5 Best Dog Runners for Yard Exercise (2024)

Dog runners are a perfect way to ensure your precious pup gets all the exercise they need in a day without worrying about your dog running off or getting lost. Homeowners without a fence will enjoy a dog runner for the yard, especially if their dog has been cooped up in the house for a few days after a troublesome move.

However, how do you pick the best dog runner for your family and home?

dog runners for yard
5 Best Dog Runners for Yard Exercise

There are a few things to consider before choosing the best dog runner. Read on to learn more about dog runners and how to choose the best option for you and your home.

What Are Dog Runners?

Dog runners are long cables that can keep your dog in the confines of your yard without being afraid of them getting loose. Dog runners can be good for dogs who need to expel some energy without breaking anything in the home or annoying their owners. Most dog runners include stakes that go into the ground to ensure your dog stays securely on the property.

dog walks with owner
A dog walks with owner on the road.

Many dog runners will also have a spring to prevent your dog from getting hurt by a shortstop. These runners usually have two clips, one on each end. These clips can be wrapped around pillars outside your front door for a more secure hold on your dog since some dogs may be strong enough to pull stakes out of the ground.

Are Dog Runners Good for Dogs?

Dog runners are ideal for dogs who lack a lot of space to run and play inside and need to get some exercise outside their homes. Dog runners can provide dog owners with worry-free alternatives to getting zoomies in the house. These items are best for homes without a fence in the backyard, where a dog would ideally run and play.

Dachshund with dog leash
Dachshund at the beach on a cool weather!

Without a fence, some dogs may not stay on the property and might run away from their owners to pursue their newfound freedom. Dog runners prevent this and can keep all family members happy.

What Homes and Situations Are Dog Runners Best Used For?

Dog runners are best on properties without enclosed fences or when the fence door has to be open. For example, homes undergoing renovations or construction may benefit from a dog runner since construction workers and homeowners may need to keep their doors or fence open to move material back and forth.

Australian Terrier with a leash
Australian Terrier with a leash and harness.

Dog runners can also benefit homes without a fence but have a large backyard with plenty of space for a dog to play in. These tools can also help train your dog to stay in the confines of the yard.

How To Pick the Best Dog Runner for Your Dog?

Picking the best dog runner for your precious pup and your home can be a challenge. However, consider some key factors before deciding on one.

Boston Terrier walking on a leash
A Boston Terrier walking on a leash with his owner at the park.

Look at Length

The length of a dog runner is the most significant factor to consider when choosing a dog runner. For example, some dog runners may be too short for large dogs and can poorly impact your pup’s ability to get proper exercise.

Consider Your Dog’s Weight

Your pup’s weight will also impact how some dog runners will work for you. A large dog can easily pull a dog runner free from some objects, and a big dog can pull a stake out of the ground. Small dogs will be easier to buy a dog runner for, especially if they are lightweight.

Consider the Space You Have

Consider how much space you have before choosing a dog runner. Some dog runners may be too small for the space you have. However, some dog runners may be too big for your yard, meaning your dog may get into the neighbor’s yard or get into trouble with closeby gardens and lawn decor.

5 Best Dog Runners for Yard Exercises

Our top five picks for dog runners can help your dog get plenty of exercise without getting hurt or causing any damage to its property. These runners can ensure your dog will stay put – all with unique benefits and features.

Pestairs Heavy Duty Aerial Dog Tie Out Trolley System

The Pestairs Heavy Duty Aerial Tie Out Trolley System is a unique dog runner that can work in a backyard, between home pillars, or between trees when camping. Unlike other dog runners, this runner allows your dog more space to travel and play without tangles in the cable.

Heavy Duty Aerial Dog Tie Out Trolley System - Dog Run Cable 100ft /75ft /50ft Dog Zipline with 10ft Dog Runner Cable for Yard Camping Durable & Strong Tie Out for Small to Large Dogs Up to 125 lb...
$32.99 ($0.33 / Foot)
  • ❤ HEAVY DUTY DOG RUNNER SYSTEM: Equipped with a 100 ft dog tie out cable and a 10ft runner cable, which are vinyl covered to protect from rain and rust, durable and long-lasting enough to stand up...
  • ❤ SHOCK-ABSORBING DOG RUN CABLE: Features a sturdy shock-absorbing spring,designed as a elastic buffer to protect against sudden stops and jerks, help your dog reduce the tension more directly to...
  • ❤ NO TANGLE & SAFE DESIGN: The snap at the end of run cable is designed as a 360°tangle free swivel, which offers increased strengh and security, strong enough to withstand the most intense...
  • ❤ SHOCK-ABSORBING DOG RUN CABLE: Features a sturdy shock-absorbing spring, designed as a elastic buffer to protect against sudden stops and jerks, help your dog reduce the tension more directly to...
  • ❤ EASY TO INSTALL & EASY TO CARRY: The package includes a detailed Installation Instructions, all parts can be installed quickly by one person, Only need a secure place to setup the trolley system -...
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02/19/2024 04:31 am GMT

Some of the best benefits of this product include the following:

  • Vertical space means less risk of getting tangled.
  • Comes in multiple lengths and sizes.
  • Perfect for dogs up to 125 pounds.

