Best Labradoodle Haircuts (2024 Photos)

Labradoodles, with their adorable physical appearance and winning personalities, are one of the most popular crossbreeds. A mix of the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle, the genes of both parent dogs have created this excellent family pet and loyal companion.

This sociable and intelligent breed is also adored for its beautiful coat. Labradoodles are hypoallergenic and don’t shed — huge pluses for families sensitive to animal hair. But at the same time, they also need regular grooming and, once in a while, a visit to a professional groomer to have their coats trimmed and styled.

best Labradoodle haircuts
Best Labradoodle Haircuts

The good news is that one of the joys of owning a Labradoodle is being able to try out different haircuts on your pet. There are diverse haircuts you can explore to showcase your pet’s personality. Keep reading to learn more! 

Understanding Your Labradoodle’s Coat

Given that Labradoodles are crossbreeds, their physical attributes, including their coloring and coats, differ from those of other breeds. You should know that, with a Labradoodle, you get two distinct characteristics and genetic histories from two different parent dog breeds.

Labradoodles at the park
Two Labradoodles are at the park.

One parent dog may have had more dominant traits than the other, and you’ll know that through your dog. Labradoodles are considered a winning breed because the Poodle and Labrador are such a great combination. However, you still need to understand the coat of your pet so you can decide the best Labradoodle haircut for it.

Wool Coat

If your Labradoodle has a wooly coat, it’s probably from the dog’s Poodle ancestry. The Labradoodle will thus have a Poodle’s coat characteristics. This means your dog will have wiry and short hair that grows relatively close to its body and forms tight little curls.

Labradoodles with a wool coat will require significantly more grooming and a weekly management routine to keep the curls free of dirt and dust. You will also need to brush and groom him at least twice a week to prevent tangles and matting. Short Labradoodle hairstyles work best for this type of coat.

Fleece Coat

The fleece coat is easily recognized by straight or wavy soft hair. This coat is soft to the touch and, when groomed, can become very fluffy.

Surprisingly, the fleece coat is one of the more effortless coats to maintain. While you will still have to maintain a regular grooming routine for your Labradoodle, being able to cuddle up with a soft and cuddly coat is a good compromise for the maintenance involved.

Hairy Coat

A Labradoodle with a hairy coat takes after its Labrador parent. The length of your pet’s coat will vary and can either be straight or wavy. This coat also gives off that shaggy look that Labradoodles are known for.

However, one of the major disadvantages of this coat is that your Labradoodle will need regular grooming because this coat is highly prone to tangles and mats.

Different Labradoodle Haircuts

1. The Puppy Cut

Ironically enough, this is arguably one of the most popular Labradoodle hairstyles for an adult Labradoodle. Although the puppy cut would have slight variations based on the groomer, the result is very similar. 

Australian Labradoodle sits with a ball
An Australian Labradoodle sits with a ball at the beach.

The puppy cut is a short overall body cut in which the coat is kept at a length of half an inch to three-fourth inches. It is paired with a round trim around your dog’s face, feet, and ears as well as a neat feathered tail cut.

The length of the puppy cut is a throwback to the style your Labradoodle would have naturally had when it was still a pup, thus the name of the cut. This is one of the most sought-after styles because it makes your Labradoodle cute and puppy-like despite its size.

Apart from contributing to the adorable features of your dog, this haircut is also more popular as it is more practical and functional. It’s a short haircut so your dog can go for weeks without developing any tangle or matting. It will also make grooming at home relatively more manageable and more convenient.

2. The Teddy Bear Cut

A highly sought-after haircut, the teddy bear cut is second only to the puppy cut when it comes to Labradoodles.

mini f1b labradoodle
A mini F1B Labradoodle wearing a bow tie

Although this haircut is basic and quite similar to the puppy cut, it does entail more maintenance as the coat is longer. With a teddy bear cut, the hair around your Labradoodle’s face and legs are clipped longer, following a rounded shape, while keeping the same half and three-fouth inches of the puppy cut for the overall coat. Around the tail, your Labradoodle will have a clipped and non-feathered cut with the feet and ear trims following a rounder shape.

As the name suggests, the goal of this hairstyle is for your Labradoodle to look like a cute teddy bear. Most pet parents opt for this cut as it makes their dog less daunting to younger children and much more approachable and friendly.

This haircut is ideal if your Labradoodle enjoys swimming and exploring the outdoors. It will also make it much easier for you to groom our pup at home as it will significantly reduce the grooming time. This cut is an excellent choice to prevent matting and the accumulation of loose undercoats. 

3. The Lamb Cut

Another popular choice among Labradoodle owners is the lamb cut. This haircut strikes the perfect balance between having some length and still having the coat short enough that it is manageable for dog owners to groom at home.

labradoodle grooming
A rich Apricot coat Labradoodle at the groomer.

Compared to the puppy and teddy bear haircuts, with this lamb cut, your Labradoodle’s coat on the body and head is cut longer. The hair on your dog’s ears and legs is also trimmed to be longer and fluffier to achieve that puffy lamb-like look. This style works best if your Labradoodle’s coat falls under the curly kind.

Although there is still a possibility for your Labradoodle’s coat to get tangled or matted, especially on the legs, this haircut will help reduce this problem, especially if you ensure regular brushing and grooming.

4. The Kennel Cut

You can’t go wrong with this simple and basic Labradoodle hairstyle. The kennel cut is more of a shave than a trim. Yes, it will involve getting rid of almost all that luxurious coat of your Labradoodle, leaving your dog with only half an inch, maybe even less, hair all around its body, including its head, ears, and legs.

shaved labradoodle looks like
This is what a shaved Labradoodle looks like (named Max) immediately after a fast DIY groom.

