11 Best Single Coat Dog Breeds (with photos)

Are you looking for a dog breed that will shed less? A single coat dog breed may be who you are looking for. These breeds come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one that suits your needs. 

Dogs either have a double coat or a single coat. Those with double coats have a short undercoat of fur in addition to their outer coat. Some double-coated dog breeds are German Shepherds, Border Collies, Chows, Pomeranians, and Golden Retrievers. 

single coat dog breeds
11 Single Coat Dog Breeds (with photos)

You can recognize single coat dog breeds by their lack of undercoat. Instead, they only have a topcoat. These coats can either be long or short, and they often have a longer growth cycle than double coats.

You can find a single coat in several textures. 

While double-coated dogs shed a significant amount twice a year, dogs with a single coat usually shed less. However, they also may have less insulation, so they may need to wear a jacket in cold weather. 

Afghan Hound

These pups grow to be about 50-60 pounds and 26 inches tall. Generally, they live for 12 to 18 years. They can come in many colors, from red to cream to black to grey.

These dogs are known for their goofiness and their love of their humans. 

You can recognize Afghan Hounds by their thick, long, and silky coats that protect them against the harsh cold found in the region from which this breed comes. It is vital that you only get an Afghan if you can commit to the grooming needs of this dog. They need plenty of brushing and regular shampooing and conditioning. 

afghan hound dog
A super cute Afghan Hound dog


Adult Boxers are about 20-25 inches high and somewhere between 60 and 80 pounds. They usually live for about ten years. You may know this dog for its high intelligence and loyalty.

These dogs are especially good with children, and they are fierce protectors.

These pups are usually brindle or brown, but they can occasionally be white. The single-layered coat is low maintenance compared to dogs with longer fur. You only need to brush your dog a few times a week, and they only need baths on rare occasions

three boxer dogs
Three Boxer dogs sitting to attention. What a team!


These tiny dogs do not usually exceed 6 pounds in weight and five to eight inches in height as adults. Even though they are so small, Chihuahuas are known for their big personalities. They are charming, brave, and often known as lap dogs.  

Chihuahuas can have either single coats or double coats. Their coats can also be either smooth or long. Like other dogs, short-haired Chihuahuas do not require much brushing, while the long-haired Chihuahua needs more frequent brushing.

Carefully keep up with grooming your pup’s teeth and ears. 

a long haired chihuahua
A long haired Chihuahua living its best life outdoors


This breed can be standard or miniature-sized. Standard Dachshunds are about nine inches tall and between 15 and 30 pounds. Miniature Dachshunds can be around six inches tall and less than 11 pounds.

They are often known for their long bodies and short legs. 

The coats of these pups can come in several different colors, including brown, red, cream, and gray. They also can have smooth, long, or wire coats. Dachshunds can have single coats or double coats.

They are generally pretty clean. The exact grooming needs will depend on the coat type. In general, you should brush your pup regularly, with brushing happening more frequently if the coat is longer. 

brown dachshund sits on vouch
A brown Dachshund sits on a couch. These ankle high dogs go BIG on personality.


Dalmatians can range in size from 45 to 70 pounds, and they are generally around 20 inches tall. While you may think of this dog as putting in work at the fire station, they have more to them. They can sometimes take a while to warm up to new people, but they are endlessly loyal to the humans in their family.

This breed is great if you want a dog with whom you can run around. 

This breed is most known for its short white coat with black spots, but there can be some color variations. Since Dalmatians are a fairly low-maintenance breed, it only needs occasional brushing

Dalmatian plays tug of war
A Dalmatian dog plays tug of war with a little girl.

Great Dane

Great Danes can vary in size depending on sex, with females often being smaller. They can range from 110 to 180 pounds, and they are usually around 30 inches tall. This breed is the perfect balance of gentle and protective.

They are also great dogs for a family. 

This breed can come in many colors, from white to brown to gray to black. Great Danes have a single layer of short, smooth fur. Brushing your dog regularly is important since the amount of fur this breed produces is still significant due to the size of the dog. 

Great Dane walking in a park on pavement
A Great Dane takes a walk in a park. What a huge unit!


This breed is usually around 65 pounds in weight and 30 inches in height. People love greyhounds due to their loving and gentle personalities. They are also known for their grace and speed. 

You can find Greyhounds in several different colors, but their coats are always short and smooth. As a result, this breed needs very little grooming beyond regular ear and nail care. Otherwise, you simply need to wipe your pooch’s coat down every week. 

greyhound dog
A greyhound standing proud (and tall and skinny)


Poodles can range significantly in terms of size since there are several types of Poodles, including teacup, toy, miniature, and standard. No matter their size, these pups are generally similar in terms of attitude. These dogs are very sociable, and they become very attached to their humans. 

They come in many colors, and their coat is usually pretty curly. Poodles require quite a lot of brushing to avoid mats. For less maintenance, you may want to keep your Poodle’s coat trimmed short. 

happy poodle outside on grass
A happy Poodle running outside on the grass


These pups can range in weight from about 40 to 65 pounds, and they are usually about 20 inches tall. Provide your Samoyed with plenty of love and attention. They can sometimes get mischievous if they get bored or do not get enough structure. 

Samoyeds are always white, but there can be some variation in terms of exact shade. Samoyeds are another breed that can have single coats or double coats. Whatever their coat type, they need plenty of brushing. 

samoyed with curly tail
A Samoyed enjoying the outdoors.


The Whippet can grow to anywhere between 25 and 40 pounds, and they usually reach about 20 inches tall. These gentle pooches are perfectly content to sit on your lap, but they also love a good run. They are very loyal and loving towards their humans. 

You can find a Whippet in almost any color, and their short, low-maintenance coat goes well with their low-maintenance personalities. Beyond weekly brushing and cleaning of the ears and teeth, these pups do not need much other grooming. 

gray whippet
A gray Whippet. Ash would be a great name for such a cute gray dog?

Yorkshire Terrier

Also known as a Yorkie, this petite pup usually weighs in at about seven pounds and reaches seven inches tall. While these dogs are compact and gentle, they can also be energetic and feisty. They love being close to their humans. 

Yorkshire Terriers have long, straight, and silky hair that can also be trimmed short. Their coats are known to be hypoallergenic and similar to human hair. Brush this breed’s coat regularly, and trim the fur on the face, so that your Yorkie can see.

If you choose to keep your pup’s fur long, you will need to brush more frequently. 

Yorkshire Terrier in the forest
Yorkshire Terrier is standing on a branch

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a pooch that will not shed all over your home, consider a single coat dog breed. They come in all shapes and sizes. You can find single coat dog breeds with long hair, short hair, straight hair, or curly hair.