Bad Things About Poodle Temperament

Poodles make a great addition to a family. They’re friendly, loyal, good with kids, polite, and even accepting of other animals. In addition, poodles have pretty strong instincts as a result of being bred as water retrievers.

However, poodles can sometimes be challenging to understand. If you own one or have come across one, you can relate to this. They have some temperament problems you should know.

But don’t panic. It’s normal for dog breeds to have some bad things about their temperament. And a poodle is no different. 

Read on to learn more about some bad things about poodle temperament. 

a gray poodle in the grass outside
A Miniature gray Poodle enjoying the outdoors.

Poodle Temperament

In addition to having so much energy, poodles are playful and possess traits that make them great companions. Undoubtedly, poodles fit in easily with families, getting along well with both adults and kids.

If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic, fun, and friendly canine buddy, a poodle is among the top candidates in dogdom. 

Poodles have been around since the 15th Century and have their roots in Germany. The dog was fast to gain favor with the French and Spanish people before its popularity in England.

Today you can acquire a poodle in a purebred form available in standard, miniature, and toy sizes. Otherwise, poodle mixes (designer dogs) are available, where a purebred poodle is crossed with various other pure breeds to produce several others. Examples are Labradoodle, Yorkie Poo, Maltipoo, and Goldendoodle.

Despite poodles being extremely loyal, highly alert, active and playful, intelligent and trainable, and instinctual, they may develop some negative traits and temperament issues if you’re not careful to handle them well.

jet black mini poodle
There are different shades of black coat Poodle.

Bad Things About Poodle Temperament

Without a doubt, there are several positive things about poodles, which make them great pets. In my opinion, they have an outstanding temperament and many appealing traits. 

However, like just about any other breed of dog, poodles have some negatives associated with them. In fact, most people who don’t know these dogs well view them as “spoiled.” But this is a myth you should never allow to deter you from acquiring this adorable dog.  

Nevertheless, you have to be wary of the following temperament problems with your poodle friend:

Poodles Require Plenty of Mental Simulation and Exercise

Poodles have a high amount of energy. And unless you engage them in a lot of exercises, they will not burn off that excess energy, which will make them unfit and unhealthy. Therefore, you must be ready to give them a couple of play sessions daily or several walks anytime you’re free to take them out.

Failure to give poodles space for physical exercising and mental stimulation makes them bored and unruly. As a result, they’ll express their frustrations with barking, destructive chewing, and being hyperactive.

a black poodle at the beach
A Black Poodle at the beach

Poodles Tend to Be Shy Around Strangers

A poodle will get very attached to your family members, but they’re generally shy in the presence of strangers. Their connection with owners is deep. Interestingly, I know poodles as dogs that connect with humans better than with fellow dogs.

Around strangers, poodles’ personalities may not be completely evident. That’s because if they have no attachment with a human, they’re not particularly interested in them. In fact, when introducing a stranger to your poodle, do it cautiously to avoid the dog snapping or growling. 

Also, when poodles spot an unfamiliar face, maybe a potential intruder, they are always quick to warn you with a bark.

shy Poodle with ball
A shy Poodle wants to hide with a ball. (Image: Instagram/@logan_the_poodle_)

Some Poodles Are Known to Be High-Strung

I have come across several poodles that don’t seem to respond to normal stimuli appropriately. This unwanted high-strung behavior can be due to either of the following extremes:

  • You’re overpampering your canine buddy
  • You ignored your pup during the period when they needed critical socialization (usually when 4 to 14 weeks old).

It’s worth noting that if you’re not careful, such a dog can go to the extent of becoming a biter, which is dangerous.

teacup vs mini poodle
Comparing the Teacup and Mini Poodle

Poodles Will Occasionally Bark

Barking is one of the ways dogs use to communicate. However, it’s undesirable because it’s disruptive. Unlike other dog breeds, poodles are rarely aggressive. Yes, you may upset the dog, but they will not necessarily respond with aggression. 

That said, sometimes your poodle will bark to express their aggression. And although it’s not always due to aggression, your poodle will do it at times. 

The good news is that poodles are generally not extreme barkers. Comparing them to other dog breeds, I would say they are typically average barkers.

But it gets better. It’s easy to train your poodle to refrain from barking unnecessarily, thanks to the dog’s high level of intelligence.

Poodle barks
The Poodle is barking outdoors. (Image: Instagram/@harborspringsmi)

Poodles Can Get Destructive if Not Given Enough Company

I cannot think of any other dog that values love and attention more than a poodle. None comes to mind. It’s as simple as this, give your poodle all the attention and praise them in front of everyone, and they’ll thrive. 

Trouble sets in when you leave your poodle alone for an extended period. They’ll do all kinds of drama due to separation anxiety, going to the extent of destroying stuff. A poodle is an extroverted dog, and lack of company is like the end of the world for them.

Mind you, if you approach a poodle aggressively or with a mean tone, don’t expect them to respond well. They’re sensitive dogs. 

To cool a destructive poodle down, just spend more time with them.

poodle puppy swims in a pool
A Poodle puppy swims in the pool. Some Poodles love water from puppyhood!

Poodles Can Be Stubborn at Times

The fact that poodles are intelligent makes them a bit stubborn. Most of the dog intelligence lists I have come across rank poodles as the second most intelligent dog. And while intelligence means a lot of good things and capabilities, sometimes it can be difficult to train them.

Remember, this is not just any other dog that you can easily fool. If they don’t find something relevant or you generally don’t like it (the training), it will be hard to convince the poodle otherwise. And even if you make it hard for these dogs, they always tend to have a way out.

You need to be creative if you’re to lure them into training. Make it fun, and chances are they’ll be more cooperative.

black Poodle in the bag
A black Poodle stays in the bag. (Image: Instagram/@charley.and.jax.mini.poodles)

How Can You Manage Poodle Temperament?

I have come to realize that a poodle is not a difficult dog. Their temperament is quite simple, making it easy for you to handle these dogs.

However, to take care of the bad things about poodle temperament, there are things you need to keep in mind when dealing with them. Some of the critical things you and I should adhere to are:

  • Give your poodle enough time to exercise and play. In addition, be around, and they will run around even more.
  • Avoid leaving your poodle alone to prevent bad separation anxiety. If possible, carry your poodle around at all times.
  • Consistently shower your poodle with love and attention because this is all they want to be happy. Avoid using mean tones on them. Instead, be positive.
  • As much as poodles are intelligent, they require training to stop bad behavior and adopt the good ones. Teach them obedience. 
Poodle rewarded with treats
The Poodle is rewarded with treats. (Image: Instagram/@sofiathestandardpoodle)

Wrap Up

Poodles are great pets that love the company of humans. They’re also always loyal and loving to their owner. However, if you’re planning to adopt one, check out for the downside of their temperament and work towards improving their behavior. We all want an energetic, intelligent, and playful dog around us. I know since the day I brought my poodle home, I have never regretted it.