Are Huskies Good With Kids? [Tips for Huskies and Children]

Siberian Huskies are often called Huskies and are loyal and energetic dogs who love affection and playtime. Huskies are incredibly loving and enjoy spending time with young children and other dogs. These dogs love running around, throwing toys about the backyard, and meeting new people.

Siberian Huskies don’t spend too much time being vigilant for danger but instead will introduce themselves – and you – to anyone they see. These dogs love new experiences and are adaptable to new situations.

are Huskies good with kids
Are Huskies good with kids? [Tips For Huskies and Children]

So, are Huskies good with kids?

Siberian Huskies can do well with children when both parties are taught how to behave nicely and calmly. Although it can be difficult to introduce your Husky and your young child, there are many benefits to having a Siberian Husky around young kids. Using positive reinforcement and exercising plenty of patience, you and your family can get all the benefits of a Husky without any issues between them and your small children.

Huskies Can Be Great With Children

Huskies can be an ideal addition to a home with small children. There are plenty of benefits to mingling a Siberian Husky and your young children. Not only will your children have a companion to spend time with, but they will also have the invaluable experience of helping raise a dog and enjoy their presence.

Dogs, especially playful ones like Siberian Huskies, can give you and your family memories that will last a lifetime and years of affection, love, and adoration.

Siberian Husky biting a sock
Siberian Husky puppy biting a sock from his owner.

Huskies Love To Play

If there’s anything you need to know about Huskies, it’s that their penchant for playtime goes unchallenged. Huskies adore playing with small children, other animals, or their owners. This dog breed will play with anyone and anything they can get their paws on, and they won’t shy away from others or be wary of anyone.

An ideal day for a Husky includes one with several hours running around the backyard, playing with several people – preferably new people and animals. Huskies are adaptable and adore meeting new friends. This desire for new friends doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy their families or owners!

Huskies are wildly loyal and will never leave their loving owners and family behind.

Huskies Are Full of Energy

Huskies are chockful of constant energy that must be expended – and there is no better use of energy than playing with small children, who also seem to have endless energy. 

dog swimming in pool
A Husky swimming in a pool

Huskies are notorious for their abundant energy, and humans have taken advantage of this energy for the last 10,000 years. Huskies have helped humans by being iconic Arctic sled dogs for millennia, enabling both species to live in harmony.

Huskies adore spending their energy in a backyard with their family and will spend plenty of time playing, swimming in pools or rivers, and chasing around small children. 

The sheer amount of energy that Huskies have can be a bonus for parents who want a break from constant playtime and managing their children. Having a Husky can sometimes mean stepping outside and watching for a while as the children and Husky chase each other around.

Huskies Are Friendly

Huskies are so friendly that they may have you introducing them and yourself to everyone they meet or see. This friendliness can be a great thing – especially when introducing your Husky to your children. Huskies are loving dogs who just want to have a good time and play. 

little girl and a husky
A young girl and her Husky puppy

This dog breed has no malicious intent and will likely never seek to harm anyone, meaning your children will grow up with a fun-loving pet who adores adventure and playtime.

Huskies are not territorial like other dog breeds might be. Huskies will instead welcome anyone into their space and enjoy the presence of other people, animals, and children. 

Huskies Can Help the Immune System

Getting a dog can help protect your child’s immune system and prevent respiratory issues and ear infections. Huskies are an ideal candidate to help boost your child’s immune system since they have a thick coat of hair that will shed. This shedding means your child will be exposed to beneficial bacteria that will strengthen their immune system and keep them healthy.

child hugs Husky puppy
A child hugs Husky puppy.

However, ensure that your child is not allergic to dogs before you adopt. Getting a non-hypoallergenic dog can cause trouble for children who are prone to pet allergies and may put your family at risk.

How To Help Your Kids With Your Husky?

Training your children and your Husky to play nicely can be a challenge, but this can be easily assuaged with positive reinforcement, plenty of patience, and affection. Your Husky may be excitable but will likely not try to harm a small child. Huskies are notoriously protective and loving toward humans, especially young kids.

Always take introductions slow and teach your children and your Husky how to be nice to each other and respect boundaries.

Supervise Them Together

If your children are still young, you will want to supervise them as they play together to ensure there is no roughhousing, hurt, or irritation. Huskies can be very playful and may lose sight of their actions if they are riled up. 

Keep a close eye on your Husky and your children when they play, and make notes of any potential signs of harm. Huskies may make growling sounds while they play, but they may also sneeze to show that they mean no harm.

If your children become distressed and overwhelmed with the energy your Husky is giving them, have the two take a break from each other to calm down. Introducing your Husky and your small children will take time and patience.

baby girl and Husky
The little girl and Husky sit close together and pose for a photo shoot!

Teach Them To Play Nice

A vital step in a cohesive family environment with a Husky means teaching both your Husky and your children to play nice with each other. Small children may not realize their strength and may accidentally hurt your Husky by pulling on their tail or ears.

Additionally, your Husky may lose sight of how small your children are and accidentally run over them, push them down, or throw something in their direction that causes an injury. Teaching your Husky and children to be nice to each other will take time, and you may have to alternate playtime and separation until they understand each other better.

Have Your Children Train Your Husky

You can help foster a healthy and happy relationship between your children and your Husky by employing the help of your children when training your Husky. Getting your children involved in the training process – and especially when treats are dispensed – can boost the trust your Husky has in your children and enable a mutual pathway of respect.

Huskies will be extra loving and happy to spend time with your children when they are involved in training and overall care. Also, have your children feed, walk, and groom your dog gently. Caring for your Husky as a family can make playtime much easier.

boy and Husky's bedroom
The boy and the husky spend time playing in the bedroom.

Use Positive Reinforcement

When your Husky and children are playing well together, give both parties plenty of praise, affection, and treats to keep up the behavior. Huskies enjoy making their owners happy and will model the behavior you want to see, as long as they know what that behavior entails. 

Have training treats and affection on standby to show your Husky and children to ensure that they continue to play nice and show you how much fun they can have together without hurting each other.

Final Thoughts

If you’re still wondering, “Are Huskies good with kids?” Huskies and children are a great match and can make many fun and exciting memories together. Although it can be challenging to train your Husky and your children to play nicely and respect each other’s boundaries, this pairing can be fun-loving and happy.

Huskies are an ideal addition to a home seeking an energetic companion to help keep small children on their feet and engaged in play. Families with a high fence and a large backyard may find themselves perfect candidates for a Husky.

Huskies may not be on the constant lookout for danger, but they still enjoy playing with others and will keep an eye on children in the area. Huskies also provide beneficial bacteria and germs that can help boost the immune system of small children.

Huskies are famous for their abundant energy and adaptable nature. These dogs can help keep your young children happy, tired from playtime, and constantly loved.