What Size Grooming Table for a Goldendoodle? PLUS Best Tables Reviewed

I was chatting at the dog park with the owner of beautiful standard sized Goldendoodle Benny. His owner was interested in at-home grooming and had been shampooing and clipping already.

what size grooming table for goldendoodle
Bennilover on Flickr “Grooming Day” (CC BY-ND 2.0) Not modified from original.

To take it to the next level, they wanted to have a grooming table. It got me thinking about which grooming tables I liked the most – so we did the research and found the best Goldendoodle grooming table size information for Benny’s pawrents.

In this article we will find out what size grooming table for a Goldendoodle.

Quick answer for those wondering – these are the best two grooming tables for Goldendoodles.

  1. (BEST) The FlyingPig Sturdy and Strong 44” Grooming Table
  2. (RUNNER UP) Lazy Buddy 35” Strong Sturdy Grooming Table

I have limited my recommendations to the two best Grooming tables to suit Goldendoodle’s like Benny. I wanted to only list the best ones that were easy to use, sturdy, cost-effective, stored well, and were well made. 

Goldendoodles (aka Groodles) have a famously soft and often low shedding coat. Because they are a Poodle Mix breed they require regular grooming. From a hygienic cut, to a shampoo, right through to full styling. There are so many levels of Goldendoodle grooming!

Grooming is about protecting the coat and keeping your dog happy. If your Goldendoodle smells all the time, there may be an issue more serious that grooming. See 7 reasons Goldendoodles can stink and how to fix those problems here.

What size should a grooming table be for a Goldendoodle

The size of a grooming table will depend on the size of your dog, and the type of grooming table

You should start grooming your Goldendoodle puppy from around 5 months of age. You can use Goldendoodle puppy shampoo from any time. The experts agreed though that grooming should be delayed till at least five months.

Types of Grooming Table To Consider

Grooming tables can be 

  • Simple
  • Folding
  • or even Electric (or old school hydraulic)

At-home grooming or a small grooming business will be able to get by comfortably with a simple or folding grooming table. Cheap tables cost as little as $75 USD but expect to pay up to $150 for a premium product.

Electric grooming tables are more geared to the professional market. Quality electric grooming tables can be $1500-2000 USD (!!) 

For most people selecting an excellent, well built simple or folding grooming table for the Goldendoodle is ideal. This reduces the cost of the movable parts, and more value is spent on a stable base and straps. This usually means a better quality product is possible at a lower price point.

How big do Goldendoodles get

The height and weight of your Goldendoodle will vary depending on the size of their parents. There are a few “sizes” of Goldendoodle that are common. Teacup and toy Goldendoodles are the smallest, then miniature, medium and standard Goldendoodles.

The most important pet related element for a Goldendoodle grooming table is the weight of your dog. All heights will be managed easily with the products reviewed. Weight is going to be a massive factor when deciding on a Goldendoodle grooming table.

Poodle Mix HeightWeight
Teacup Goldendoodle8-13 inches at shoulder (20-33 centimetres)7-15 pounds (4-7.5 kilograms)
Toy Goldendoodle10-16 inches at shoulder (25-40 centimetres)10-20 pounds (4.5-9  kilograms)
Miniature Goldendoodle13-17 inches at shoulder (33-43 centimetres)15-35 pounds (6.5-16 kilograms)
Small Standard Goldendoodle17-20 inches at shoulder (43-51 centimetres)40-50 pounds (18-22.5  kilograms)
Large Standard Goldendoodle20-24 inches at shoulder (51-58 centimetres)50-90 pounds (22.5-41 kilograms)

It is really really rare for a Goldendoodle to weigh much more than around 90 pounds (40 kilograms). It does happen! But it is not super common.

This means you can plan to use any high quality at home grooming table. You should be careful with ricketty fold down tables, or those with lighter legs.

Best Grooming Table For Goldendoodles

When choosing a grooming table for a Goldendoodle you should be looking for balance between insanely high build quality, and ease of use. The Flying Pig Large Size Foldable Grooming Table hits both these criteria out of the park.

Flying Pig Large Size Super Durable Heavy Duty Dog Pet Foldable Grooming Table (44" x 24")
  • Heavy Duty
  • Comfortable for Dogs
  • Storability
  • Build Quality


What Size Grooming Table for a Goldendoodle? PLUS Best Tables Reviewed 1What Size Grooming Table for a Goldendoodle? PLUS Best Tables Reviewed 2


  • This heavy duty grooming table is designed for home and professional grooming.
  • Table Surface: Bone Shape Texture Non Slip Rubber
  • Table Frame: Rust Resist Stainless Steel (Can Hold up to 330 Ibs)
  • Equipped with Flying Pig™ Heavy Duty Foldable & Adjustable Grooming Arm
  • Come with Storage Basket, Foldable & Adjustable Grooming Arm, Noose and Loop



Check Price and Reviews on Amazon


  • Heavy duty grooming table up to 300 pounds
  • Designed for home and professional grooming
  • Made from rust-proof metal
  • Sturdy and durable steel frame with non-skid feet
  • The textured bone patterned tabletop is a non-slip rubber that makes it easy to clean and gives your pet a secure grip
  • Adjustable and foldable heavy-duty grooming arm


  • This is a premium product with excellent build quality. As a result it is more expensive than other options

If you are spending money on a grooming table, you want it to be durable enough to last a long time. Flying Pig products are professional grade – and an absolute luxury for at-home groomers. If you go with build quality like this, you won’t be disappointed.

