Best Labradoodle Breeders in Kentucky (2024 Update)

Dog lovers looking for the best Labradoodle breeders in Kentucky will appreciate knowing the state has several options.

These dogs are so popular that it’s good to have choices so you can put your name on the waiting list for multiple upcoming litters.

Labradoodle breeders in Kentucky
Best Labradoodle Breeders In Kentucky
2024 TOP Rated
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1. Doodle Roots

Doodle Roots breeds Australian Labradoodles known for their calm, loving temperament. They breed and socialize the dogs at home, ensuring they feel love just days after birth. The puppies get early home training and know when and how to ask to go outside, which can save you time and effort regarding training.

puppies on pink background
Two Labradoodle puppies stay together on a pink background.

Because the breeders at Doodle Roots love their dogs so much, they don’t just cut you off after finalizing the adoption. They continue your relationship to check in about your new pet and ensure you have all the information and resources you need to give your dog a good life.

Contact Details:

Website: https://www.doodleroots.com/

Phone: (606) 499-2574

Email[email protected]

Location: Middlesboro, Kentucky

2. Happy Time Doodles

Happy Time Doodles is a breeder that specializes in Australian Labradoodle puppies. The breeders take care with their work, ensuring the parents don’t have hip or elbow dysplasia or progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). They also run DNA profiles and conduct optical exams to ensure each litter is as healthy as possible.

Labradoodle puppy sits alone
Labradoodle puppy sits alone and waits for his owner.

When the puppies are just days old, the breeders work to provide stimulation, helping the Labradoodles start with strong neurological development. Happy Time Doodles is a home-based breeder, so the dogs have an acre of land to explore until it’s adoption time.

Contact Details:

Website: https://happytimedoodles.com/

Phone: (859) 351-7279

Email[email protected]

Location: Richmond, Kentucky

3. Ruff-Ruff, Yo

Ruff-Ruff, Yo is a breeder located in London, but there’s no need for international travel to adopt your puppy. London, Kentucky is less than an hour and a half southeast of Lexington, so it’s not too out of the way, regardless of your location.

wet Labradoodle inside the bathroom
A wet Labradoodle just finished shampoo rinse inside the bathroom.

All parents used for breeding at Ruff-Ruff, Yo are AKC-registered. The breeders run genetic tests and check their health before each litter. After the puppies were born, the breeder vaccinated and dewormed them to ensure each new pet owner gets their Labradoodle puppy in the best shape.

Contact Details:

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/ruffruffyo/home

Phone: (606) 344- 0252

Email[email protected]

Location: London, Kentucky

4. KY Doodles

If you’re looking for different variations of Labradoodles, you’ll love what KY Doodles offers. They breed Australian Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, and Standard Poodles. The breeders have over 30 years of experience, so you can confidently adopt a puppy from KY Doodles.

Labradoodle before haircut
Labradoodle Max before haircut.

As a home-based breeder, KY Doodles ensures all puppies experience socialization before adoption. 

Once you’re on the waitlist for a litter, you’ll know that your puppy comes to you in the best health. The breeders deworm the dogs and give them all appropriate vaccinations. If you live in the Cynthiana area, they’ll also share vet references so you can continue providing the best care.

Contact Details:

Website: https://kydoodles.com/

Phone: (606) 219-8133

Email[email protected]

Location: Cynthiana , Kentucky

5. Brock Farm Doodles

Brock Farm Doodles strives to breed the healthiest Labradoodles and provides a one-year health guarantee. This policy gives you a stress-free opportunity to adjust to your new furry friend and ensure they have no diseases without taking on the burden of care yourself.

Labradoodle puppy
Labradoodle puppy sitting on a tree trunk.

When you adopt from Brock Farm Doodles, you’ll get a puppy with AKC-registered parents. The breeders provide neurological stimulation and socialization from a young age, then perform a Volhard exam at six weeks. The test results help the breeder match each puppy with the perfect owner, ensuring a lifelong bond.

You can take home your Labradoodle when it’s nine weeks.

Contact Details:

Website: https://brockfarmdoodles.com/

Phone: (606) 910-3070

Email[email protected]

Location: London, Kentucky

This highly recommended breeder may not be producing puppies at the moment, reach out to them and let us know if you have any luck!

