How Big Do Poodles Get?

Are you planning to adopt a doodle, or do you have one already? Knowing their growth and sizes will help you understand how to care for them at every stage.

Poodles are the second most intelligent dog breeds in the world after Border Collie. They’re highly trainable and can carry out any task you put them to if active. They’re not only intelligent but also loving and can become the most loyal companion you could have. However, when bored, poodles can turn quite destructive.

This article will cover the following topics to help you understand how big poodles can get.

  • A few facts about poodles
  • Determining how big a poodle can get by age
  • Poodle growth calculator
  • How to correctly measure the height and weight of a poodle
poodle sits on a outdoor lounge
A Tan Poodle sitting on an outdoor lounge. Beautiful!

A Few Interesting Facts About Poodles

With the way poodles are today, intelligent and proud, it’s hard to believe that they were once working for their hunter owners. Originally from Germany, poodles were bred mainly for hunting purposes, to fetch waterfowl from the rivers, lakes, and ponds.

Unlike other breeds, poodles don’t grow fur. What they have is hair, which doesn’t undergo shedding. Their hairs don’t stop growing and can respond to their bodies’ hormonal changes. A poodle female, for instance, may experience hair loss after the birth of puppies.

There are three different sizes of poodles, standard, miniature, and toy. However, they all fall under the same breed but with varying heights. Poodles are super active, naturally athletic, and very friendly. They can cope well in homes with kids and huge backyards. But how big do they get?

Toy Poodle outdoors
Toy Poodle sits by the lake quietly. (Image: Instagram/@lifeaccordingtobutter)

Determining How Big Your Poodle Puppy Can Get

Several factors affect how big your poodle can get. The first and the most crucial element here is age. Any poodle that hasn’t reached one year yet still has a lot of growth to achieve. Those between one and two years may have achieved their final height but can still be filling out.

Knowing the size of their parents can also help you predict your poodle’s maximum height. It’s less likely that the puppy poodle will grow bigger than the parents. That said, if both parents were big, then the poodle may become even larger.

Female poodles tend to grow the same size as their moms, while a male pup may take after his dad. You can get this information from the poodle’s breeder.

Puppy paws are also good indicators of how your poodle is growing. If the paws look more oversized than the legs, the poodle is still growing and filling out.

Standard Poodle Size Prediction by Age

It’s normal for a Standard Poodle to grow rapidly within the first few weeks. It will continue growing faster within its first year.

After attaining one year, the Standard Poodle will increase more in size and little in stature until it reaches two years. They will add some little weight to their middles, so they don’t look that thin.

Typically, a standard poodle would have grown to its 99% adult height at one year and will now concentrate on adding weight until it’s fully grown.

Here’s a growth chart for the Standard Poodle at various ages.

happy poodle outside on grass
A happy Poodle running outside on the grass

Standard Poodle Size Prediction Growth Chart by Age

AgeHeight (inches)Weight (lbs.)
0-1 monthsLess than 104-5
1-2 months10-137-10
2-4 months13-1910-22
4-8 months19-2323-45
8 months-1 year23-2734-65
1-2 years24-2738-70

Standard Poodle in the bathroom
A Standard Poodle in the bathroom full of flowers. (Image: Instagram/@zukothepoodle)

Miniature Poodle Size Prediction by Age

According to the American Kennel Club, Miniature poodles grow to about 10-15 inches in height.

Miniature Poodles grow quickly between five to six months. That’s around the time they’re approaching the adolescent stage. The growth in height then starts to reduce between seven months to one year.

At this age, most of them would have achieved 99% of their overall adult height, which is 15 inches. Though they stop growing tall between 7-12 months, they will continue to add weight until they reach 18 months.

gray poodle happy at the vet
A gray Poodle happy at the vet. Toy or a small Miniature size.

Miniature Poodle Size Prediction Growth Chart

0-1 monthLess than 4Less than 2
1-2 months4-72-3
2-4 months7-102-6
4-8 months9-137-10
8-12 months10-1411-14
12-18 months1515

An 18-month-old Mini Poodle should have attained its ideal adult weight of 15-20 pounds. Otherwise, you may need to see a vet or modify its diet because the poodle is either under or overweight.

poodle sitting on the lap
A super cute Poodle sitting on its owners lap

Toy Poodle Size Prediction by Age

Toy Poodles are the smallest poodle breeds, with the adults weighing between 6 to 9 lbs and up to 10 inches tall. If your poodle grows taller than 9inches, it becomes a Mini Poodle, not a Toy anymore.

Like any other dog breed, Toy Poodles will achieve half of their growth, both in height and weight, at a young age. By six months, these poodles may have achieved up to 99% of their growth capacity.

Between 0 to 12 weeks, a Toy Poodle will show a significant increase in height and weight growth. This rapid growth will slow down a bit when they reach three months. You won’t even notice any change in height or weight from six months, though it may be there.

By the time they reach nine months, they will stop growing taller and only continue filling out. The Toy Poodle will stop growing entirely in both height and weight at one year.

Toy Poodle begs for treat
The Toy Poodle begs for a treat. (Image: Instagram/@toypoodlebear)

Toy Poodle Size Prediction Table Growth Chart

AgeHeight (inches)Weight (lbs.)
0-1 monthLess than 1 inchLess than 1 pound
1-2 months1-31-3lbs
2-3 months3-82-4
3-6 months8-103-8
8-1 year104-10
newborn Toy Poodle
A newborn Toy Poodle touched on the chin. (Image: Instagram/@toypoodle__simba)

Poodle Growth Calculator

The poodle puppy growth calculator will help predict the future size of your poodle based on its current growth measures. Input the current weight, breed size, and birth date to get your future prediction.

Generally, how big your poodle can get depends on the poodle type. The above charts will help you know if your poodle is growing right. Expect your poodle to stop growing when it attains one or two years.

While Standard Poodles stop growing at two years, Miniature and Toy Poodles experience stunted growth at one and a half years and one year, respectively.

chocolate toy poodle eats food from a bowl
A chocolate Toy Poodle eating from a ceramic bowl

How to Correctly Measure the Height and Weight of Your Poodle?

To get an accurate measurement of your poodle, you can use your measuring scale. First, step on the scale alone and get your weight readings. Then, do a second weigh carrying your poodle. Now, subtract your weight from the second measurement to get the poodle’s current weight.

On to the height, let the poodle stand on a flat and unshaken surface such as the floor. Then, using a tape measure, start measuring from the floor to its withers. A poodle’s withers is the highest point around its shoulders.

Based on your poodle’s current weight, you can do a calculation to predict how big your poodle can get when they become adults.

To get the expected size, divide the poodle’s current weight by its age in weeks, then multiply by the number of weeks in a year.

How Big Do Poodles Get? 1
Toy Poodle is feeling cold on a rainy day. (Image: Instagram/@poodlejemma)


It’s crucial to know your poodle’s ideal size at every stage to ensure they don’t grow overweight or underweight. Following the above growth guide, you can give your poodle the best care in terms of diet, food spacing, exercise, and training.

Remember, some poodles may not grow as expected. In this case, you must check on their nutrition, genetics, overall health, and physical activities. I hope this article helps you determine how big your poodle can get.