Ultimate Black Toy Poodle Guide (with Pictures)

A black Toy Poodle is clearly on your mind, whether it be because you just brought one home or are trying to choose between the many Poodle colors.

I’m a huge fan of Poodles because of their hypoallergenic coat, and it’s hard not to love the black coat color since it doesn’t show dirt or tear stains

black Toy Poodle
Ultimate Black Toy Poodle Guide

So, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a complete guide on black Toy Poodles, their personalities, and care.

How Common Are Black Toy Poodles?

Black Toy Poodles are very common, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one, nor should you pay extra money for a black color. 

black Poodle licks lips
The black Poodle keeps licking his lips due to irritation.

Of the 11 Poodle colors that the Kennel Clubs and the Poodle Club recognize, apricot and blue are the rarest colors. Red Toy Poodles are another less common color. 

Characteristics of Black Toy Poodles

I’ll start with the obvious here: Black Toy Poodles are black. And I’m not talking grayish-black or brownish-black, but 100% pure black.

black Toy Poodle with harness
A well-behaved black Toy Poodle wearing a harness. (Image: Instagram/@naughty_normie)

When purchasing a black Toy Poodle puppy, you must ensure you’re working with a reliable breeder. That’s because blue and silver Poodles often look black when born. 

However, these dogs begin to fade as they age, with owners noticing the difference once their dog is about one year old.

Aside from their color, black Toy Poodles have the following characteristics:

  • Long, curly coat
  • Square build
  • Pointy muzzle

Sizing up a Black Toy Poodle

Black Toy Poodles are the smallest officially recognized breed with the AKC (there are unofficial teacup varieties that are even smaller). For a Toy Poodle to qualify as the “toy” size, it must be no taller than 10 inches. They also typically weigh between four and six pounds.

a black poodle at the beach
A Black Poodle at the beach

In contrast, Miniature Poodles stand between 10 to 15 inches, and Standard Poodles stand at over 15 inches.

But when it comes down to it, the Toy, Miniature, and Standard Poodles share the same genes. So, they have the same coat colors and appearance regardless of their size.

Black Toy Poodle Personalities

Toy Poodles are an excellent breed if you’re looking for a cuddly, loyal lap dog. Their eagerness to please humans dates back to their origins when people used them to retrieve waterfowl.

Toy Poodle loves being with his human
The black Toy Poodle puppy loves being carried by his human. (Image: Instagram/@trippbaci)

I don’t recommend taking your black Toy Poodle out in the woods to hunt for fallen prey, though. Over the years, breeders have transformed these dogs into a small enough size so that they can serve as companions and best friends to people living in smaller spaces.

Black Toy Poodles are also playful and have high energy. So, you can expect lots of laughs when watching them go about their day.

Toy Poodle with toy
A Toy Poodle waits patiently for his owner.

Because black Toy Poodles love being around humans, they tend to suffer from separation anxiety

So, while it’s vital to spend plenty of time with your pet, building in alone time for them when they’re young will reduce the chances of them developing emotional and destructive anxiety behaviors when you leave your home. 

Black Toy Poodles and Hypoallergenic Coats

Aside from their charming personalities, one of the biggest attractions of black Toy Poodles is that they’re hypoallergenic. 

Toy Poodle and owner
A black Toy Poodle carried by his owner.

I know there’s a lot of confusion about hypoallergenic dogs, so let me set it straight. Dogs with hypoallergenic coats have less chance of sparking allergy symptoms in people allergic to dog dander.

However, it doesn’t mean that a black Toy Poodle won’t ever cause an allergic reaction. According to one study, over 80% of people with allergies reported reduced symptoms around hypoallergenic dogs.

black Toy Poodle wants attention
A black Toy Poodle wants a treat! (Image: Instagram/@alma_toypoodle)

So, if someone in your home has dog allergies, have them spend time with a Toy Poodle before bringing home your pet to ensure they won’t react adversely. 

Grooming Care

Poodles have hair that grows continually, like human hair. Therefore, when weighing whether to bring home a black Toy Poodle, you must ensure you have the time and money to care for their coat.

black Poodle comb
Combing a black Poodle.

You’ll need to take your black Toy Poodle to the groomer about every six weeks. Additionally, brushing your Poodle every one to two days is vital to prevent their hair from matting.

Keep in mind that your Poodle’s hair will change as they age. Black Toy Poodle puppies have softer and wavier hair. As fun as it is to pet, it also tangles easily.

Therefore, brushing your pet daily when they’re younger is especially important.

Once your black Toy Poodle gets older, its hair will change from wavy to curlier. The curls make it easier to manage, although they’ll still need regular brushings and grooming every six weeks.

