How Many Hours do Labradoodles Sleep? [Puppy Vs Adult]

Most people don’t realize how important sleep is to life for humans and dogs.

Labradoodle puppies and adult dogs may be cute but they sure need a lot of rest!

How many hours do Labradoodles sleep? What is normal?

how many hours do Labradoodles sleep
How many hours do Labradoodles sleep?

Healthy adult Labradoodles will sleep between 12-14 hours per day. Labradoodle puppies should be expected to snooze for 20 hours every day. Unlike humans both adult and puppy Labradoodles rarely enter deep sleep (REM) so they need extra light sleep to be properly rested.

Why people notice that Labradoodles Sleep a Lot?

Labradoodles have captured the hearts of dog owners across the globe, and you don’t have to search far to see why. 

puppy sleeps on blanket
Labradoodle puppy sleeps comfortably on a blanket. (Image: Instagram/@ june.the.labradoodle)

They are undoubtedly one of the friendliest, most intelligent, and caring breeds you will ever come across. 

They are known to be extremely active, easy to train, and get along with just about anyone, or anything. 

It is for these reasons that Labradoodles have emerged as immensely popular pets for families, as well as people in search of a companion. 

Another renowned quality of a Labradoodle, is their love for sleep.

However, it can be tough to tell if your dog is getting the right amount of sleep, or if their sleeping behavior is normal. Which leaves many doodle owners wondering… “How Many Hours do Labradoodles Sleep?”. 

Labradoodle Puppy Sleep vs Labradoodle Adult Sleep

One major difference to point out is that as with any other breed, there will be a big difference in how much they sleep depending on how old they are. 

Labradoodles sleep on sail
The two Labradoodles are sleeping during a sail. (Image: Instagram/@ june.the.labradoodle)

For example, during the puppy stage, Labradoodles can sleep for up to 20 hours in a single day! But as they mature into adults, they’re more likely to sleep between 12-14 hours a day. 

When it comes to a Labradoodle puppy, many owners are under the impression that that excited new pup you just brought into the house is going to run circles around the house. And while this is a very realistic possibility, expect them to tire out quick. 

When you first get any new puppy, you can expect them to sleep throughout most of the day. THis is true no matter the dog breed.

Even though Labradoodle puppies sleep through most of the day, the majority of it is light sleep, and they only really enter a deep sleep (REM cycle) for about 10% of the time. This sleep pattern is called polyphasic, and is very common amongst dogs of all breeds. 

This is likely due to their wolf ancestors that were on alert all day and night from potential predators. 

So, if you ever notice your dog sleeping, only to randomly wake up in an instant with a crazy burst of energy, this is likely due to their ancestors. (Though there are other reasons a dog might be hyper)

When do Labradoodle puppies sleep less? 

Even though puppies sleep for 20 hours a day, this will likely decrease once they reach about 4 months of age, at which point more factors such as routine, personality, exercise, and environment will play a role. 

a cute labradoodle sleeping on a couch
A cute Labradoodle takes a sleep on the couch

Adult Labradoodles on the other hand can vary a little more depending on the amount of playtime, and exercise the dog is getting. Once your dog matures, they will be more inclined to find new ways to have fun, and new things to explore. 

All of these new discoveries, and exploration can leave your dog sleeping for 12-14 hours of the day. Though an adult dog will be more affected by their environment, and exercise than a puppy would. 

For example, if you live in a noisy household then your dog may be less inclined to sleep, or if their diet isn’t providing them with the proper nutrients, they may feel more fatigued throughout the day. 

Also adult Labradoodles sleep patterns will depend more so on their personality, and exercise routine. 

Every dog is different, and so there is a chance that one dog will be more energetic than another. However, a lot of these high-energy dogs simply require a daily walk/playtime to keep them happy. 

If you give your dog daily walks, and spend about 20-30 minutes playing with them, they should get 12-14 hours of sleep a night without a problem. 

Keep in mind that Labradoodles are a far more active, and energetic dog than many other breeds, and while it should never cause any issues behaviorally, more will be required when it comes to exercise/playtime. 

How to get a Labradoodle to Sleep More?

Dogs are habitual in nature, and rely heavily on routine to fill their day (rather than reasoning skills according to NASA/Harvard).

All of the following tips are designed to be made into routines to ensure your dog is receiving an adequate amount of sleep. 

