Basenji Border Collie Mix Guide (with Photos)

Wondering about the Basenji Border Collie mix? Then you are in the right place. In this article, we will be talking about this crossbreed and what you can expect from them.

basenji border collie mix
The Basenji Border Collie Mix is a fascinating mixed breed

What is a Basenji Border Collie Mix?

The Basenji Border collie mix is a mixed breed dog. They are a mix of the Border Collie and the Basenji. The Basenji Border collie mix can be referred to as a Border collie Basenji mix, or a Border basenji mix.

It is often also referred to as a Baski, and this is one of the most common names for the breed.

The Basenji Border collie mix is man’s best friend and is known for being loyal, attentive, and active. They make great pets for people who enjoy spending their time outdoors and who want a four-legged companion by their side when they do so.

However, it is important to make sure that you know what you are getting into before you get a dog like this one.

Basenji Border Collie Mix Characteristics?

friendly Border Collie
Border Collie being friendly!

It is considered a designer dog, which means that the true origin of this breed is unknown. However, this crossbreed is believed to have derived from the United States, where it has been bred within the last 30 years.

Both the Basenji and Border Collie are highly intelligent dogs that love to work hard and please their owners. Their offspring inherit these traits as well as their physical characteristics, making this crossbreed an outstanding companion for an active family.

The Borador has short to medium coats that may be straight or curly, and they can come in any color imaginable. This crossbreed has a strong build with tight feet and long legs. They have large ears that are usually high set on the head, which gives them a unique appearance. The Borador has almond-shaped eyes that will be brown in color.

border collie basenji mix
Expect the red to fade over time (to cream) for a Basenji Border Collie mix

The Basenji Border Collie Mix is Pretty Rare

This Basenji mix is not a well-known breed, although there are many interesting facts about this dog. These dogs are very similar to the Border Collie in terms of looks and intelligence, but they have some unique characteristics that make them great pets.

It Has a Soft Fur that Can be a Variety of Colors and Combinations

The markings of the dog can vary depending on which parent takes precedence in the genes. For example, some display the common white chest of the Border Collie while others stick with the black chests of the Basenji.

They also display a wide variety of colorings and markings. Some have white muzzles like purebred Basenjis while others have brown muzzles like Border Collies.

They can be black and white, red and white, or any other color combination that you can imagine for either of their parents.

a basenji border collie mix
A basenji Border Collie mix

It Can be Trained to Perform Tricks

If you are a dog lover, who loves to spend time with your pet, this mix will be an excellent choice for you.

It can be trained to perform tricks, play games, and follow commands. It is an intelligent breed so training them will be easy for you.

They are easy to train but there is a risk that they can develop destructive behaviors if they get bored easily. You should pay attention to this breed as it is known for being one of the most difficult dogs to train.

It is Very Intelligent

Border Collie and ball
Border Collie getting the tennis ball in the pool.

The first thing you will notice about this dog is that it is extremely intelligent. This is due to the fact that both of these breeds are very intelligent and very social. The only difference between these two breeds is size and color.

As you can imagine, this breed looks very similar to the Border Collie, with one notable exception. The coloration on the Basenji’s head is different from the coloration on the Border Collie’s head.

They make excellent pets for an active family because they crave attention and affection from their owners. A well-behaved Basenji Border Collie mix dog is best suited to families with older children, as they do not do well around younger children who may not know how to treat them with respect.

It Needs to Chew on Bones and Toys Like Most Dogs

The best toys for a basenji border collie mix are toys that can last and are safe to chew on. This breed is known for loving to chew, so it is important to make sure you have lots of chew toys for this dog to tear up.

You should never leave this dog alone for long periods of time or you may come home to find something chewed up or destroyed. They are highly intelligent, so if you do have to leave them alone, make sure they have something to keep them busy like interactive toys and puzzles.