What Does a Poodle Look Like Without a Haircut? 

Of all dog breeds, Poodles are one of the canines that require the most grooming. Your Poodle grows hair, not fur. With its much longer growth cycles, hair grows much longer than fur.

Most fur will shed when it’s just a couple of inches long. Hair, on the other hand, may grow extremely long

what does a poodle look like without a haircut
What does a Poodle look like without a haircut?

So, the answer is clear: a Poodle without a haircut won’t look good! He’ll have lots of knotting and matting that traps oil and dirt. He won’t be healthy, either.

Skin infections can easily result. If you want a Poodle, you’re making a commitment to regular clips and trims, as well as the usual shampooing and brushing. 

What are the Different Poodle Cuts? 

There are dozens of different Poodle cuts, but some of them are more popular than others. Plan to have your Poodle participate in dog shows? You’ll have to have a special clip that conforms to the show’s standards.

poodle without haircut
A Poodle without a haircut can grow very long hair. While you don’t need to shave your Poodle – they do need a haircut to look like a Teddy

Make sure to find out what those are. 

Like with human haircuts, there are fashions with Poodle cuts. A certain style may have been popular in the past but not so much today! 

The easiest Poodle cut is the short cut. This cut is simply a one-length cut, so all the hair over your Poodle will be cut to the same length. This is the easiest cut to maintain.

Poodle on car ride
A Poodle on a car ride during summer. (Image: Instagram/@coco_hunting_in_the_city)

Some Poodle owners even find they can do it themselves instead of paying for professional grooming services. 

Let’s talk about some other popular Poodle cuts below. 

The Lion Cut

You’ll sometimes hear people call this cut the Continental cut. The term Lion cut is more descriptive, as you really make your Poodle look a bit like a lion! 

You get quite a few fur pompoms with the Lion cut, which makes it equal parts majestic and adorable. Interested in dog shows? The Lion cut is one of the most popular types for that setting. 

apricot and red poodles white background
Apricot and Red Poodles sitting together in a white background.

The Teddy Bear Cut

This cut is my personal favorite! It looks so cute on my Miniature Poodle and I highly recommend it for yours! This cut truly makes our canine companions look a bit like a teddy bear, accenting the face and ears. Hair on the body is kept clipped short. 

 While the Teddy Bear (or Puppy) cut isn’t appropriate for shows, it’s great for most pet Poodles. 

brushing a poodle with a slicker brush
Brushing a Poodle with a slicker brush

The Modern Cut

This is currently one of the most popular Poodle cuts. You may sometimes hear it called the European cut or even the Scandinavian cut. This cut differs from the Lion cut in how it lets hair cover more areas of the dog’s body. 

In other words, it’s quite a natural cut but it’s still highly finished and refined. The Modern cut calls attention to more areas of the animal’s body than the Lion cut.  

Poodles playing at the park
Two Poodles are playing at the park.

The German Cut

The German cut is a bit more streamlined than some of the other cuts, such as the Lion cut and even the Modern cut. It tends to make your dog look more athletic, so if you bring your Poodle on sporting adventures, this may be the cut for you. 

grooming white beautiful poodle
Grooming a white beautiful Poodle at a pet salon.

The Lamb Cut

The Lamb cut is exactly what it sounds like: it makes your Poodle look a little like a lamb! With a lamb cut, the groomer will shave a small part of your dog’s tail, as well as his feet and face. The ears on this clip are fluffy and adorable, as is the plop of hair on top of the head.

Check it out if you’re interested in something different for a pet Poodle. 

Poodle in studio
A brown Poodle in a studio.

What Will Happen if My Poodle Doesn’t Get Haircuts? 

Skin infections are a common result of not giving these dogs haircuts. The hair grows extremely long and will get tangled and matted. As a result, oil and dirt will get trapped on your pooch’s skin. 

wet poodle sitting
A wet Poodle sitting on the sand.

An ungroomed Poodle will probably end up with hot spots. This is a type of skin irritation or infection, often found under matted hair. The skin on a hot spot will be inflamed and moist, as well as red and intensely irritated

If you suspect your ungroomed Poodle may have any kind of skin irritation or infection, bring him to the veterinarian right away. This can turn into a dangerous situation quickly without the right treatment. The bacteria that causes a skin infection can spread to other parts of the body, and this can be dangerous and even lethal. 

dirty Poodle needs grooming
A dirty Poodle needs a thorough grooming. (Image: Instagram/@ted_the_red_poodle)

If you got your Poodle because it doesn’t shed, not grooming him properly will mean you do end up with some hair on your furniture and floor. Regular brushing is key to keeping your Poodle as hypoallergenic as possible. 

How Often Should You Cut a Poodle’s Hair? 

Every Poodle, no matter what its cut, should have a regular trim. Of course, the more complex cuts may require more maintenance than others. The complicated show cuts also tend to cost more. 

Poodles should usually get a trim once every one or two months. If you’re like me, you’ll bring your Poodle to a professional groomer. Make sure he gets a bath when he gets his trim. 

Should You Shave Your Poodle? 

Most of the time, only certain parts of the Poodle are shaved. For example, lots of cuts include shaving the face. In most cases, however, it’s not a good idea to shave your dog’s whole body. For one thing, that’ll leave your pet completely unprotected from cold weather in the winter and sunburn in the spring and summer. 

Poodle haircut
A woman giving a Poodle a haircut.

A shaved Poodle may be at a higher risk of heatstroke in the summer. The sun beats directly down on their skin, raising their temperature more quickly. Simply cutting the hair short all over the body is a much better option.

Ask your groomer about giving your dog a summer cut. 

shaved hair of Poodle
The shaved hair of Poodle is ready for the hot weather. (Image: Instagram/@tanya_the_poodle)

Even though many cuts call for it, you don’t have to shave your Poodle’s face if you don’t want to. If you have a show dog and the show organization demands it, however, you will have to. Get the shaving done by a professional groomer, to keep your dog safe

Final Thoughts: What Does a Poodle Look Like Without a Haircut? 

So, we’ve learned that Poodles absolutely need haircuts. Without regular grooming and trims, your Poodle will become unsightly and unhealthy. You’ll also see more shedding and your dog will no longer be hypoallergenic. 

Don’t risk skin infections for your dog by not cutting his hair. Before you buy a Poodle, learn about the grooming they need and make sure you can provide it.