I Tried NaturVet Lutein Tear Stain Supplements (for SIX Months)

Our Pick
NaturVet Lutein Tear Stain Supplements for Dogs & Cats (Preventative)

If your dog or cat struggles with tear stains, we highly recommend NaturVet’s Tear Stain Supplement. 

  • 8 powerful natural active ingredients
  • Very effective
  • Vet formulated
  • Easy to give
  • All-natural
  • No fillers, wheat, or soy
  • Some pets don’t like the taste
  • Has a strong smell
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Tear stains are an unsightly problem that many dog and cat owners have to deal with. But worse than the aesthetic problem of tear stains is the fact that they often hint at an underlying problem.

Luckily, both tear stains and their underlying cause can be wiped out using one simple product: NaturVet’s Tear Stain Supplement. 

This tear stain “cure” uses a combination of eight powerful natural ingredients to fight tear stains from the inside out. 

Sound too good to be true? That’s what I thought until I gave this product a try. 

Papyrus the Chihuahua poses next to some tear stain supplements
Papyrus the adopted Chihuahua saw good results from using this supplement in Sara’s house.

Keep reading to find out how this simple supplement helped my Chihuahua and to see my full NaturVet Tear Stain Supplement review. We’ll look at its key features, pros and cons, who it works best for, and more.

OodleLife’s expert review in video form! Six months of using this product to reduce tear stains.

What Is NaturVet?

NaturVet was started by Scott Garmon, a new dog owner who was faced with a difficult decision. The young Labrador he’d just adopted had severe hip dysplasia and arthritis. His vet recommended he put the dog down but he was sure there had to be another option. 

He worked with Dr. Pedro Rivera, a holistic veterinarian, to develop a natural joint care supplement. Not long later, NaturVet was born.

Now, over 25 years later, the company produces a full line of natural pet supplements meant to help dogs and cats live a healthier, happier life.

Demonstrating the size of the Naturvet supplement
Demonstrating the size of the Naturvet supplement – not so small! A challenge when a smaller dog or cat is a picky eater.

Where Are NaturVet Products Produced?

All NaturVet products are proudly manufactured in the USA. Their main manufacturing plant is located in Temecula, California. In 2022, NaturVet was acquired by SwedenCare, but still operates out of its US headquarters.

Who Should Use NaturVet Tear Stain Supplement?

This supplement from NaturVet is made specifically for dogs and cats who suffer from visible tear stains. This product works by reducing red tinting in tears to prevent future tear stains. For staining that is already present on the fur, try NaturVet’s Topical Tear Stain Remover.

I have also found NaturVet’s Tear Stain Supplement useful to prevent red staining around my dog’s mouth and paws.

About NaturVet Tear Stain Supplement

NaturVet’s Tear Stain Supplement was the first product I tried from this company. Like many of you, I came across it while searching for a solution to my dog’s unsightly tear stains.

Tear stains are caused by an excess of porphyrin in tears. Porphyrin is a natural byproduct of iron breakdown in the body. But when tears become so concentrated with porphyrin that they stain the fur around the eyes, there is usually something more going on inside your pet.

Many different types of bacteria and yeast release porphyrin. Red tears are generally a sign that your dog or cat’s body is overrun with these pathogens.

NaturVet’s Tear Stain Supplement uses natural ingredients to control bacteria and yeast growth while helping to lubricate mucus membranes to support tear duct health. 

our photo of the naturvet tear stain supplement that we tested long term
Our photo of the Naturvet tear stain supplement that we tested long term.


This all-natural supplement contains eight active ingredients that help reduce the appearance of tear stains.

