65 STRONG Female Dog Names (Actually GOOD)

When you first bring your puppy home, it’s hard to imagine that wiggly ball of fluff will someday be a mighty protector of all she holds dear. That being said, even the snuggliest Samoyed and daintiest Daschund deserve a moniker that will make her the queen of the dog park! 

While names like “Tank” and “Thor” are typically top of mind when we think about tough pups, there are Oodles of ultra-femme, powerful titles to honor your best friend’s alpha status. 

strong female dog names
65 Strong Female Dog Names (Actually Good)

We’ve made choosing the right one easy with our list of 65 strong female dog names celebrating her tough exterior (even if she’s a big softie on the inside).

Strong Female Dog Names From Mythology

Ancient mythology is rich with stories of fearsome warriors, clever tricksters, and powerful wizards, many of whom were strong women. From the hallowed halls of Mt. Olympus to the blazing skies over ancient Egpyt, mythology tells of feminine paragons who stood as heroes of their time. 

Imbue your cunning canine with the essence of these spirited ladies whose legendary feats still inspire us today. 

  1. Amaterasu: Japanese goddess of the sun and universe, the daughter of the creator god Izanagi. She is known to take the form of a snake or a dragon. 
  2. Artemis: Greek goddess of the hunt and the twin sister of the sun god Apollo
  3. Bast: Cat-headed Egyptian goddess of the moon charged with protecting her father as he pulled the sun across the sky. 
  4. Ereshkigal: Mesopotamian goddess of the underworld whose name means “Queen of the Great Below.”
  5. Frigg: Norse goddess and wife of Odin, possessed impressive magical powers that allowed her to change destiny. 
  6. Hella: Norse goddess and daughter of Loki who ruled over the underworld with an iron fist. 
  7. Ishtar: Mesopotamia goddess of war, power, and love. She often used her fiery personality to strike fear in the hearts of man and god alike. 
  8. Ixchel: Mayan jaguar goddess of war, midwifery, and medicine. Ancient Mayans revered her as an exemplary warrior. 
  9. Kali: Demon-slaying Hindu goddess who celebrated her victories with vigorous dancing. 
  10. Liễu Hạnh: Vietnamese goddess of female empowerment. Worshipping Liễu Hạnh was outlawed for fear of her sparking an uprising amongst the oppressed women during Communist rule. 
  11. Loviatar: Finnish goddess of disease, death, and magic. Many ancient tales depict her as an evil witch of the North and the mother of wolves. 
  12. Minerva: Roman goddess of wisdom whose cleverness made her a worthy foe in battles of wit. 
  13. Parvati: Hindu goddess of love and source of all female energy in the universe. 
  14. Pele: Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes who created the islands. 
  15. Sekhmet: Lion-headed Egyptian goddess known as “The Destroyer.” Her followers worshiped her as a healer, but her fierce temper was legendary. 
  16. Themis: Greek goddess of justice and wisdom who held dominion over maintaining the order of heaven and earth. 
  17. Tiamat: Babylonian creator goddess of chaos, who gave birth to all other gods. She took the form of a dragon.
  18. Tin Hau: Chinese goddess of the sea who ascended to the celestial realm after swimming out to sea to save her father from drowning during a typhoon. 
Afghan Hound stands
Beautiful Afghan Hound standing proud.

Strong Female Dog Names From History

Are you looking for a real-world role model for your fierce femme fatale? These women made big waves in history for their refusal to back down from what they believed in. 