Labradoodle Diet Impacts Sleep

One of the first things you should consider if you ever run into sleep problems with your pooch, is to take a look at what they are eating. Aside from ensuring that the ingredients are healthy, and won’t cause a disturbance in the dog’s bodily functions, coming up with a routine for meals is essential.

a young Labradoodle puppy sleeps
Labradoodle puppies will sleep up to 20 hours a day.

Mealtime is the easiest thing to regulate, as you have full control over when, and how the dog receives their meals. It’s therefore important that to ease the stress on the dog, you come up with a consistent feeding schedule, and watch the speed at which they’re eating as well.

Exercise more, Sleep more

Exercise is potentially the most vital way to ensure that your dog is getting the proper amount of sleep. Consistency is key once again when it comes to exercise, especially with an active breed like Labradoodles.

dog wants to play frisbee
The Labradoodle wants play frisbee with his owner. (Image: Instagram/@toby_tobert)

The good news is that this step is fairly easy, as they typically need no more than 1 hour a day of exercise, all of which can be accomplished by playing fetch, and taking them for a walk. By exerting all of their energy in an hour of play time each day, you will be guaranteeing not only a peaceful night’s rest for yourself, but the dog as well.  

Teach your Labradoodle a SLEEP command

Believe it or not but Labradoodles are so intelligent that they can learn to rely severely on the vocal interaction you have with them. This means for times where you are looking to get some shut eye, simply saying “Good Night!” can help the pup sleep.

Labradoodles are used to being around people all day, which makes them more likely to develop separation anxiety (which can lead to a lack of sleep). Even simple greetings like hello in the morning, and good night in the evening can go a long way in moderating this fear.

In the dog’s eyes, you are ensuring them that you will always be there when they go to sleep, and when they wake up. 

Labradoodle Sleep FAQs

What happens if a Labradoodle does not sleep enough?

Dogs that don’t get enough sleep can become unhealthy, and irritable. However, adult Labradoodles can be more prone to certain health conditions if they do not receive enough sleep.

Some of these issues include: insomnia, sleep apnea, anxiety, narcolepsy, REM Behavior Disorder, a lack of stimulation, and pain/discomfort. Be sure to keep an eye out for potential symptoms of any of these conditions, and be aware of how many hours of sleep your dog is getting. Ensuring they have a healthy, and safe sleep environment at all times. 

Is it bad that my adult Labradoodles sleeps all day?

Can dogs then get too much sleep? Generally, puppies should be sleeping for most of the day, and so long as the puppy isn’t causing a ruckus, and doesn’t appear sick/uncomfortable, there isn’t much to worry about.

Adult Labradoodles however are more affected by their environment, and other external factors, and so there is more to consider. So, long as they aren’t sleeping for more than 14 hours in a day, you shouldn’t be concerned as they are probably just resting from a long day of play or exercise.

Why has my Labradoodle dog’s sleeping pattern changed?

Why has my Labradoodle dog’s sleeping pattern changed? – All dogs are very flexible to their sleeping approach. In most cases, Labradoodles are more than fine sleeping on the ground, couch, or bed during random times of the day. And some days they may be more active than others, meaning that they will sleep more often.

However, if you notice the behavior doesn’t match up with their usual routine, and they are getting an unusual amount of sleep, then it may be time to investigate.

Your dog’s lack of energy or sleep during the day could point to a potential health problem, and a dog who’s behavior shifts so dramatically can likely be attributed to the dog feeling uncomfortable/irritable.   

Do old Labradoodles sleep more?

Typically, an older Labradoodle dog will sleep for longer periods the older they get. This may seem obvious, but it’s important nonetheless so that you are aware of potential aging signs.

Aside from the fact that older dogs have far less energy pent up, requiring far less exercise. Senior dogs also sometimes have joint pain, and stiffness which leads to less mobility.

Keep an eye out for this with older dogs, as their increased sleep is mostly normal, but at the same time may be a sign for something more serious if it persists or worsens.

Labradoodle Sleep Conclusions

Labradoodles absolutely love physical activity, and spend the majority of their time playing, exercising, and/or sleeping. 

Because of the fact that Labradoodles are active breeds, there is a greater chance that your doodle will spend more time sleeping when compared to other breeds. However, as long as the dog owner is aware of the healthy nap times, and the role you play in ensuring they get a good night’s rest. 

You should have no problem getting your dog into a healthy sleep routine moving forward! (Just watch that your puppy doesn’t start sleeping TOO much)