  • Cranberry Extract – A powerful antioxidant that improves immune function, decreases inflammation, and protects tissues against infection.
  • Oregon Grape Root – A powerful medicinal herb used by Native Americans that may support eye and gut health while fighting infection.
  • Eyebright Herb Extract – This aptly named herb has long been used to treat sinus inflammation and support mucus membrane health.
  • Vitamin C – A powerful antioxidant important for immune function and fighting infections.
  • Marshmallow Root – This herb helps lubricate mucus membranes to support proper tear drainage.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids – These healthy fats fight inflammation and support eye health.
  • Omega-6 Fatty Acids – Like omega-3s, these help support healthy eyes.
  • Lutein – This natural antioxidant has a proven ability to protect eyes from damage and reduce inflammation.

In addition to these active ingredients, this supplement also contains a handful of inactive ingredients. These all-natural components provide structure to the chews and make them more palatable to your pet.


NaturVet’s Tear Stain Supplement is dosed based on weight. Small dogs and cats need one chew per day. Medium dogs up to 50 pounds need 2 chews per day. And pets larger than this should get 4 chews per day.

Naturvet tear stain supplement in kibble
Hiding in regular kibble is simple and when it works… saves getting out the cheese or peanut butter as a bribe.

How to Administer

NaturVet makes all of their supplements super easy to dose by offering them in a soft chew formula. These chews are lightly flavored with natural flavors and brewer’s yeast. One of my dogs eats them right up, but the other is much more skeptical.

Luckily, I have had great success with breaking the chews in half and putting them in my dogs’ food. If you have a very picky pet, you can always opt for the powdered form and sprinkle it on their meals. 

When to Expect Results

In my experience, you can expect to see results from this product within about three weeks of starting it. For dogs and cats with very thick tear stains and a history of ear infections, allergies, or gut imbalance, you can expect results to take a little longer.

Key Features

This tear stain supplement uses natural ingredients to protect the eye while helping to strengthen the immune system and reduce the presence of porphyrin-producing bacteria and yeast. Unlike other tear-stain supplements, this one contains no antibiotics, synthetic ingredients, or fillers.

Compared to competitors’ products, this one is very well-priced, especially if you opt for the large container. It also contains more active ingredients than most other tear stain supplements and is wheat and soy-free.

papyrus the chihuahua poses with his best friend
Papyrus the Chihuahua poses with his best pal.


  • 8 powerful natural active ingredients
  • Very effective
  • Vet formulated
  • Easy to give
  • All-natural
  • No fillers, wheat, or soy
  • Great value


  • Some pets don’t like the taste
  • Has a strong smell
  • Take a few weeks to work

My Experience with NatureVet Tear Stain Supplement

I found this product shortly after I adopted my Chihuahua, Papyrus. At that time, he was a chunky little sausage dog with horrible tear stains you could see from a mile away. I worked hard to get him back in shape, but the tear stains remained a problem.

hiding supplement in dog kibble
Sometimes you wont need to try *that* hard to hide the supplement in kibble

After about a month on this product, he stopped producing red tears. It took quite a while to completely remove the staining from his fur, but once I did, it did not reoccur. 

I was able to stop using the product after about 6 months. With a balanced diet and a great probiotic supplement, I was able to keep him stain-free for nearly two years after that.

When his tear stains started to reappear after an illness, I quickly reordered this product and started him on it again. Being proactive prevented the stains from setting and produced noticeable effects within just a couple of weeks. 

Now, I keep a container of this on hand just in case he gets a flare-up. I have also found it to be very useful for my Dalmatian mix, Ragz, who suffers from red mouth staining due to bad teeth, and my cat, Makoa, who has a history of eye and respiratory infections.

This product has worked so well for me that I always turn to NaturVet first when looking for pet supplements. I have also seen great results from their glucosamine supplements, brewer’s yeast, and anxiety chews.

a cat with a tear stain supplement
Cats can also take this supplement, you may need to trick them into eating it though (and stop Papyrus the Chiahuahua from stealing the food!)

Final Verdict

If your dog or cat struggles with tear stains, I highly recommend NaturVet’s Tear Stain Supplement. 

The all-natural ingredients work wonders to support eye health and reduce bacteria and yeast load to prevent red tears. It takes a few weeks to work and not all pets love the taste of these chews, but for the price, they are well worth it considering the impressive results.