  1. Althea (Gibson): Renowned athlete who holds the title as one of the first African American professional tennis players. 
  2. Anne (Hutchinson): Hailing from Puritan times, Hutchinson dared to speak out against the all-male church leadership, resulting in her banishment. 
  3. Boudica: This queen of the Iceni tribe headed her army against the indomitable force of the Roman empire in AD 60. 
  4. Ching Shih: After her kidnapping by a mighty pirate intending to make her his wife, Ching Shih negotiated her way into becoming the co-captain of the most powerful fleet of ships that ever sailed the South China Sea. 
  5. Cleopatra: One of the few female Egyptian pharaohs and an icon of using femininity as a leadership skill. 
  6. Harriet (Tubman): A revolutionary who bravely led enslaved people to freedom via the Underground Railroad. 
  7. Hatshepsut: Another Egyptian pharaoh, Hatshepsut, was highly revered in her time, though her successor attempted to erase all traces of her legacy from the annals of history. 
  8. Hester (Stanhope): Leaving behind an extensive collection of autobiographical writing, Stanhope spent an illustrious life as one of the first students of modern archaeology. 
  9. Hypatia: While not a pharaoh, Hypatia made her mark on Egyptian history through her work as a philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, and counselor. 
  10. Ida (B. Wells): Made her name as an activist and journalist who waged her own war against the harsh treatment of African Americans and women. 
  11. Joan (of Arc): Perhaps the most well-known martyr, Joan of Arc disguised herself as a man to fight alongside the French army. 
  12. Khutulun: Known as a great Mongolian warrior and cousin of Kublai Khan, Khutulun fought alongside her father in his military excursions. 
  13. Lozen: This historical warrior of the Chihenne Chiricahua Apache was a mystic who used her abilities to predict opponents’ next moves during battle. 
  14. Mileva (Marić): Despite her famous marriage to Albert Einstein, Marić paved her own way in the fields of mathematics and physics. 
  15. Mirabal: The surname of three sisters– Maria Teresa, Minerva, and Patria– from the Dominican Republic who participated in the underground rebellion against the dictator Rafael Trujillo. 
  16. Ora (Washington): An early African American tennis and basketball player inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2009. 
  17. Policarpa (Salavarrieta): Better known as “La Pola,” Policarpa used her work as a seamstress in upper-crust households to spy on the Viceroys of New Granada during the Spanish Reconquista. 
  18. Tamar: A true rebel of the Old Testament, Tamar is hailed for her unconventional boldness and loyalty to her family in the face of great danger. 
Bichpoo wearing a dress
Bichpoo puppy wears a peach-colored dress.

Strong Female Dog Names Based on Superheroines

Superheroines are shining examples of what it means to be courageous, even in the face of great danger. Though it’s unlikely your household pet faces off against interdimensional monsters, it takes a lot of heart to confront other dreaded foes, like bathtime and thunderstorms. 

Heroic hounds deserve a firm-sounding female dog name worthy of their bravery, so we rounded up a few notable examples to inspire you. 

  1. Carol (Danvers): Better known as Captain Marvel, Danvers boasts a status as one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe.
  2. Diana (Prince): Wonderwoman is perhaps the most iconic of all superheroines and a worthy namesake for your dauntless doggie. 
  3. Elektra: The ultimate mercenary and assassin, Elektra hails from the island of Cyprus, where she trained under an esteemed martial artist. 
  4. Harley (Quinn): Despite her role as more of an anti-hero than a superhero, Harley Quinn is perfect for a naughty pet. 
  5. Kamala (Khan): Kamala does double duty as a reference to Ms. Marvel and as a beautiful name meaning “lotus flower.”
  6. Natasha (Romanoff): A vital member of the Avengers, Black Widow’s espionage skills and quick-wittedness are unmatched.
  7. Shuri: This brilliant inventor and “Most Gifted” of Wakanda created the impressive infrastructure that serves to protect her people. 
  8. Valkyrie: Asgardian native who helped lead the charge during the post-snap immigration to Norway. 
  9. Wanda (Maximoff):  After gaining access to a shard of the Mind Stone, Scarlet Witch became the custodian of some of the most potent abilities in the universe. 
gray poodle jumping in obstacle course
A beautiful purebred Poodle jumping in a competition of agility

Female Dog Names That Mean “Strong”

Dog owners who want to keep things simple can opt for a name that symbolizes your bone-loving best friend’s courage, loyalty, and might

  1. Adira: Hebrew, “powerful noble.”
  2. Alexandra: Greek, “defender of warriors.”
  3. Asta: Scandinavian, “divine strength.”
  4. Azima: Arabic, “mighty.”
  5. Bernadette: German, “bear-like bravery.”
  6. Cassandra: Greek, “excelling over man.”
  7. Everette: German, “brave as a boar.”
  8. Fallon: Irish, “descended from a ruler.”
  9. Finley: Irish, “light-haired courageous one.”
  10. Isa: German, “strong-willed.”
  11. Jasira: Arabic, “bold.”
  12. Kainda: Kenyan, “hunter’s daughter.”
  13. Karleen: Scandanavian, “feminine strength.”
  14. Katana: Japanese, “sword.”
  15. Lenna: Estonian, “lion-hearted.”
  16. Matilda: German, “mighty in battle.”
  17. Minka: Polish, “warrior.”
  18. Neera: Spanish, “destroyer.”
  19. Valentina: Latin, “healthy and strong.”
  20. Valeria: Latin, “to be strong.”
an intense dog stare
An intense dog stare – what does it mean?


You want your dog’s name to reflect their character, so what better way than to bestow your loveable lap dog with one of these strong female dog names? Spend some time thinking about powerful women from legends, history, or pop culture, and you’re sure to find inspiration!

Whatever you choose, your fiercely protective pooch will appreciate the love and care you put into selecting the perfect name for her!