However, some things about this product may not be best for your home and pup:

  • Won’t work unless you have two pillars or locations to secure the cable.
  • Doesn’t allow for 360-degree access.
  • Puppies should be supervised with any sharp screws and objects in the packaging.
Golden Retriever walks with owner
A Golden Retriever walks with its owner.

XiaZ Dog Runner Tie-Out Cable

The XiaZ Dog Runner Tie-Out Cable can wrap around a tree or pillar to keep your dog securely in the yard and out of trouble. This cable uses stainless steel that is tear and rip-resistant.

XiaZ 70ft Tie Out for Dogs, Large Dog Runner Cable Up with Locking Carabiner, Up to 250 Pounds, Pet Chain Trolley System for Outside
$29.99 ($29.99 / Count)
  • Great Quality Durable Cable: XiaZ dogs tie out leash/long cable 70 feet for dogs is strength tested for Dogs up to 250 pounds with 3mm diameter stainless steel wire rope.
  • Reflective Trolley: Dog runner large cable covered with reflective rubber, protect from rain and rust, keep your pets safe in the dark.
  • Safe Guarantee: Unlike the built-in metal clips, the solid iron carabiners is durable, long-lasting, never fracture. Diameter: 6 MM, it is easy to open, attach to your pet's dollar and the stake,...
  • Complete Training System: Our dogs leash have metal clasp, connected have double fixed, don't take apart. Strong enough to keep your furry baby safe in the front or backyard or while in the park. Your...
  • Note: Get it, try it, if you are not satisfied with the cables tie out dog, tell us, we will give you a prefect solution.The cable will a little tangled for 70ft length if the yard area is limited, so...
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Some of the features of this product include:

  • Screw clips to prevent breaking or escape.
  • A stainless steel cable that can’t be chewed.
  • Anti-rust material.

However, this product may not be for everyone:

  • Hooks can be difficult to close.
  • Easily tangled and twisted.
dog pulls leash from owner
A dog pulls leash his from owner refusing to go the other way.

Petbobi Dog Tie Out Cable

The Petbobi Dog Tie-Out Cable is one of the best tie-out cables that can offer your dog plenty of space without worry. This cable can be secured to the home or a stake in the ground to keep dogs up to 120 pounds in the yard.

Petbobi 30ft Tie Out Cable for Dog with Durable Spring and Metal Swivel Hooks for Outdoor, Yard and Camping, Rust- Proof Training Tether for Small to Medium Dogs Up to 120 Pounds, Blue
$16.99 $14.99 ($14.99 / Count)
  • 【30 FEET SIZE】- 30ft dog leash, 4mm Diameter, gives your dog enough room to roam. You can use it while camping, at the park, yard or the beach. Isn't letting your dog enjoy the outdoors in safety...
  • 【SECURED UPGRADE】 - The Petbobi dog cables are equipped with a spring attachment absorbing the shock. When dogs chase squirrels, deer, or sand cranes, can reduce the neck damage caused by the...
  • 【THE PVC COATING】 - The dog leads use high-quality plastic(PVC) coating which wraps the rugged steel wire,is great weatherproofing ,rust-proof and chew proof. Prolonging cable life. Avoid...
  • 【ANTI TANGLE】 - Both ends of the dog tether with 360-degree smooth rotation buckle, which can reduce the tangle of the cable when the dog is moving, to prevent the dog from being entangled by the...
  • 【SHOPPING GUIDE】 - Package includes: 1 X 30 FT Tie-out cable. Suitable for 30-120 pounds Lab, Pit Bull, German shepherd, Husky, Great Pyrenees, Alaskan Malamute dog, etc. After purchase, you will...
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The key features of this product include the following:

  • Comes in multiple sizes.
  • Includes a chew-proof cable.
  • Comes with a buffer spring to keep your pup’s neck safe.

