8 Best Extra-Large Dog Blankets

Winter is slowly setting in and your four-legged has started shivering due to the cold. You decide that being indoors may be the best solution but the shivering doesn’t stop and being a first-time dog owner, you don’t know what to do.

best extra large dog blankets
Choosing the best extra large dog blankets – snuggly!

Or maybe you brought a furry friend home and didn’t know about the shedding. You find your house and your car full of fur, and no matter how well you clean, the house is a mess again. 

Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the house. If you keep finding your dog looking for a place to cozy up, a blanket might be exactly what you’re looking for. But where do you begin to look for the right one?

Don’t worry!

In this article, we have compiled all the information you need to buy the right blanket for your dog, whatever your needs may be.

No spare time? Here are the top five picks. We have a detailed break down and three runner ups in the article below.

PetAmi Waterproof
Extra Fluffy
Extra Large
Pet Fusion
Basic but Good
PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket for Couch, Sofa | Grey Waterproof Sherpa Pet Blanket for Large Dogs, Puppies | Super Soft Washable Microfiber Fleece | Reversible Design | 50 x 40 (Charcoal)
Extra Softness and Fluffy Lightweight Micro Plush Fleece Pet Blanket for Small Dogs, Puppies, Cats and Kittens, Vivid Color, 32 x 24 Inches
Ameritex Waterproof Dog Blanket for Bed Couch Sofa (82x82 Inches, Green+Navy Blue)
PetFusion Premium Pet Blanket, Multiple Sizes for Dogs & Cats. [Reversible Micro Plush]. 100% Soft Polyester, Gray, Medium (44 x 34) (PF-PB2A)
Dog Blanket for Large Dogs, Washable Dog Blanket, Pet Throw Blanket for Dog
PetAmi Waterproof
PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket for Couch, Sofa | Grey Waterproof Sherpa Pet Blanket for Large Dogs, Puppies | Super Soft Washable Microfiber Fleece | Reversible Design | 50 x 40 (Charcoal)
Extra Fluffy
Extra Softness and Fluffy Lightweight Micro Plush Fleece Pet Blanket for Small Dogs, Puppies, Cats and Kittens, Vivid Color, 32 x 24 Inches
Extra Large
Ameritex Waterproof Dog Blanket for Bed Couch Sofa (82x82 Inches, Green+Navy Blue)
Basic but Good
Dog Blanket for Large Dogs, Washable Dog Blanket, Pet Throw Blanket for Dog

However, if you are specifically looking for extra-large blankets, then you can check out the list below.

Best Extra-Large Dog Blankets

PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket 

PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket for Couch, Sofa | Grey Waterproof Sherpa Pet Blanket for Large Dogs, Puppies | Super Soft Washable Microfiber Fleece | Reversible Design | 50 x 40 (Charcoal)
  • 100% WATERPROOF & LEAKPROOF- Perfect for your pet to lounge and nap on your sofa. Thick warm sherpa and fleece makes this waterproof pet blanket suitable for indoor and outdoor use. We have reinforced our blanket so any liquids (water or urine) will not leak from one side of the blanket to the other side of the throw. Perfect for small, medium, and large dogs, as well as cats and kittens.
  • PROTECTS FURNITURE/PET BEDS - Protects your furniture from scratching, chewing, fur, and shedding while keeping your pet comfortable and furniture free of fur and urine. Also great as a pet car blanket and lining for dog crates, kennels, and pet mats.
  • WARM AND COMFORTABLE - Equipped with sherpa lining and microfiber fleece, this blanket is reversible. This pet throw blanket features soft, plush plaid design that will keep you warm and cozy while your pet sleeps comfortably on your sofa or bed.
  • VERSATILE - Protect your couch, bed, and home goods from chewing, scratching, and shedding while keeping your pet dry and comfortable. Also great to help keep unwanted pet hair and fur from sofas and couches.
  • HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE - Made with 460 GSM premium microfiber polyester, this blanket is soft, lightweight, yet durable. It is easy to care for and MACHINE WASHABLE, tumble dry low.

If you want a blanket that can be used both indoors and outdoors, then this is the one for you.

