What Does a Labradoodle Look Like?

The correct answer is adorable! Labradoodles are a super popular dog breed in America because they combine the best traits of their parent breeds. They make excellent, loving companions and are beloved for their charming and cute looks. 

However, some people aren’t quite sure what a Labradoodle is supposed to look like exactly. To give you an idea of how these puppies should look, we’ll discuss what they are, what their parent breeds typically look like, and how you should expect a Labradoodle to look!

what does a labradoodle look like
What does a Labradoodle look like?

Short Answer

Labradoodles are typically between 30 and 65 pounds, classifying them as a medium to large breed. On average, they are 23 inches in height and have curly-haired coats that are relatively thick. 

Labradoodles are often a solid shade of brown, ranging from a light biscuit color to a copper reddish hue to a dark chocolate brown. In some circumstances, they can have patches of markings. 

They have small floppy ears and typically have round brown eyes with prominent brows. They usually have apricot-colored noses, which are soft brown, but they can also have jet-black noses. 

Labradoodle playing with another dog
A Labradoodle playing with another dog outside. (Image: Instagram/@baileym_thedood)

What Is a Labradoodle?

A Labradoodle is a hybrid breed of the Poodle and Labrador Retriever. Usually, Labradoodles are a mix of yellow Labrador and the Standard Poodle

But Labradoodles also include hybrids with parent breeds of a black Labrador and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. The Labrador often determines the color of the Labradoodle, while the Poodle determines the size and coat texture. 

But, of course, crossbreeding is not always an exact science. Some Labradoodles can look astoundingly different from others even if they have the same parent breeds. Or even if they have the same parents!

labradoodle sitting on the road
A Labradoodle comfortably sitting on the road.

Labrador Characteristics

To understand the different appearances a Labradoodle can have, let’s discuss one of their parent breeds: the majestic Labrador Retriever. Majestic may be a strong word, as these puppers can often be rather clumsy and galumph about, happy as clams

Nevertheless, they are excellent companions because they are fiercely loyal, super cuddly, and extra playful. 

Labrador Retriever catching a ball
A Labrador Retriever catching a ball outdoors.


Labrador Retrievers are usually large dogs, weighing as much as 85 pounds. Males typically weigh between 60 and 80 pounds, while females weigh between 55 and 70 pounds. The general cutoff for classifying a dog as a medium is about 50 pounds.

Males stand around 22 to 24 inches, as do females. 


Labrador Retrievers are known for their short but dense coats that are practically impervious to weather. They tend to shed a lot because of how thick their fur is. This coat allowed them to be excellent hunting companions, even in snowy climates. 


Labradors can be black, chocolate, or yellow. But you can almost always expect labs to be one solid color, a trait they pass onto Labradoodles. 


They have a stocky build with large paws and broad shoulders, as they were bred as duck-retrievers and hunters for small game like pigeons or rabbits. They have large, happy-looking heads and look like they’re smiling when they open their mouths. 

They have an ‘otter tail,’ which means long and slender but thick. And their ears stand up at the base and then drop down, flopping over themselves. They don’t have large or small ears, but they are relatively proportional to the Labrador’s large skull. 

Poodle Characteristics

Now, let’s talk about the characteristics of the graceful Poodle. In this case, Poodles are one of the most graceful breeds in both appearance and movement. They have an attractive trot and lift their paws high as they walk. 

While they may seem prim and proper, Poodles are loving and loyal companions that many pet owners adore. Three types of Poodles range in size: Toy, Miniature, and Standard. For general purposes, this section will discuss the size of a Standard Poodle.

male vs female Poodle photo
A photo showing a male and a female Poodle. Is there much of a difference in terms of their temperament or trainability?


Standard Poodles are usually between 12 and 15 inches tall, making them shorter than the Labrador Retriever. There is also a significant weight discrepancy between males and females. Males can weigh between 60 and 70 pounds, classifying them as a large breed. But females are usually between 40 and 50 pounds.


One of the Poodle’s most prominent and well-known features is its super curly and thick coat. Unlike Labradors, Poodles have hair instead of fur. Hair on a dog means they will need grooming, but they will practically never shed the way dogs with fur do. 


It’s hard to list all colors that Poodles can be, as there are many options and color combinations. The most common Poodle coloring is jet-black. But they can also come in beige, apricot, white, cream, biscuit, red, silver, grey, tan, or a combination of any two of these colors


Poodle ears are on the side of their head and flop forward. They have a rounded skull with flat cheekbones, which gives them a dignified appearance. They have soft brown eyes that are rounded, just like Labrador Retrievers. 

Poodle tails are shorter than Labrador tails and have a curly-q shape that curves back toward the dog’s body over the top. They have muscular legs and bodies and are considered a very athletic breed

Labradoodle Characteristics

Let’s get into how the two parent breeds’ traits combine to make the gorgeous and sweet Labradoodle breed. 

long haired white wavy labradoodle
This wavy coat white Labradoodle has very long hair.


Labradoodles tend to take on the height of their Labrador parent breed while taking on the weight of their Standard Poodle parent. So they will stand as tall as 24 inches, but they’ll only weigh about 60 pounds. Nevertheless, they usually make it into the large breed category unless crossed with a Toy or Miniature Poodle. 

Even with Toy and Miniature Poodles, the height and mass of the Labrador can often shine through in the genes, making for a tall, skinny dog. 


The texture of Labradoodles is almost always the same curly coat that Poodles have. The curly hair in Poodles is a fiercely dominant gene that almost always shows up in Labradoodles and other Poodle hybrids. 

Labradoodles will almost always have hair instead of fur, another dominant trait from their Poodle parent. But if the recessive gene slips through, they can have a straight-haired coat. 


The coloring is often a toss-up. Poodles come in many different colors, Labradors come in three distinct colors, and the hybrid dog can take on any of these colors. Darker colors are typically dominant, therefore, more common. 

Labradoodle colors include gold, apricot, caramel, chalk, black, red, cream, silver, chocolate, parchment, and blue. It is difficult to say what the most common Labradoodle color is, but many believe it is gold or black


Like the coat color, the features, such as tail, eyes, ears, nose, and more, can be unpredictable. But most Labradoodles take on the big eyes of the Labrador, with the side-positioned ears of the Poodle. The tail can go either way, hanging out straight or curling back toward the dog’s body. 

They usually have the shorter and broader snout of the Labrador, as Poodles have very long and narrow muzzles—many people associate Labradoodles with the face of a Labrador and the hair of a Poodle. And the body is usually that 50/50 mix where many features could go either way. 

Final Woof

While Labradoodles are super adorable, they are also some of the sweetest and most playful dogs you can own. They’re often gentle with children, adaptable, and easily trained. These qualities and their charming appearance have made them an incredibly popular hybrid dog breed.