11 Short Hair BIG Dog Breeds (With Photos)

Reviewed and Fact-Checked by Veterinarian Charlotte Stiles (DVM)


Big dogs can leave behind big messes, but the dog breeds on this list have short hair and need little grooming and maintenance.

One of the most complex parts of raising dogs in your household is managing their grooming and cleaning up after their shedding. However, big dogs with short hair can give you and your family the best of both worlds.

Whether you want to adopt a German Shepherd into your home or try your hand at raising a Neapolitan Mastiff, there are plenty of short hair big dog breeds that can make you and your family happy without the mess of shedding.

short hair big dog breeds
11 Short Hair Big Dog Breeds

Although large dogs won’t need a lot of brushing, grooming, or care for their coat, they will need regular brushing and bathing. You will also need to vacuum your rugs and carpets once a week to help prevent the buildup of dander and allergens left behind by your pet.

Great Dane

Great Danes are the most famous large dog breeds. These dogs are loyal and friendly, not to mention patient. Great Danes are reliable and perfect for households with calm young children.

great dane standing in snowfall
A brown Great Dane standing in a snowfall.

Great Danes will need supervision when interacting with children under 10 but typically remain peaceful and playful with these young children.

These non-aggressive dogs can grow up to 32 inches tall and may weigh anywhere from 140 to 175 pounds. This dog breed usually lives between seven and 10 years.

Great Danes have short hair and may not need brushing for multiple weeks at a time, but they can shed quite a bit. You may need to vacuum common areas and other places in the home to ensure that you keep allergens and contaminants at bay.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are active and friendly dogs. This dog breed is famous for its bubbly and happy personality. Labrador Retrievers are very outgoing and have no problem introducing you to new people on your daily morning walk. 

white Labrador Retriever
A white Labrador Retriever sits quietly.

This dog breed is very loving and friendly, making them perfect for homes with young children who need companions. However, children under 10 should be supervised when playing with a Labrador Retriever.

Labrador Retriever will not likely intentionally harm family members, but accidents can result in injuries. These short-haired dogs can grow to about 25 inches tall and weigh anywhere from 55 to 80 pounds. Labrador Retrievers may get even larger if they’re mixed with other large dog breeds.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiffs are loyal and dedicated to their owners. This dog breed was used as a vigilant watchdog in ancient Rome and has since been a perfect companion for families who want a protective and fun dog to take on adventures.

Neapolitan Mastiff green grass
Neapolitan Mastiff lying comfortably on the playground.

Neapolitan Mastiffs are not very affectionate, but they can be ideal in homes that want an added layer of protection. These dog breeds can grow up to 31 inches tall and weigh up to 150 pounds, making them one of the largest short-haired dog breeds.


Rottweilers are loyal dogs. These dogs are famous for their loving and dedicated nature but can have a short temper with those who overstep boundaries. These dogs are confident watchdogs with no problem guarding their home and loved ones.

Rottweiler sits on sand
Rottweiler sits by the beach.

Rottweilers have short hair and usually grow no taller than 27 inches. These dogs, however, can weigh anywhere from 90 to 135 pounds. This dog breed is heavyset and can cause accidental injury during roughhousing or playtime.

A Rottweiler is best in a home without small children or other dogs. Although this dog has short hair, it will likely need regular brushing to rid them of dander and excess hair.


Dalmatians are large, short-haired dogs that have a high level of intelligence. These dogs can grow up to 24 inches tall and weigh up to 70 pounds. Although this dog breed is large, it can live for up to 13 years.

Dalmatian sitting on a gray background
Dalmatian sitting on a gray background

This lifespan can be a little unusual for some larger dogs since most large dogs have a shorter lifespan.

Dalmatians are heavy shedders, although they have short hair. Vacuum the home often to ensure the loose hair doesn’t cause allergy flare-ups.


Greyhounds are independent dogs who thrive on a piece of land with plenty of space to run. This dog breed is gentle but loves to be active. Although this dog breed has short hair, they shed a little bit and may need weekly brushing.

“Aside from being fun, brushing your dog’s fur is a good way to bond and help keep their coat healthy.”

OodleLife Veterinarian Dr Charlotte Stiles (DVM)

brown Italian Greyhound
A brown Italian Greyhound standing on the grass.

You may also need to vacuum the family home often to ensure that allergens don’t build up and make allergies flare.

Greyhounds can grow tall and big. These dogs can get as tall as 30 inches and may weigh up to 70 inches. These dogs are calm and gentle, but small children should be supervised when interacting with a Greyhound.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are large dogs who are known for their courage and confidence. These dog breeds can grow as tall as 26 inches and weigh up to 90 pounds. German Shepherds are perfect for family homes since they are affectionate dogs.

German Shepherd lying down
Relaxed German Shepherd lying on the floor.

German Shepherds love children and do well in homes with other dogs. This dog breed sheds a lot and may need frequent grooming to ensure their dander and hair don’t cause allergies.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are loyal and prefer to wander as they please. Unlike most dogs, an Anatolian Shepherd Dog isn’t overtly affectionate. These dogs are more interested in spending time playing, wandering, or doing as they please.

standing Anatolian Shepherd Dog
Anatolian Shepherd Dog stands on a grass looking at his side.

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs may shed a lot, but they have short hair. These dogs may need to be brushed every couple of days but won’t cause much mess since they’re likely out in the yard or wandering the surrounding area of the home.

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers are alert and constantly on the lookout for trouble. These dogs are perfect watchdogs and are famous for their fearless nature. These dogs can grow as tall as 28 inches and weigh up to 100 pounds.

Black Doberman Pinscher
Black Doberman Pinscher on leash.

Although they have short hair, they shed a lot and may leave your home covered in hair. Vacuum every other day to keep the allergens at bay.


Whippets are playful, loyal dogs who are famously calm despite their environments. This dog breed can grow up to 22 inches tall and weighs up to 40 pounds. Although this dog isn’t dense and can be pretty lean, it may live for up to 15 years.

gray whippet
A gray Whippet. Ash would be a great name for such a cute gray dog?

Whippets love their families and are very personable. These dogs adore spending time with their loved ones, small children, and other dogs. These dogs have short hair and don’t need much grooming, making them ideal for homes with allergy-prone people.

Brush your Whippet once weekly to rid them of dander and vacuum regularly to pick up any allergens they leave behind.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are elegant dogs who take great pride in their personalities and abilities. These dogs are even-tempered and maintain their emotional balance well. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are good companions for families and remain devoted to their family members.

a Rhodesian Ridgeback standing
A Rhodesian Ridgeback standing on the grass.

This dog breed is perfect for homes with small children and is famous for doting on the children they love.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks can grow up to 27 inches tall and may weigh as much as 85 pounds, which can be difficult for some families to manage. This dog breed is very calm, though, and will not roughhouse with babies or small children present.

Final Thoughts

There are dozens of large dog breeds you can adopt into your household that don’t have a lot of hair or long hair or those that don’t shed much. These short hair big dog breeds are ideal for families with older children who may have mild allergies to dogs with long hair or the allergens they leave behind.

Although these short hair big dog breeds won’t need much grooming, they will need to be brushed once a week or more. You may also need to have your large dog taken to the groomers to have their nails trimmed and filed to ensure they don’t cause any damage to your home and property. Large dogs may be more prone to accidental damage in a home, but this can be prevented with regular grooming.

Any of these large dogs can add a lively and happy mood to your home and life. Consider adopting one or more of these dog breeds if you’re looking for a low-maintenance pup that can double as a perfect guardian and companion.