Made of thick Sherpa fleece, this blanket is so soft, it’ll be a struggle getting your pet away from it! It also has reversible microfiber that makes it comfortable on both sides.

The thick Sherpa fleece also protects your furniture from the tough love of your dog. You can now let your dog play on any couch, bed, or car without any worry.

Available in 4 sizes, it can be used as a cover for any surface your pet loves to nap on. The blanket is portable and light, so you can use it as a pet mat or car blanket.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof and leakproof
  • Machine-washable
  • Durable
  • 460 GSM microfiber polyester

Allisandro Extra Softness and Fluffy Lightweight Micro Plush Fleece Pet Blanket

If you are looking for the fluffiest gift to pamper your furry companion, look no further. This blanket is as soft and light as it looks. 

Extra Softness and Fluffy Lightweight Micro Plush Fleece Pet Blanket for Small Dogs, Puppies, Cats and Kittens, Vivid Color, 32 x 24 Inches
  • 100% polyester, vivid color, 32" x 24" (80 x 60 cm), luxurious 350 gsm microplush fleece throw blanket suitable for small pets like Puppies and Kittens etc.
  • The softest, snuggest, coziest paw and bone design pet blanket will keeps your pets warm and comfortable all season long.
  • The blanket is perfect for protecting furniture from scratching, clawing, and chewing.
  • The blanket can easily be folded. It’s ideal to bring it for camping, traveling, and other outdoor activities. It is also great for car seats. Keeping your pet warm and toasty outside has never been so easy!
  • Wash the blanket with like colors on gentle cycle and tumble dry low, it will keep its color and shape in years

Easily identifiable by their cute paw and bone design, these blankets can be used in the colder months as a throw blanketto keep your pets warm indoors as well as outdoors. 

You no longer have to worry about furniture either. This blanket may look delicate but it is made to take any rough handling and will protect surfaces from claws and scratches. 

You can also take it out for some outdoor fun, like camping!

Key Features:

  • 350 GSM micro plush
  • Durable 

Ameritex Waterproof Dog Blanket 

Moisture is a big concern for some dog owners and can prevent them from letting their dog move around freely. With the Ameritex blanket, this is no longer an issue. 

Ameritex Waterproof Dog Blanket for Bed Couch Sofa (82x82 Inches, Green+Navy Blue)
  • WATERPROOF - Guaranteed!This premium protector prevents almost all types of moisture and liquids from leaking through. Perfect for those with dogs and cats!
  • APPLICATION -Suitable for all types of furnitures,especially for sofa and bed.The super soft and luxurious blanket can surely make you share happy time with your pet
  • TWO LOOKS IN ONE - Ameritex waterproof furniture cover is reversible and provide two colors to match your furniture
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - Easy to clean. Machine wash cold and tumble dry low
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - Our products are ensured with a 100% money-back guarantee,and please contact us if you experience any issues!Your satisfaction is our FIRST priority!

The blanket acts as a reversible waterproof cover to protect your furniture and car seats from all kinds of liquids that your dog may bring in. If you are worried that all this will wear out the blanket, fear not! Made of machine-washable fabric, any dirt or grime can be easily cleaned and your blanket is ready to use, good as new.

Key Features:

  • Machine-washable 
  • Waterproof
  • Reversible 

PetFusion Premium Pet Blanket

If you think you need to buy a different blanket for every season, then a reversible micro plush is the solution for you.

PetFusion Premium Pet Blanket, Multiple Sizes for Dogs & Cats. [Reversible Micro Plush]. 100% Soft Polyester, Gray, Medium (44 x 34) (PF-PB2A)
  • ULTRA SOFT & COZY: (I) Sized for medium to large dogs. (II) 100% polyester micro plush, suited for all 4 seasons. (III) Give your pet a greater sense of security.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS & CONSTRUCTION: (I) Shed (pill) resistant. (II) Dense fibers. (III) Stylish in-seam.
  • DOUBLE LAYER REVERSIBLE: (I) Dark or light tone, you choose. (II) 200 GSM. (III) 44 x 31 inches
  • PROTECTS FURNITURE/PETBEDS: (I) Protects from scratching, clawing, & unwanted pet hair. (II) Great dog blanket for crate, car, couch, bed, and floor.
  • EASY CARE: (I) Machine washable. (II) 12 month for any issue resulting from a manufacturer defect. (III) Passes strict International safety tests

Many apartment dogs occasionally suffer from anxiety due to the hectic city life. This is the perfect blanket for them. Its ultra-soft and cozy fabric makes your pet feel safe without it getting too warm. 

