53 Best Three Legged Dog Names (Actually Good)

Have you recently taken the plunge in adopting a furry companion with three legs? Has it been difficult finding a name that matches their unique spirit? 

What makes the best three legged dog names?

best three legged dog names
Choosing the best dog names for 3 legged dogs

We all know how much a furry companion can change a person’s life for the better. Even more so when your new buddy needs extra help getting around or has special needs that require accommodations. 

These types of furry friends seem to bring out a different side of us that tends to be more nurturing, attentive, and special. 

Here we understand that, so we have formulated a comprehensive list of heart-warming and cheeky dog names for furry companions that might not have all four limbs! 

More specifically, we have divided it up into some fun categories to keep it light-hearted, and enjoyable to read. 

Including fictional characters, sports references, and names with more of a symbolic/spiritual meaning. As well as some fun ones at the end. 

Now you can match your dog’s warrior spirit with a fun and unique name so that every time you play fetch, the name feels just right! 

Best Three Legged Dog Names From Famous Characters

  1. Captain or Hook (Peter Pan) – Most of us have heard of the notorious Captain Hook. Although Hook is the villain of the movie, the name would be very cute for a three-legged dog especially on Halloween! 
  2. Lieutenant Dan (Forrest Gump) – Most people in North America have watched Forrest Gump a few hundred times. Get a good laugh out of people when they hear you named your dog after the heart-string tugging brute Lieutenant Dan!
  3. Kanta (roots) – Roots: The Saga of an American Family by American author Alex Haley has perhaps one of the most persevering characters also known as Kanta,  as the protagonist of his book. Kanta survives some pretty gruesome events throughout the book but always comes out stronger and wiser. 
  4. Mad-Eye (Harry Potter) – if you are a Harry Potter fan, you can’t resist this one! Mad-Eye is known for possessing quite a bit of paranoia when it comes to wand safety (we can attribute this to his missing leg). That being said, he is efficient & intelligent which seems to come in handy at Hogwarts when we least expect it. 
  5. Tiny Tim (A Christmas Carol) – While Tiny Tim had all his limbs, he was a character with a disability in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. For those familiar, the character has a rare disorder that takes the character’s life (or so it appears). Nonetheless, after the death of the character, it seems to change the perception of the protagonist for the better. The symbolism behind this character is all about triggering a positive change in others. 
  6. Quasimodo (Hunchback of Notre dame) – ridiculed by the townspeople because of his disabilities, Quasimodo must remain in the shadows. That is until a beautiful woman by the name of Esmeralda comes to Quasimodo’s aid where she discovers his kind heart. In the process, she gains a new ally who is willing to protect her until the very end. Quasimodo embodies the quote “never judge a book by its cover”. 
  7. Raven (the 100) – Netflix’s show “the 100”, has recently become a dystopian sensation! One of the main characters, Raven, develops partial paralysis in her one leg after a life-saving surgery and must wear a mobility aid to walk again. She doesn’t let her disability stop her and if anything it seems to fuel her spirit even more. 
  8. FleaLick (Babe 2) – FleaLick! The feisty little dog with a disability from Babe 2. FleaLick is loyal as can be and has a keen sense of danger. His most notorious scene is depicted when animal control arrives to round up all the street dogs and they discard FleaLick because of his disability. That doesn’t stop him from growling and nipping at the officers to stop them from taking his friends! 

Sports Inspired 3 Leg Dog Names

a three legged dog named pi
A three legged dog name? Pi!
  1. Trick (Hat trick) – Most notably used in sports like soccer, hockey, and cricket, with the term referring to achievement of a generally positive feat 3 times in one game. This is the perfect way to combine your love of sports, with that of your pup.
  2. Hatty – An alternative slang term for the phrase “hat trick”. A more fun way to refer to a hat trick, and probably flows a little better as a name for your dog
  3. Three-Peat – The term refers to a sports team winning 3 consecutive championships, originally being coined by the 1988’ Los Angeles Lakers. A comedically confident way to have fun with your dog’s name. 
  4. TRI – [Triathlon] – The competitive endurance multisport event tests every aspect of an athlete, and requires tremendous discipline, focus, and character. Many of our 3-legged friends are also fighters and endure so much that tests their spirits. Making this another perfect name for your tough, furry companion.
  5. Cy (Tricycle) – The 3-wheeled design was built to help those just starting with stability, and comfortability. A fun-loving name, for a fun-loving pup. 
  6. Trey – Trey can be used in a variety of sports, whether you’re referring to a playing card in a competitive card game, or a three-pointer in basketball. Trey is perfect for any athlete, and specifically those hoop heads who want a name that replicates their game. 
  7. Sling – The most famous 3-wheeled car on the market is a Slingshot in 2021 these models stand out as one of the most unique, and stylish ways to drive. It’s a bold statement that has rapidly changed the landscape of auto-engineering, and if you just so happen to be a car lover in search of a bold name, then look no further! 

Symbolic 3 Legged Dog Names

three leg dog name irish
A three leg Clover brings good luck
  1. Irune – Generally thought of in reference to the Holy Trinity, Irune is of Basque origin, and is derived from hiru meaning 3.
  2. Tri – The Sanskrit word for 3, also commonly referred to as trayah. 
  3. Empress – The Empress is the 3rd trump or Major Arcana card in traditional Tarot decks. The card shows a beautiful, full-figured woman with blonde hair, with a peaceful aura surrounding her. She wears a crown on her head that features 12 stars, showing her connection to the spiritual realm, and the cycles of the natural world (12 months in a year/12 planets). If you are at all into spirituality, then this is the perfect name for your new pup!
  4. Tatu – Tatu is the number 3 in Swahili. 
  5. Saburō – A Japanese name meaning “3rd son”. This name carries tremendously historic roots and presents another perfect option for your furry friend’s new name. 
  6. Gemini – Gemini is the 3rd astrological sign in the zodiac, and under the tropical zodiac, the Sun transits this sign between May 21st and June 21st. Whether or not your pup’s date of birth falls between these dates, this is still the perfect name for any 3-legged companion. 
  7. March – March is the 3rd month of the year, and may or may not be the month you adopted your doggo! Even if it isn’t, it’s a fun and simple way to celebrate your dog’s disability.
  8. Drei – Drei is the German word for 3. 
  9. Clover – 3-leaf clovers are often thought of as exceptionally lucky, and so are 3-legged pups. “Charm” and “Lucky” also work with this one. 
  10. Neopolitan (Neo) – A popular ice-cream flavor that consists of 3 different flavors side by side by side. Calling all ice-cream lovers!

Pun or Amusing Three Leg Dog names

  1. Flip – (flip flops) Popular footwear that consists of 3 different straps to keep your feet in place. 
  2. Triangle – This one seems obvious…
  3. Trip (Tripod) – This portable 3-legged frame has become immensely popular for professional photographers, and videographers. And presents us with another creative way to have some fun with your pup’s name. 
  4. Ex (Intersection) – A situation where things intersect, generally leaving us with 3 different options… 
  5. Pi (3.14159) – For those who love math, and their pups.

These are just a few of the numerous options you have when it comes to naming your 3-legged friend. 

There are so many names to choose from that go beyond the spiritual, and sports analogies. The most important thing is that you pick a name that suits your dog’s zany (or lazy) personality. 

Get creative, and remember to have fun with it!