Sometimes neighbours, family or apartment dwellers share a super sturdy quality grooming table. Reviews say that even with this extra use the Flying Pig holds up perfectly.

Some reviewers did say that with a particularly large and over the top dog, the arm can become damaged. Managing large dogs properly when grooming will reduce this kind of issue.

This is a really great grooming table. I particularly liked that it came fully assembled, just had to open the legs and we were ready to test. Other grooming table products I have tried were annoying and fiddly to set up.

You can use this table for the grooming elements. I double down and use it as a blow-dry station as well. I am confident that any water is unlikely to damage. Should be very low risk of rust too, given the types of strong metal used in fabrication.

Flying Pig 38" Medium Size Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Frame Foldable Dog Pet Grooming Table (38x22", Black)
  • Flying Pig Grooming Medium Size Heavy Duty Grooming Table. 38"L x 22""W x 31.5"H
  • Table Surface: Bone Shape Texture Non Slip Rubber
  • Table Frame: Rust Resist Stainless Steel (Can Hold up to 330 Ibs)
  • Equipped with Flying Pig Heavy Duty Foldable & Adjustable Grooming Arm
  • Come with Storage Basket, Adjustable Grooming Arm, Noose and Loop
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03/12/2023 11:09 pm GMT

Runner Up: Cost Effective (but still great!) Folding Grooming Table

The Breeze Touch Dog Grooming Table is a solid runner-up. This grooming table mimics the Flying Pig Grooming table above – but you can see why they are in different categories.

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The build quality is excellent and all reviews state how impressed people are with the sturdiness of this product.

It will easily handle any weight of Goldendoodle. It comes with a range of accessories that make it appropriate for all sizes.

It is foldable for storage, and easy to assemble.

A worthy alternative to the best grooming table. If you are unsure if you will be grooming at-home frequently – this is an excellent consumer grade product.

What height should my grooming table be at

For small or large goldendoodles, standard size grooming tables will be unlikely to need a height adjustment – once they are set up correctly.

Set the height of the table if adjustable so that your back and neck are not strained when reaching the top of the dog’s head.

The standard heights work a treat for almost everyone. Extra tall dogs (or giant Poodle crosses like the Bernedoodle) can give issues and require a more expensive adjustable table.

You can also consider a simple non-slip step stool if you yourself need a little extra height. 

Can you DIY make a grooming table at home

There are plenty of ways to DIY a grooming table at home.

Making or buying a table is relatively easy (just make sure that it is non-slip). The challenge will come from making a stable and secure grooming arm. I really appreciated what DIY Dave did in this video here. Great moves Dave!

If you like dog information, facts, and fun on YouTube – check out our Oodle Life YouTube channel. We would love to see you over there! Your subscription would mean a lot to us!

I do wonder if this will translate well to larger sized Goldendoodles. If you came here figuring out what size grooming table for a Goldendoodle because you have a larger dog – maybe stick with a high quality pro build? Let me know your thoughts.

How do I get my big Goldendoodle onto the grooming table

Expensive hydraulic and electric (think $800-1000) lower and raise to support big dogs – most at-home groomers (and many professional groomers) prefer to use a high quality, sturdy fixed simple grooming table.

You can teach larger dogs to get onto the table. It is easier in your own home, as you can teach the dogs you groom many times to help you. You can train them to give you a hand!

If the table is adjustable set it as low as it can possibly go. Place the detached grooming noose around the Goldendoodle’s neck.

Teach your big Goldendoodle (use treats of course!) to place the two front paws onto the grooming table. 

A command like the movement and noise of tapping on the table can help. I say “Up up” which can help too. I use this command in perhaps a few too many circumstances. Don’t let whatever command you decide on confuse your dog!

One the front paws are onto the table, place your whole arm under the stomach close towards the hindlegs.

Lift the legs in a comfortable but definite swinging motion and encourage your dog to walk forward onto the table. Once the Goldendoodle “gets it” this is surprisingly easy.

Shower your large Goldendoodle with praise, and attach the grooming noose to the arm for safety ASAP.

You could alternatively use portable steps if you have the space to store such an item.

What Size Grooming Table for a Goldendoodle Conclusions

The most important factor when deciding on what size grooming table for a Goldendoodle is the weight of the dog. The height will not be a major factor using standard size equipment. Pick a sturdy simple grooming table for at-home coat care.

To find out more about Goldendoodles consider