Basenji Heeler Mix (Breed Guide) + Photos

What exactly is a Basenji Heeler mix? If you were wondering about this question, then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to be taking a deep dive into this topic so that you hopefully leave with a better understanding of this Basenji mix.

basenji heeler and a a basenji heeler mix
A red and white Basenji, Australian Heeler, and a Basenji Heeler mix.

The Basenji Heeler mix is a cross between a Basenji and the Australian Heeler. Though the Heeler is somewhat bigger in size, the two breeds possess a lot of similarities in their general mannerisms as well as temperament.

If there were ever two dog breeds that possessed closely related traits, then these two would be them. Though they are not similar in appearance, you would be forgiven for believing that they are half-siblings or in the least, first cousins. You will get what we mean as you read this post further but first:

What is a Basenji Heeler Mix?

We’ve somewhat touched on this a bit but this hybrid consists of the beloved Basenji that we talk about on this blog and the Heeler. The Heeler is a dog that originated from Australia and is commonly used as a herding dog.

It has a slightly bigger frame than the Basenji and is also heavier when fully grown. While the Basenji has roots as a hunting dog, the Heeler has mainly been used to herd cattle and sheep. It has a strong inclination to chase like the Basenji.

basenji heeler mix

One of the main differences it has from the Basenji is that it has far better obedience intelligence. Both dogs are relatively easy to train but the Basenji sometimes struggles with commands mainly because it just has a mind of its own.

Both dogs also possess boundless amounts of energy and are playful. While the Basenji has short hair, the Heeler has relatively long hair and will shed lightly. Both dogs are not hypoallergenic. When it comes to grooming, both breeds are relatively low maintenance.

You only need to bathe them once at least every 6 weeks or more. This is mainly due to the fact that they keep themselves clean. The Basenji in particular is cat-like in its grooming.

We talked about both parent breeds in-depth so that you get a better appreciation of what the mix would be like. We talk over and over on this blog about the fact that crossbreeds are not predictable in how they turn out.

Each puppy of crossbreed parents will be unique. They may exhibit dominant traits of either parent.

The main difference with a Basenji Heeler mix will be that they possess similar traits in terms of behaviour. Though you will be hard-pressed in trying to predict how they will turn out physically, you may have an easier time determining their behaviour.

Is a Basenji Heeler Mix a Good Choice for Homes with Children?

portrait of a basenji heeler mix
A portrait of a Basenji Heeler mix

Both the Basenji and Heeler may exhibit traits that may be somewhat anti-social with kids though stronger with the Heeler. This is more likely with smaller children such as toddlers. Older children will have an easier time with the dog.

You can expect this in the crossbreed and you need to consider this if you have a family with small children. Though this will not always be the case, you must be aware of it and make the necessary considerations before a final decision.

The Basenji Heeler mix will also most likely not warm up to strangers quickly. They will act aloof most of the time and may even exhibit some low levels of aggression if a stranger comes onto them too strongly.

Is a Basenji Heeler Mix a Good Choice for Inexperienced Dog Owners?

This depends on which side of the gene pool shows up strongly as far as behaviour is concerned. If the leaning is largely towards the Basenji side, then it’s ok for a first-time dog owner. You will want to consult with the shelter or breeder on this.

One of the things you may need to do is ask to foster it for a couple of weeks before making a final decision. This is an important step. There are people who have gone into depression because they adopted or bought an ill-tempered dog.

basenji heeler mix
A Basenji Heeler Mix running

Is it a Good Choice for Apartment Living?

The Heeler Basenji mix is decent when it comes to apartment living. This is mainly due to the fact that they both parent breeds independent and can stay by themselves for long periods. They are also clean and don’t shed too much.

As far as noise is concerned, they are generally quiet dogs unless the Basenji side takes over and they start making howling sounds as well as screams that can be mistaken for human children. You definitely don’t want that happening in an apartment building.

What is the Energy Level Like of a Basenji Heeler mix?

As far as energy is concerned, expect a lot of it. The Basenji Heeler mix, like its parents, enjoys roaming freely in the outdoors. That’s the environment they enjoy most as they can explore their environment.

The last thing you want though is to have a squirrel or other small animal run past. The strong prey drive present in both parents will take over and the chase will be on. In light of this, a yard with a high fence of maybe 9 or 10 feet is ideal.

small basenji cattle dog mix
A smaller Basenji Cattle Dog mix breed dog


The Basenji Heeler mix is a cool dog that has many desirable traits. If you take the time to take into consideration the things we’ve talked about in this post, you should have a long and enjoyable time with your Basenji Heeler mix.