Exercise Requirements

Adult black Toy Poodles need 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day, broken up into at least two different sessions.

walking a Toy Poodle
The owner walk her Toy Poodle.

Since Toy Poodles are so small, they’re not as fit for big hikes or high-intensity exercises as Standard Poodles. Nevertheless, they enjoy walks around the neighborhood, playing ball in the yard, and frolicking with other toy-sized dogs in a dog park.

If you bring home a black Toy Poodle, you’ll need to be careful with how much exercise they get until their growth plates calcify. You can expect this to happen when your puppy turns six to seven months old, which is when they’ll stop growing.

Until then, you should aim to give your Poodle puppy exercise in the amount of about five minutes for every one month of age

Ease of Training

Black Toy Poodles are highly trainable dogs, making them a joy for owners. They can learn as many as 250 words, nearly 100 more than the average dog, which can only learn 165 words. 

Toy Poodle gets a reward
Toy Poodle gets a reward from his owner.

Since Toy Poodles are so intelligent, mixing up your training techniques is helpful. Otherwise, your dog could grow bored and disengage with the training.

It’s also essential to lay rules in your home and use positive reinforcement techniques to correct your black Toy Poodle when they do something you don’t want. Otherwise, they’ll use their intelligence to get away with things. 

Common Black Toy Poodle Health Issues

Black Toy Poodles can suffer from the same common health issues as Miniature and Standard Poodles. Some of the most common ailments include:

  • Bloat
  • Epilepsy
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Addison’s disease
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
Toy Poodle lies down
A Toy Poodle lies down.

As mentioned earlier, black Toy Poodles often also suffer from physical injuries. That’s an issue that Miniature and Standard Poodles don’t encounter as frequently, given their small size.

Black Toy Poodles may also have more dental issues than their larger Poodle counterparts, given that they have the same number of teeth but less space in their jaws. So, you should brush your Poodle’s teeth regularly, offer them dental-friendly toys, and bring them to the vet for teeth cleanings.

On the positive end of that spectrum, smaller dogs average a longer lifespan than larger dogs

So, although the average life expectancy for Poodles is between 10 to 18 years old, you can expect your Toy Poodle to live on the longer end of that spectrum.

Routine Health Care

Because black Toy Poodles have floppy ears, they have a higher chance than dogs with non-floppy ears of getting an ear infection. 

Ultimate Black Toy Poodle Guide (with Pictures) 1
A Poodle’s hair should be thoroughly dried after bathing.

So, it’s important to dry your Poodle’s ears after bathing them, or they play in the water. You should also ensure your groomer cleans your dog’s ears, which can also decrease the chances of an ear infection.

It’s also beneficial to keep up with cleaning your Poodle’s eyes. However, unlike many other coat colors, you won’t have to worry about black Toy Poodles developing tear stains.

The Downsides To Owning a Black Toy Poodle

Black Toy Poodles are a great fit for many, but not all people. Below are some of the most common scenarios why dog owners-to-be opt for a different breed or larger-sized Poodle.

Toy Poodle puppy on the couch
Toy Poodle puppy sits on the couch.

Small Size

I discourage you from getting a black Toy Poodle if you have young children. These dogs are fragile, and a child could accidentally injure them during play. 

A black Toy Poodle’s small size can also prove problematic if you already have a large dog in your home or you take them for walks in high-traffic public places. The best case scenario is an injury resulting in a high vet bill; the worst case scenario is an injury beyond repair.

High Cost

Puppy Toy Poodles are the most expensive size of the Poodle breed (except, perhaps, for Teacup Poodles). You can expect to spend $1,500 to $2,500 for a black Toy Poodle puppy. The exact cost will depend on the dog’s lineage, health, and breeder reputation. 

If you don’t have this much money to spend on a Toy Poodle, I encourage you to check your local animal shelters. Toy Poodles often go quickly, but they might be able to place you on a waitlist. 

Tendency to Bark

Black Toy Poodles often live up to the reputation of small dog breeds for their tendency to bark. Not only can their barking drive household members crazy, but their high-pitched sounds, often from excitement at seeing people and dogs walking down the road, can upset neighbors.

For this reason, it’s important to sign up your black Toy Poodle for training classes shortly after bringing them home. That way, you can take action to control any potential barking before it becomes a major issue. 

Are You Ready to Purchase a Black Toy Poodle?

Black Toy Poodles are heart-throbbers. They’re cute, cuddly, and will make people ooh and ahh as they walk by.

Like any dog, it’s important to analyze the different angles of buying or adopting a particular breed to ensure you have the financial resources and time to care for them properly.

So, I hope you now have a better idea of whether a black Toy Poodle is the right fit for you.