Basenji Mix Breeds (Photos and Guide)

Ever wondered what a Basenji mix is? In this post, we will be exploring just that and hope by the end of this post, all your questions will be answered.

Basenji mixes are dogs that have been bred from both Basenji dogs and other dog breeds to create a unique-looking pet that has different characteristics from either of its parent breeds.

basenji beagle mix
A Basenji Beagle mix is a rare but fascinating dog to encounter!

What is a Basenji Mix?

A Basenji mix is the offspring of a purebred Basenji and another breed of dog. In many cases, the second breed is another hound-type breed. The first known crossbreeding between a Basenji and a different type of dog was in 1905, when a bulldog was used to sire puppies with a female Basenji.

Since then, many different breeds have been used as the second parent in a Basenji mix, including dachshunds and other terriers, spaniels, poodles, pugs and beagles. Even more unusual combinations have been tried by ambitious (or perhaps desperate) owners.

Today’s Basenjis are descended from the original dogs bred in Africa during the late 1800s. At that time, their purpose was to hunt small animals like gerbils and rats or flush out game birds for hunters.

Some people think these dogs still retain some of these hunting instincts today, but it is not recommended that they be allowed to roam free while unattended.

A Basenji mix can inherit some of these behaviors as well as their distinctive bark which is described as “yodeling” by some owners. They are also known for being energetic and having strong personalities that can

basenji great dane mix
A Basenji Great Dane mix can be a LARGE dog.

What Characteristics Does a Basenji Mix Have

These are the characteristics Basenji mixes might have: Labrador Retriever Mixes with a Labrador Retriever can be either very large or very small. It depends on whether the Labrador is used as the male or female in the breeding. A larger dog may have traits of a retriever, such as retrieving objects and barking.

These dogs will be more energetic and friendly than other mixes. They may also be more protective of their family and home, making them great watchdogs. Tiny to Medium Sized Dogs If a Basenji mix has Australian Shepherd traits, it will be a medium-sized dog weighing between 20 and 45 pounds.

basenji husky mix
A Basenji Husky Mix with short hair and a standard Basenji

This dog will be high energy like its Basenji parent, but with some herding instincts from the Australian Shepherd. These dogs are affectionate and loyal to their family but can become aggressive or defensive if they feel threatened. Chihuahua Mixes Dogs with Chihuahua traits tend to weigh less than 10 pounds when full grown.

They are great companion dogs because they are very affectionate and loyal to their owners, though they can be somewhat timid around strangers. These dogs love their families but tend to bond closely only with one person, meaning they are not good guard dogs because they

While there are no official breeds that are considered mixes, some dog breeds are thought to be commonly mixed with the Basenji. Some of these could include:

Australian terrier Beagle Bichon frise Boxer Chinese cresting Cocker spaniel Dalmatian English springer spaniel Havanese Pomeranian poodle mix Pug West highland white terrier

a basenji cattle dog mix
A Basenji Cattle Dog AND Terrier mix. What a combo.
  • Basenji + Beagle mix = Baseagle.
  • Basenji + American Eskimo mix = Eskenji.
  • Basenji + Great Dane mix = Great Dasenji.
  • Basenji + Labrador Retriever mix = Labrasenji.
  • Basenji + Welsh Corgi mix = Corsengi.
  • Basenji + German Shepherd = German Shepenji

Coat Colors and Other Physical Characteristics

Basenji mixes come in a wide range of colors. The color of a Basenji’s coat is dependent on what breed has been crossed with it. The Basenji’s coat can range from white to black, tan, tricolor, reddish and brindle. In addition to the color of their coats, Basenjis have other distinguishing physical characteristics.

They have short coats, and their tails are curled. Their furry little feet are cat-like and their ears are large compared to the rest of their head.

basenji terrier mix
A small Basenji Terrier mix. Look at the face markings and ears!

Training, Exercise and Health Care

The Basenji is an ancient breed that has been used for hunting for thousands of years. The name is Swahili and means “dog of the Bush” which is where these dogs are from. This dog has a short coat that comes in red, brindle, black, black and tan or tricolour.

They stand 16-17 inches tall and weigh 22-26 pounds. They have a distinct bark and are known to be very clean dogs that don’t have a doggy odour. The Basenji mix can take on the traits of either parent. It is important to talk to the breeder about the other parent breed so you have a better idea of what to expect in your Basenji mix puppy.

Basenji Mix Temperament

Basenjis are active dogs that love to run around, so they need plenty of exercise each day. They are excellent escape artists and should be kept inside a fenced yard when they aren’t on a leash. These dogs need training when they are young because they can become willful if they aren’t properly trained early on. They get along great with other pets and children when raised with them but tend to not like strangers.

Basenjis are a good choice for people who like to go running, and they will also enjoy a long walk. They need regular exercise but can live in apartments or small houses if they get daily walks. The Basenji is not well suited to outdoor living. Basenjis are excellent jumpers, so high fences are a must.


While there aren’t a lot of Basenji mixes out there, the lucky few that do exist are quite lovely. It’s important to remember that these dogs were not created out of a desire for a designer dog or something similar to what’s happening with the labradoodle dog breed.

Mixes happen when two dogs fall in love and settle down together. And although there is nothing wrong with picking a designer dog, it is also wonderful to see animals falling in love and producing puppies instead of people purposefully breeding them to be something they are not.