Not all dog Labradoodle owners are open to the idea of this haircut because it is rather extreme and a sight to behold. But, it is ideal for hot weather and your dog will have the whole summer to grow back its hair. The kennel cut is an effective way to keep your dog cool during the summer and cut down bathing and grooming time by almost 90%!

This Labradoodle haircut is still stylish and is a recommended solution for Labradoodles who have severe tangles and mats. With this hairstyle, you won’t need to worry about dirt, mud, and dust accumulating on your dog’s coat and can let your pet enjoy exploring the outdoors.

Besides, when you get your Labradoodle this haircut at the beginning of summer, it will still grow enough in time to keep your dog warm during the autumn and winter months. 

5. The Lion Cut

If you want to add a touch of feline to your canine, then the lion cut is something you can consider. One of the trendiest Labradoodle hairstyles, the lion cut will transform your dog into a mini version of a lion thanks. 

red apricot Labradoodle
A recently shaven Labradoodle rests on the floor in a holiday home.

The haircut involves a shaved body and legs and a complete growth of hair on your dog’s head, feet, chest, and tail.

This is a haircut that’s sure to attract plenty of attraction and questions, especially if your professional groomer can nail that “mane” around your dog’s neck.

6. The Short Clip Labradoodle Cut

Both parents of the Labradoodle are known to be active and energetic dogs who are fond of the outdoors. Labradoodles have inherited these traits and can spend hours swimming, hiking, and getting dirty. The solution?

Labradoodle with curly coat
Labradoodle with curly coat sitting on the grass.

The short clip Labradoodle cut. 

This is another practical haircut that will benefit both you and your dog. This haircut entails leaving an inch of hair all over your Labradoodle’s body including its head, ears, feet, and tail.

The short clip Labradoodble cut is a highly suggested hairstyle for summers to help prevent your dog from overheating. It is also a convenient cut if your dog is prone to tangles and matting.

One of the best things about this haircut is it is a haircut you can learn and do yourself. It will save you plenty of time and money because you can give your dog this haircut at home with some help from other family members or friends.

7. The Long Clip Labradoodle Cut

This is a hairstyle suggested for Labradoodles who live a sedentary and indoor lifestyle as it allows your Labradoodle to keep its long and natural hair.

when do Labradoodles stop growing
When do Labradoodles stop growing? [What age?]

The long clip Labradoodle cut is the short clip’s opposite. With this haircut, the fur is given an overall trim but it will be kept about two inches in length all over the body. The result is a shaggy look that maintains the natural curls and waves of the breed.

The long clip cut is a good hairstyle if you want to keep most of your Labradoodle’s coat and are ready to invest time, effort, and money in regular grooming at home or make frequent visits to a professional groomer.

8. The Mohawk

A stylish and unconventional haircut, the mohawk looks good on a Labradoodle. The Mohawk haircut will clip your dog’s overall coat to just an inch of fur all over the body. The hair on top of its head, however, is only trimmed

8 weeks for labradoodle hair regrowth
Labradoodle hair regrows fairly quickly, give it 8 weeks and you will be back to fluffy.

Your Labradoodle is essentially left with about three to four inches of hair. Some owners also love playing around with this Mohawk haircut by tying the hair together using colorful bands while others will just let it stand or fall.

If you want to take this hairstyle a notch higher, you can dye your dog’s little Mohawk with pet-friendly hair pigments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Tell The Groomers I Want A Specific Haircut For My Labradoodle?

When you go to the salon or a barber to get a particular cut for yourself, you explain in detail the look you want to achieve. You may even take a picture of the hairstyle you want so your stylist knows what you are looking for.

clipping Labradoodle face
A Labradoodle being groomed to get the “teddy bear” face cut

It’s the same with your Labradoodle. Your dog’s groomer will appreciate seeing a picture of the hairstyle you want for your dog rather than guessing what style you’re going for.

You can also inform the groomer of the length you want to retain on your Labradoodle. It is easier to trim again until the desired length is achieved. And while you may have the approximate coat length in mind, be open to suggestions from your dog’s groomer.

How Often Should I Bring My Labradoodle For A Haircut?

For one, a Labradoodle’s coat grows extremely fast because it doesn’t shed. So, it’s recommended that you get them a haircut after 8-12 weeks. Between this period, you should still brush your Labradoodle’s coat regularly at home as mats can develop as early as six weeks after a haircut.

grooming tools for dogs
It is cost-effective to groom your dogs at home with your own grooming tools.

Should I Have My Dog Completely Shaved To Resolve Extreme Mats And Tangles?

Shaving is an effective solution if you want to get rid of matting and ensure that the new coat is healthier. But it is not the only option as you have haircuts like the short clip and kennel cut that can also help with mats and tangles.

shaved Labradoodle sulking
A shaved Labradoodle (named Max) having a minor sulk after a grooming session. With treats, he promptly recovered his enthusiasm.

Professional groomers understand that most owners are reluctant and even afraid to have their Labradoodles completely shaved. So, most groomers will provide you with other solutions to reduce and prevent severe matting.


With their fun personality and excellent temperament, there is never a dull moment when you have a Labradoodle at home. And with a coat as luxurious as the ones Labradoodles have, you have endless opportunities to have fun with different haircuts to match your dog’s personality. But, regardless of the haircut, make sure your Labradoodle is regularly brushed and groomed to maintain his coat and keep him healthy.