Buyers should be mindful of some negative aspects, however:

  • May not suit heavy dogs who can easily uproot stakes.
  • Metal hooks and springs may be prone to rust.
dog with leash stands on wooden floor
Dog with leash stands on the wooden floor looking up for a photo!

Fostanfly Heavy Duty Dog Tie Out Runner Cable

The Fostanfly Heavy Duty Dog Tie Out Runner Cable is a perfect option for dog owners who need to keep their dogs in one place while allowing them access to the outdoors. This cable is brightly colored for easy visibility.

Fostanfly Heavy Duty Dog Tie Out Runner Cable 100ft Rust-Proof Dog Trolley System with Dog Runner for Yard and Camping, Large Dog Runner Cable for Dog up to 250lbs
  • 【 HEAVY DUTY DOG CABLE 】 Equipped with 100ft dog tie out cable and 14ft dog runner cable, large for dogs up to 250lbs, so your brave dog friends can run freely in the courtyard and have fun.
  • 【 NON-RUST REFLECTIVE 】 The outdoor dog leash cable for the yard is designed to be wrapped in a coating to prevent rust damage to the metal parts, and the reflective coating keeps the cable...
  • 【 PORTABLE & EASY TO OPERATE 】 The dog cables can be quickly installed by one person and only requires a place wide enough to set up the trolley system - existing trees, deck posts, walls or house...
  • 【 SAFE & AGAINST TANGLES 】 The inner core of the dog wire leash is made of high-strength stainless steel wire harness with 360°carabiner to ensure that pets will not be harmed by tangles in the...
  • 【 SHOCK ABSORBING SYSTEM 】 The buffer spring design at the end of the tie out cable for dogs , which can reduce the pressure injury caused by the strong pulling of the dog and ensure that dog runs...
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This product is ideal because of the following features:

  • Bright color allows for stronger visibility.
  • Holds dogs up to 250 pounds.
  • Includes a spring to prevent injury from pulling.

However, this product may not be ideal because of potential negatives:

  • Screw hookups may be too weak for strong dogs.
  • The product may not include instructions.
Golden Retriever wears a leash
Golden Retriever wears a leash at the backyard.

PNBO 360 Swivel Dog Tie-Out Cable And Stake

Unlike other dog tie-out cables, the PNBO 360 Swivel Dog Tie Out Cable And Stake allows your dog a full range of the backyard because of the multi-layer stake that swivels at the base. This option is rust-proof, making it ideal for an outdoor excursion.

PNBO 360° Swivel Dog Tie Out Cable and Stake,Dog Runner for Yard with 30ft Dog Chains for Outside,Outdoor Rust Proof Dog Anchor Holds 1500lbs of Pull Force for Medium Large Dogs
  • 360° SWIVEL & TANGLE FREE💖:PNBO dog stake is designed with a 360° swivel ball on top.When you attach the leash to the top of the dog stake, your dog can enjoy the freedom to roam without...
  • WITH 30FT DOG CABLE💖:PNBO dog leash wire cable is made of stainless steel wire 4.8mm in diameter and anti-rusty PVC coating.The great outdoor leash can withstand up to 165 pounds dog.Giving more...
  • STURDY MATERIAL💖:Has been tested in stable ground to securely hold 1500 lbs. of pull force (not suit for soft sandy).Even if multiple pets use it at the same time and will not pull up from the...
  • EASY TO USE & EASY TO CARRY💖:You simply use a hammer to place the 6 bolt anchors into the lawn floor or boards to fix the swivel base.When you want to use it in a different place, you can also...
  • BEST GIFT FOR DOGS🎁:When you are tired of your dog running wild and destroying everywhere.You can take the PNBO dog stake&cable home for your dog to use.Giving more space to move around freely...
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04/21/2023 02:34 am GMT

Some benefits of this product include the following:

  • Rust-proof exterior offers longevity.
  • Ability to accommodate 150-pound dogs.
  • Can be installed in grass, concrete, wood, and snow.

Prospective buyers may want to be aware of these potential issues:

  • Possible difficulty installing the product.
  • Cannot be installed in gravel or sand.
tiny dog with a leash
A tiny dog with a leash at a pet event.

Final Thoughts

Dog runners are immensely useful for homeowners and dog owners who have plenty of space but no fence to keep their pup inside the yard. Many dog runners can offer your dog plenty of exercise opportunities and playtime without being afraid of them running off and getting lost. Some of the best dog runners have a long cable so your dog has plenty of opportunity to wander and play.

Dog runners are good for dogs and many of these runners are made with safe materials that can help your dog without any cause for concern or fear of injury.