6. Happy Doodle Farm, LLC

With a name like Happy Doodle Farm, LLC, you know this Labradoodle breeder in Kentucky will have a great environment for the puppies. Pet owners who adopted from this location all say their dogs are affectionate, playful, and loyal. Happy Doodle Farm ensures they raise the best Labradoodles by socializing their dogs just days after birth.

Labradoodle close up photo
Apricot Labradoodle close-up photo.

Happy Doodle Farm, LLC has 13 years of experience that have led them to the best breeding practices. They look for temperament, personality, and appearance on the surface, then dig deeper to analyze genetic panels before breeding.

Contact Details:

Website: https://happydoodlefarm.com/

Phone: (502) 291-8723

Email[email protected] 

Location: Bardstown, Kentucky

7. GoldenQuest Comfort Retrievers

GoldenQuest Comfort Retrievers started as a breeder for Golden Retrievers and Cocker Spaniels, but the owner quickly fell in love with Labradoodles and shifted her focus. She offers two different types of Doodles. If you want a large dog, you’ll get a puppy bred from a Golden Retriever and a Poodle.

Labradoodles at the park
Two Labradoodles are at the park.

A smaller Doodle is the result of a comfort retriever and Poodle mix. 

The breeder socializes puppies as soon as they’re born, providing stimulation to ensure they have the best demeanor. The founder also runs the puppies through her unique training program, which includes stimuli to test their sight, hearing, and emotional reactions.

Contact Details:

Website: https://www.comfortretrievers.com/

Phone: (859) 879-3647

Email[email protected]

Location: Versailles, Kentucky

8. Prize Poodles and Doodles

Prize Poodles and Doodles is a breeder best known for Newfiepoos and Newfiedoodles. They also have more unique options, like Bernedoodles. However, they have extensive breeding experience, so you can confidently adopt a Labradoodle from this location. 

Labradoodle with curly coat
Labradoodle with curly coat sitting on the grass.

The breeder has a 20-acre farm that gives the puppies plenty of room to run and explore. They don’t live in a kennel, so you’ll adopt a dog that loves to exercise and spend time outside. Your relationship with Prize Poodles and Doodles doesn’t end when you pick up your furry friend—they continue to offer support and resources for your dog’s life.

Contact Details:

Website: https://prizepoodlesanddoodles.com/

Phone: (859) 462-3950

Email[email protected]

Location: Williamstown, Kentucky

9. Twisted B Kennels KY

Twisted B Kennels KY breeds their dogs in a home environment, ensuring the puppies get love and affection from birth. Since they breed so many dogs, the puppies also have the best chance of socialization. When you adopt from Twisted B Kennels, you’ll get a well-adjusted dog with the sweetest demeanor.

owner holding a golden Labradoodle
A happy woman holding her lovely golden Labradoodle in her arms.

All parents used for breeding at Twisted B Kennels are AKC-registered. They go through extensive genetic testing to ensure the puppies are healthy. Twisted B Kennels even gives you a health guarantee when you finalize the adoption.

Contact Details:

Website: https://www.twistedbkennels.com/

Phone: (270) 703-9099

Email[email protected]

Location: Benton, Kentucky

10. Deer Creek Labradoodles

Deer Creek Labradoodles have over 20 years of experience breeding Australian Labradoodles and Cavapoo. They offer continual support to everyone who adopts from them, including vet recommendations, health tips, and CKC registration information once you spay your pet.

three labradoodles with curly coats
These three stylish Labradoodles help to demonstrate the curly coat type. They still have furnishings and could be trimmed to Teddy bear (like Wavy coat) but notice the loose Poodle curls on the chest of the middle dog. Extremely low shedding.

When you adopt from Deer Creek Labradoodles, you’ll get their vaccination and worming record to give to your new vet. They also include a travel crate if you traveled a long way for your furry friend. This information clarifies that Deer Creek Labradoodles cares about their dogs and the new owners.

Contact Details:

Website: https://www.deercreeklabradoodles.com/

Phone: (502) 514-3862

Email[email protected]

Location: Owenton, Kentucky


Now that you know several reputable Labradoodle breeders in Kentucky, you can move forward with bringing home your new furry friend. Make sure you know how to train your dog to ensure you both enjoy a wonderful life together because a Labradoodle is a special pet.