It is made from dense fibers and premium polyester that is shed-resistant, thus keeping your cleaning task to a minimum.

The blanket will also protect your surfaces from claw marks, scratching, and chewing.

Key Features:

  • 100% Soft Micro Plush Polyester
  • Machine washable
  • 200 GSM

ANWA Dog Blanket 

Is your dog not sleeping well? Do you also suffer from sleepless nights because your furry friend keeps waking you up? 

Dog Blanket for Large Dogs, Washable Dog Blanket, Pet Throw Blanket for Dog
  • BETTER MATERIAL BETTER SLEEP: A dog blanket is a must-have pet supplies for your furry friend, Just like blankets for people offer warmth and comfort, blankets for dogs provide our four-legged best friends with the warmth and comfort that they need. ANWA dog blanket is made of polyester, the perfect material to keep your pet warm and cozy on chilly days and to make him feel secure and protected while he's sleeping
  • 5 SIZE AVAILABLE FROM SMALL TO EXTRA LARGE: Depending on the size of your dog, you'll need a different size of blanket. If the blanket is too small, your dog will not be able to get much cover from it. Yet, small dogs may still enjoy a larger blanket that they can dig under and fluff up. Large breeds, such as mastiffs and great danes, would require a much bigger blanket to cover them
  • SUPER EASY TO MAINTENANCE: Your dog blanket will probably get messy with continued use by your dog. It's important that you'll be able to wash the dog blanket as needed. The best dog blankets are machine washable for easy care, toss it in the washing machine and tumble dry on low
  • MULTI WAYS TO USE: The dog blanket makes pets' sleeping bedding much cozier, By using a dog blanket, you can add some warmth to a dog crate, an outdoor dog kennel, or just as furniture protector. You can also take it along while traveling, hiking or camping
  • 7-24 ONLINE SERVICE: This blanket for dogs is well constructed, thick and fluffy – ideal for keeping pets warm and comfortable. Bare floors can be too harsh during cold weather, and this blanket will make a soft mat for pets. Any question or suggestion, we are at your service!

The ANWA dog blanket is intended for those looking to help their dogs sleep better. It keeps your dog warm and cozy, helping them sleep better. The blanket will also protect your furniture when your dog gets restless and moves around the house too much. 

Not only that, but the blanket will also allow you to bring your dog along on any trips outside. Take the ANWA blanketalong with you for a car ride, a camping trip, or hike. It can take all the strain of the trip and still be easily cleaned.

Key Features:

  • Machine washable
  • Durable

Fuguitex Waterproof Dog Blanket

For pets that love to stay indoors with their human companions, the Fuguitex offers just the right snuggling corner. 

fuguitex Waterproof Dog Blanket Bed Cover Dog Crystal Velvet Fuzzy Cozy Plush Pet Blanket Throw Blanket for Couch Sofa(40" 60",Cream+Beige)
  • OPTIONAL SIZES: In order to fit everyone’s needs, we offer various dimensions of fuguitex dog blanket to choose. (40”*60”,52”*80”, 68”*80”,80”*82”, 80”*102”)
  • WATERPROOF: Compare to the dog blankets on the market, our innovated dog blanket highlights 100% waterproof. This innovated dog blanket with two waterproof coating on both side and an internal waterproof membrane prevents almost all types of moisture and liquids from leaking through. Free from your baby or your pets wetting the bed, sofa or couch.
  • REVERSIBLE: With soft plush on one side and fuzzy velvet on the other, your dogs, cats, or other pets would love to snuggle up on this warm and cozy blanket.
  • FURNITURE PROTECT: Protect your furniture, beds, sofa, couch and cars from the ravages of pets, children and incontinent adults, the dog blanket will pay for themselves off over time.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN: fuguitex dog blankets are made to last. Machine washable in cold water, tumble dry. Quick ironing or steam clean when needed. If you have any problem please context us, we will help you out within 24 hours. We also welcome any comments and Suggestions, so we can always be bettering this product.

