The Red Cantonese Bear Dog Is a HOAX (2024)

The internet is awash with pictures of a dog breed famously known as the Red Cantonese Bear Dog. If you are a dog enthusiast, the idea of owning a new indigenous dog breed could leave your tongue wagging.

But the instant you lay your eyes on a picture of a Red Cantonese Bear Dog, you can’t help but be a little skeptical about the existence of the dog breed. The rusty red color, perky ears, perfectly soft fur coat, and what must be the roundest pair of eyes you’ve seen on a dog.

Red Cantonese Bear Dog
The Red Cantonese Bear Dog is a hoax.

So is it all a rumor, or does this dog exist? Read on for an in-depth look into whether or not the Red Cantonese Bear Dog is a hoax.

Red Cantonese Bear Dog: Is It Real or Fake?

Internet reports show that the Red Cantonese Bear Dog hails from Guangzhou, China. Despite there being no shortage of digital evidence that this famous designer breed exists, what you find on the ground does not match nor back up the hype. The Red Cantonese Dog is fake.

red cantonese bear dogs
Two dogs claimed to be “Red Cantonese Bear Dogs”

So, what’s all this talk over a dog breed that doesn’t exist?

Rare dog breeds from breeders in different parts of the world sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. News of the Red Cantonese Bear Dog hoax spread like wildfire because many buyers are willing to chuck a lot of money for an exclusive chance of owning this rare breed.

Many have fallen victim to this scam. Numerous photo-shopped pictures or images of dog breeds closely resemble the Red Cantonese Bear Dog.

Another culprit behind why many fall victim to believing that this rare dog breed exists is that many unethical breeders have attempted to create the Red Cantonese Bear Dog. Funny enough, no one is willing to come forward with solid proof of success.

puppy in the wild
A puppy in the wild on a photo shoot! (NOT a red Cantonese bear dog)

Where and When Did the Rumors Start?

The fastest way news spreads today is through social media. Similarly, social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit created the ideal stage for trolls to promote the rumors of a new dog breed existing.

man searches through online
Searching dog information, breeders and rescues online.

From as far back as 2016, there’s digital evidence of people posting fake images of their Red Cantonese Bear Dogs. A quick follow-up on most people who posted their dogs revealed that they either had a different bear dog breed or had no dog and were posting rumors for clout.

red cantonese bear dogs are fake
Most consider Red Cantonese Bear Dogs to be FAKE

Why Are There So Many People Searching for the Red Cantonese Dog?

The quest for authorities to contain unethical dog breeders yields little to no results because many people are willing to do anything to own a new dog breed. This is what the breeders use as leverage to scam many people.

There are many unregulated backyard puppy mills spread globally. These breeders make plenty of money from selling rare dog breeds they claim to have ‘discovered’ or ‘created.’ Rumors of a new dog breed spread like wildfire.

Therefore, it doesn’t take long for people to start looking and asking questions.

Also, there’s little information and original photos online about the Red Cantonese Dog. Most of those searching online don’t necessarily want to own the dog but are curious and want to learn more.

Who Is Spreading the Hoax?

There’s a thin line between what’s real and fake on the internet. It’s unclear whether everyone who talks about the Red Cantonese Dog online is looking to spread a rumor or express their genuine thoughts about the breed.

tracking dog app
A woman holding her phone.

It’s difficult to trace where the rumor started. However, when no credible dog sites talk about this dog breed, it can be hard to determine how accurate the information you’re reading is.

YouTubers often reupload the uncredited hoax video (here is a link to an account who has claimed ownership of the video and has it uploaded)

The most reliable sites for dogs and other animals include the ASPCA – American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the AKC – American Kennel Club, and passionate experts like our writers at Oodle life.

Breeds That Resemble the Red Cantonese Bear Dogs

Upon looking at two pictures of a Red Cantonese Dog online, you will likely notice several distinct differences.

Chances are you’re staring at two completely different dog breeds. Most pictures that people claim to be the Red Cantonese Dog belong to other species. Dogs that closely resemble the Red Cantonese Bear Dog include:


Mia the Pomeranian is a famous dog whose many pictures online have won the hearts of many. That is a dog from Vienna with puffy fur, perky ears, and the general teddy bear look that most people mistake for the red bear.

Pomeranian puppy on the couch
Pomeranian puppy barking and whining on the couch.


The Chow dog comes in different colors and sizes. However, the internet is full of pictures of a Chow dog from China living in Canada that almost looks like the Red Cantonese Bear Dog. Watson the Chow has a super fluffy coat and a stern face.

Chow Chow looks at her owner
A Chow Chow with tongue out looks at her owner.

Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu dog dubbed Bagel from New Zealand has a perfectly round face, straight ears, and a soft red coat. Most of the Red Cantonese Bear Dog pictures you’ll find online are probably the younger version of bagel.

Shiba Inu dog outdoors
An energetic Shiba Inu outdoors enjoying nature

Finnish Spitz

Freya is a lively Finnish Spitz found in New Zealand and owned by a loving lady who spends all day with her. She’s a laid-back dog with a little meat on the bone and other typical features of the rumored bear dog.

Finnish Spitz stands outdoors
A Finnish Spitz stands outdoors looking at his owner.

How to Spot a Fake Dog Breed?

Avoid falling victim to rumors and getting scammed of your hard-earned money by mastering ways to spot a fake dog breed. A few tips to help you out include:

  • Confirm with accredited resources. The ACK is a trusted source for everything you need to know about dogs. This platform will also recommend reputable dog breeders should you need more information on a rare breed.
  • The internet. Using the internet wisely can tell you whether or not the dog information you’re reading is true or false. If you find out that a dog breeder isn’t accredited, along with other questionable details, it’s a red flag, and you might get scammed.
  • Ask to see the parents. Any good dog breeder will have no issue introducing you to the parents of any dog you may be curious about.
  • Ask for genetic test results. A female dog must be matched genetically to a sire dog to determine if they are fit to breed. These genes predict the health and viability of the puppy and help produce the rare breeds you’re likely to see online. A good breeder will not breed dogs with unmatched genes and will readily avail genetic information on any of their dogs.

Red Cantonese Dog: Final Say

Stories about the mystical Red Cantonese Bear Dog keep popping up everywhere online. The dog is said to hail from Guangzhou, China. Beyond that, there’s nothing else that can be confirmed about the existence of this dog breed.

Hopefully, this detailed read paints a clear picture, plus you get useful tips on ways to avoid believing fake stories and getting scammed.

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