly, the answer to this question depends on the dog. Every dog is different, and there’s no correct answer for all dogs. The question “do dogs get bored of the same walk?” isn’t as crucial as “is my dog bored of his walk?”

Some dogs are happy to walk the same route around the block every morning and every evening. Old dogs or nervous dogs might fall into this category. These dogs need the stability and structure of a predictable routine to feel safe.

If you have a very nervous dog, they may not want to leave the house at all! That’s perfectly fine. Work with your dog and try to listen to their needs.

dog walking German Shorthaired Pointer 5
The German Shorthaired Pointer walks on the same route everyday.

Other dogs are not going to be satisfied with the same old ten-minute walk around the block. Young dogs or intelligent, high-energy breeds like Shepherds and Collies fall into this category. These dogs need mental stimulation and playtime.

An intelligent working dog like a Collie may even need a job that will occupy and challenge its mind for many hours at a time.

Do Dogs Get Bored of the Same Walk? [How to Tell] 1
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How Do I Know If My Dog Is Bored With Their Walk?

Just as every dog has different needs, every dog has a different way of expressing those needs. If your dog still seems to have the energy to burn after their walk, he’s not getting enough out of it. If your dog is engaging in destructive behavior even though he’s getting two walks a day, that’s another indication that their physical and mental needs aren’t being met.

If your dog seems reluctant to go on their walk, it might be time to switch things up. However, a reluctance to walk could also indicate that your dog is sick or injured. Get them checked out by a vet to make sure everything is okay before you start thinking about switching up their routine.

Finally, if you’re already asking yourself if dogs get bored of the same walk, you may already know the answer!

Beagle reluctant to walk
A Beagle refuses to walk. John Wick has a Beagle!

What Do I Do If My Dog Is Bored With Their Walk?

There are lots of ways to switch up your dog’s walk! There are also other things you can do that will stimulate their mind and give them some exercise.

Take a Different Route

The easiest way to switch up your walk is to take a different route. Even doing your usual route in reverse can be enough to provide a little extra excitement. Remember: your dog is more interested in the smells and what’s on the ground than the view.

Walking on the other side of the road is an easy way to give your dog access to many different smells.

Boston Terrier walking on a leash
A Boston Terrier walking on a leash with his owner at the park.

Walk at a Different Time of Day

It’s not always possible to change what time you walk. Work and family commitments usually dictate what time we’re able to walk our dogs. However, any chance you get to take some time out of your day and hang out with your dog will not only benefit them, but it will also be a nice change of pace for you!

woman walking with poodle
A woman walking with her cute poodle on the road.

Work on Training

Training isn’t just something you do when your dog is a puppy and then forget about. You should refresh your dog’s basic skills all the time. Has your dog gotten a bit sloppy walking on the leash?

Take some treats on your next walk and practice loose leash walking. Is your dog getting into bad habits like eating stuff off the ground? Take some treats and work on “leave it.”

Beagle being fed by owner
A woman feeding a Beagle.


Nosework is a dog sport that’s gained popularity with dog owners in recent years. It’s easy to do, and any dog can do it. It involves hiding scented things for your dog and teaching your dog to indicate to you when he’s found them.

Most dogs love using their noses, so they love to do nosework. 

You should start practicing nosework at home, but once you and your dog have gotten the hang of it, take it on the road! You can hide nosework items along your route or stop somewhere like a park or parking lot to do a quick nosework game. Nosework is also a great way of beating boredom at home.

dog sniffs on the ground
A dog sniffs on the ground.

Games and Toys

Your dog should have chews and toys, and these are a great way to beat boredom at home. So why not take them with you on your next walk? Stop and play a little tug while you’re waiting for the light to change, or toss a ball for your dog while you’re walking through the park.

Labrador Retriever catching a ball
A Labrador Retriever catching a ball outdoors.

Final Word

So, do dogs get bored of the same walk? The answer is, sometimes. It depends on the dog.

Regardless, you should be doing your best to ensure your dog is getting enough exercise and mental stimulation.

Contrary to popular belief, mental stimulation is as, if not more important than physical exercise. Besides taking your dog for a walk, you should also provide them with plenty of mental stimulation both inside and outside the house. 

Training, nosework, toys, and games are not only fun for your dog, but they are great ways for you to bond with them! At the end of the day, isn’t that the most important thing?