No matter how durable your upholstery is, your pet can wreak havoc upon it within minutes.

Since there’s no going back in time to prevent any damage, better to think ahead and use the Fuguitex. It is covered with soft plush and fuzzy velvet that will tempt your dog to curl up on it more often than anything else.

And don’t worry about any liquid mess either. The blanket is waterproof on both sides, so there are no leakages and no damages to your sofa.

You can rest easy while your pet lounges as the Fuguitex is made to last a long time. It can also be ironed or steam-cleaned when needed.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Reversible
  • Machine-washable

PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket 

Bring in this extra-large road blanket on any journey. You can take your pet along in your car, to your friends’ place, or on a road trip, you’ve been planning.

PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket Fleece Fabric Soft and Cute Grey L
  • Dimension:Lenth*Width:140*100cm/55.1x39.4";Suitable for cats and medium and large dogs (Samoyed Dachshund Rottweiler Golden Retriever Alaskan Malamute Bulldog Persian cat Maine Coon And So On).Please check the size before you purchase
  • Material:100% Double-Sided Velvet Fabrics.Be well made of by ultra-soft plush material with exquisite workmanship.which is why our soft, yet durable blankets .This is high quality blanket
  • Practical:Not easy pilling not easy to drop hair close skin perfect for the couch or inside pet carrier or your car & RV
  • Washable:Not very thick but fluffy,soft and warm keep pet hair off furniture beds and upholstery and it's machine washable.these pet blankets offer warm, comfortable, relaxing support.
  • Widely-Use:All-Weather Blanket-Use a blanket in their crate, on a dog bed, or while boarding; they're breathable, lightweight and help build confidence.

It can withstand any form of attack from your loving pet, be it the hair, claws, teeth, or just sleepy snuggles!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use the blanket at home. The double-sided velvet is soft enough that your pet will nap on it anywhere, anytime. 

Key Features:

  • Ultra-soft
  • Machine-washable
  • Durable

Alfa Blanket 

Just like its name, this blanket is 3 layers of love for your furry companion.

Alpha Paw Cozy Calming Blanket with Premium Quality Polyester Fluffy Sherpa Fabric to Help with Anxiety and Stress Relief, for Cats and Dogs (White, Medium (32"x40"))
  • EFFORTLESS COMFORT: Every pet deserves a comfortable place to rest, which is exactly what we aim to achieve with our plush calming blankets. A smooth, downy feel will relieve even the most anxious pet as they sprawl out and relax on such a welcoming covering.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: Each Cozy Calming Blanket is crafted with premium quality polyester sherpa fabric to ensure the warmest, most snug experience for your fur baby. Whether it be on the couch or at the foot of your bed, this furry blanket will put your pet at ease and allow them to fully enjoy your company.
  • HELPS WITH ANXIETY RELIEF: This anti-anxiety blanket for dogs is soft, cozy, and designed to mimic the comfort of their mother's fur. The nostalgic feeling of warmth and security will keep your dog feeling calm, peaceful, and secure.
  • SUITABLE FOR CATS AND DOGS: Pamper your fur baby, whether it's a cat or a dog! Kitties will also reap the same benefits as dogs, and also deserve the same pampering. Spoil your extended four-legged family with an Alpha Paw Cozy Calming Blanket! Did we mention it blends seamlessly into home decor?
  • AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE SIZES AND COLORS: These blankets are now available in three great colors: Blue, white, and beige, which can all look PAWfect in any home! The soft sherpa material can also act as a fur protectant for your furniture, car seat, or travel bag. For your convenience, it is also machine washable! Bring home this essential pet accessory today.

Now you don’t have to leave your dog behind on those lazy summer picnics or trips to the beach! Take them along for any trip or just a drive with this Loving Blanket. Its microfleece is breathable, leakproof, waterproof, and reversible! 

Key Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Triple-layer microfleece
  • Leakproof
  • Machine-washable

Why Buy a Dog Blanket for Your Dog?

You may wonder whether you need a dog blanket. If you think your old blanket may work just fine, we have news for you. Your old blankets have worn out and are no longer of any use to your dog. A cozy and comfortable blanket is not something to scrimp on if you want to keep your pet snuggly and warm. 

