Why Does My Dog Pee Next to the Pad?

One of the assumptions many dog owners make is thinking their dog will pee on the pad once they buy it. Others may train their puppies to pee on the pads, but these dogs may still pee next to the pads.

If you’re experiencing either of these issues and wondering, “Why does my dog pee next to the pad?”

why does my dog pee next to the pad
Why does my dog pee next to the pad?

Keep reading to learn more about the possible causes and how to rectify the issue.

Why Use a Pee Pad?

When you first get a puppy, you may want to use a pee pad during potty training. Puppies can’t hold their bladders for very long, so teaching them to use a pee pad indoors when they have to go will save the hassle of cleaning up messes. Similarly, if you have an elderly dog who has accidents inside, a pee pad can be useful.

puppy pee pads
Puppy sleeps on the pee pads.

It’s not a must for your dog to use a pee pad, as you’re the one to decide where the dog will pee. You can train your dog to pee outside or on the pad, depending on your living situation.

Why Does My Dog Pee Next to the Pad?

Even after training your dog, it may forget and pee next to the pad. Ultimately, if your dog doesn’t pee on the pad, it depends on multiple factors such as age, level of training, and supervision.

It’s frustrating if you have to constantly wipe your floor because your dog is peeing next to the pad. Let’s discuss some of the reasons why it may be happening.

Your Dog May Have Bad Aim

You may be frustrated with your dog for peeing next to the pad despite training it for months. However, in some circumstances, it’s not the dog’s fault; it only has a terrible aim. 

dog sits after pee
The dog sits right after peeing on the carpet.

The best solution is to be patient and assist your dog with its aim. If you notice your dog doesn’t get close enough to the pad to pee, then when you see your pup go to use the pad, take a treat and guide it to the right spot. Reward your pup when it hits the target. 

The Pad Is Located in the Wrong Place

Another reason your dog pees next to the pad is because it’s located in a distracting area. Besides training your dog, you must ensure the pad is in the right place. It shouldn’t be near high foot traffic as it may distract the dog, causing it to pee next to the pad.

The Dog May Be Untrained

Some homeowners may buy the dog pee pad and expect the dog to understand its use. But training a dog to use a pee pad requires just as much training and patience as outdoor potty training. So, ensure you take your pup to the pad every 30 minutes to an hour (depending on age) until it goes potty, and use positive reinforcement when your pup pees on the pad.

dog urine
The dog felt guilty peeing on the carpet.

The Pad Is Always Shifted

One common mistake dog owners make is constantly shifting the pad to different places. For example, when cleaning your house, you may move the dog’s pad to a different place and forget to return it once you are done.

This confuses the dog, especially if you regularly move the pad, causing it to pee next to it. Dogs love consistency, and once you place the pad in a specific area, you shouldn’t move it unless it’s mandatory.

The Pad Is Located Close to Its Food

This is another common mistake dog owners make when setting the dog pad. They usually place it close to its feeding bowl to ensure it has easy access to the bathroom. However, dogs don’t like going to the bathroom near their feeding area.

Corgi looks at the food
The Corgi looks curious to a new dog food.

Thus, the dog will mainly pee next to the pad on the side furthest from its feeding bowl.

The Pad Is Dirty

Even though your pup may love getting dirty, some dogs like staying in a clean environment. So, since dogs have a high sense of smell, ensure the pad is properly cared for and cleaned. If the pad is dirty, it may not want to pee there, but it will pee next to it as the floor may be cleaner. 

Your Dog May Have Medical Problems

This is possible, especially if your dog stops peeing on the pad abruptly. One possible issue is that your dog may suffer from a urinary tract infection. Some signs you should check include blood stains on urine, excessive licking of private parts, and problems when urinating.

Pug on the floor
A Pug looks sad on the floor.

In other circumstances, your dog may have other serious problems, such as kidney failure, so you should take it to a veterinary for confirmation.

How To Stop My Dog From Peeing Next to the Pad?

Once you know why your dog is peeing next to the pad, you should implement measures to rectify this problem. Let’s discuss ways to stop your dog from peeing next to the pad.

Train Your Dog To Use the Pad

The first solution is to train your dog to use the pad, especially when dealing with a puppy. On most occasions, puppies don’t know how to use the pad, and they may end up playing with it.

dog pee pad training
Owner pet his dog after leaning how to use a pee pad!

So, you should train them from a young age to ensure they learn to use the pad as they grow. However, it requires patience. Additionally, give your dog extra training if it pees next to the pad after months of coaching, as it may have forgotten.

Ensure the Pad Is Suitably Located

The dog should easily access its pad to ensure it pees in the right place. As such, if you stay in a story house, provide a pad on each floor. You should also avoid changing the pad’s location to avoid confusing the dog.

Additionally, the pad should be located in a place without distractions. For instance, you shouldn’t place it in the hallway. And it should also be far from its eating and sleeping area.

Placing the pee pad in an ideal and constant area allows the dog to familiarize itself with the place as somewhere it should pee.

Have a Routine

Have a dog routine that illustrates sleeping, eating, and playing time. This allows you to anticipate when it pees, thus ensuring the dog pees in the right place. If you encourage your dog to pee on the pad during bathroom time, it will learn over time, and you may not have to supervise it in the future.

owner and Samoyed dog
The owner and Samoyed dog plays on the couch with blanket.

Praise the Dog for Compliance

Reward the dog every time it pees on the pad to associate its action with a reward. As such, the dog will constantly pee on the pad in anticipation of a reward, which reduces the hassle of constantly cleaning your floors.

Take Your Dog to a Vet

Consider this option if your dog cannot stop peeing next to the pad even after extensive training. There may be something wrong with your dog’s health, and it’s best to have a veterinarian check it.

English Bulldog having a check-up
English Bulldog having a check-up at a veterinary clinic.

Wrapping Up

Training your dog to use a pee pad takes time and patience. If you’ve spent some time training your pup, and you’re still asking, “Why does my dog pee next to the pad?” it might be any of the abovementioned issues. 

Of course, if none of these tips seem to work, it’s time for a trip to the vet for a professional opinion.