Great Dane Basenji Mix – The Dasenji! (with Photos)

If you are looking for a crossbreed that is both gentle and outgoing with loads of affection yet independent, then the Dasenji (Great Dane Basenji Mix) is definitely worth looking into. This cross between a giant and a mid-sized hound is somewhat rare but is a treat to own.

studio portrait of a basenji great dane mix
A Great Dane x Basenji can resemble either breed.

If you were wondering about the Great Dane Basenji mix then you are in the right place. We will be exploring this breed, its characteristics, and whether or not this is the right designer breed for you so fasten your seat belts and let’s get into it.

The Great Dane Basenji mix is popularly known as a Dasenji and is a big-sized dog that possess the traits of a Basenji and the larger-than-life proportions of the Great Dane. It has a lovable temperament, basically low maintenance and active.

What is a Great Dane Basenji Mix?

The Great Dane Basenji mix is a cross of two of the oldest dog breeds known to man. The great Dane has historical records originating in 3,000 BC in Europe. The Basenji, on the other hand is known to date further back during the ancient Egyptian civilizations of 3,100BC.

great dane basenji mix
What would a Great Dane Basenji mix look like?

These two breeds have distinct characteristics. The Great Dane is known as the Gentle Giant with a build and frame that make it look intimidating though this is far from reality when you consider its temperament.

It is a gentle and playful dog that that demands a lot of attention. It’s sheer size and gentle nature makes it a natural choice with a lot of families. It does, however, take considerable time to warm up to strangers. For this reason, they have to be monitored by the owner around strangers.

The Basenji is a mid size and agile breed that has a strong prey drive and requires a lot of exercise. They are extremely loyal family pets but can be a bit stubborn and independent at times. Talk to any Basenji owner and they will tell you that this is one of their most endearing traits.

What are the Qualities of a Great Dane Basenji Mix?


This breed borrows from both its parents but the biggest distinction is the size of the breed. That clearly comes from the Great Dane side of the gene pool. The breed is very active and loves to play. It is not as emotionally demanding as the Great Dane is known to be but does have an affectionate side to it.

This breed has a lot of the independence that the Basenji possesses and is somewhat middle of the road between the Great Dane and Basenji when it comes to their activity level. They do need to be walked or allowed to run around at the park daily.

They are not great apartment dogs as they require a lot of free space to roam. Since they also possess the prey drive of a Basenji, they need to be in fenced yard as they will take off after small animals like cats, birds, squirrels and other small critters.

This also means that if you are hiking or walking them, you will need to keep them on leash as they are easily distracted and do not respond well to recall. That trait is definitely from the Basenji side of the gene pool. Expect them to pick and choose when they want to obey you.

basenji great dane mix
A Basenji Great Dane mix can be a LARGE dog.

Is the Great Dane Basenji Mix Hypoallergenic?

If you are looking for a hypoallergenic dog then the Great Dasenji is not for you. You will do better with a purebred Basenji though they are not 100% hypoallergenic as well though some owners report that they develop a resistance to them much easier.

The good thing about them is that they only shed lightly and that’s once per year as both breeds have short coats.

They are also very low maintenance when it comes to bathing as you only need to do it once a month. You, however, need to take the time to groom them by clipping their nails and checking their ears regularly.

cartoon of a basenji great dane mix
A Disney style cartoon of a Dasenji (Great Dane Basenji mix)


A Great Dane Basenji mix is the best of both worlds as far as these two breeds are concerned. At the end of the day, you get a dog that is loving, caring, clean and fun to have around. They are also very affectionate and loyal dogs with a tad bit of an independent streak 😉