Here are a few reasons why your dog may need its temperature drop blanket:

Shorter or Thinner Coat

If your dog has a thin or short coat, it may catch a cold far more easily. Having a blanket will give them the warm benefit of a thick coat.

Designer Dogs

If you have a small pup that you need to carry around with you, or a designer dog that accompanies you everywhere, you can benefit from having a blanket with you to make sure your dog is safe and less prone to accidents.

Health and Age

Dogs, when young, are usually healthy and happy. But as they age, they are much like humans. Their immunity becomes weaker and the smallest temperature changes affect them more. Look for signs of shivering and lazy behavior to know whether your dog may be experiencing cold. Arthritic dogs, in particular, need to be protected from colder climates at all costs.  

Types of Flooring

The temperature of floors can change drastically in certain seasons. Dogs can find it difficult to adjust in certain homes if the floors are too hot or too cold as their paws touch the floor directly. Bringing in a blanket will not only make your dogfeel more comfortable but also tell you a lot about the temperature of the floor by looking at what the dog prefers more, the floor or the bed.


At times when your dog is stressed or anxious for some reason, a blanket can help soothe them. The warmth and coziness of a blanket can help ease their anxiety and make them feel more comfortable.


Skinny or smaller dogs can catch a cold very easily. If they struggle to adapt to colder temperatures, then you may need blankets to keep them warm. However, this doesn’t mean large dogs do not feel cold – they are simply better equipped to handle temperature drops.

Training Days

If your dog is undergoing training, it may be urinating on and clawing at the furniture. Such activities will occur less if they have a blanket around them. A blanket not only protects your upholstery but also becomes a toy for your dog to play with, making them less likely to play with the furniture.

Car Damage

Dogs can do serious damage to your car if not properly trained. While we can’t train your dog for you, we can suggest blankets that can protect the interior of your car.

Better Sleep

If you live in a place that gets colder at night, then it may disrupt your dog’s sleep. Having a blanket gives them the option to snuggle into it when needed. 

Factors to Consider When Buying an Extra-Large Dog Blanket

But before you rush to buy a plushy, snuggly blanket for your dog, here are a few things you should take into account.

a lab sleeping in the forest
A Lab will take a snooze anywhere!


What purpose does the blanket serve? Is it for the protection of the dog or to protect other things from your dog? 

A blanket needs to be soft and comfortable if it has to protect the dog. But if the blanket is to protect your furniture or your car, it will have to be more durable and larger.


We all know our dogs have a lot of tricks up their sleeves. They can turn anything into a plaything. Always be prepared for a surprise and make sure you check the blanket for its chew resistance.

See more dog videos on our Oodle Life video.


Coral fleece, microfiber, or cotton fabrics are commonly used to make dog blankets. All of them serve different purposes. They could be breathable, durable, or water-resistant. Prioritize your dog’s needs before you choose a material. 

Dog owners often compromise on this aspect and wonder why their pet doesn’t like its blanket. If you want your dog to be truly comfortable, then make sure you buy the softest blanket. 

However, blankets built for resistance will also have to be sturdy, otherwise, the dog will easily rip it.


A thin blanket is no good for a dog during winter. No matter the thickness of its coat, you should always have a thick blanket around. Thick blankets are also better for a dog’s sleep.


A dog blanket will collect all kinds of dirt the dog brings. Hair, drool, and mud is but not easy to clean. You do not want your blanket to get worn out after a single wash. Make sure you do your research and look for the blanket’s machine-wash features.


The size of the dog is an easy indicator of the size of blanket you should buy. Blankets that are used at home can be larger than your dog, if you’re using the blanket outside, they should be the proper size. 


The type of dog will decide the type of blanket you need to buy. A large dog may look tough, but they also feel cold. Similarly, drops in temperatures can also affect dogs with thick coats that are used in colder climates. A blanket will save you and your dog from such unexpected changes in the weather.

When choosing a dog blanket, remember that it is not the same as buying one for yourself. If your dog has certain special needs, make sure you talk to your veterinarian. And if you’re a new dog parent, look into bedding and additional requirements when you bring your fur-baby home. It will help you prepare your house to welcome a furry companion!