151+ Actually Good Star Wars Names For Dogs The Ultimate List (2024 Update)

There are few things we love as much as our dogs. For many, Star Wars actually comes close! Here is an actually good list of Star Wars names for dogs.

best star wars names for dogs
Finding the BEST Star Wars names for dogs

Why name your dog after a Star Wars character?

Star Wars is an all-time classic movie franchise. I have loved it since I was a kid. The rich and mind blowing world created by George Lucas completely captivated whole generations. The new trilogy of saga films and the insanely popular tv series Mandolorian have expanded the universe and introduced a bunch of new characters.

Author note: A few years ago I travelled to the Australian Star Wars Fan-club premiere of the Force Awakens. It is the oldest Star Wars fan club in the world! The passion and fun loving costume wearing mega fans blew me away. If you love Star Wars you are not definitely not alone!

Kids and adults love the highly rated animated series of the Clone Wars and Rebels. Even stand-alone films like Rogue One have smashed the box office. 

People just love Star Wars! For a Star Wars fan one of the few things they might care for more than the saga is… their dog.

So why not give your dog a cool Star Wars name! There are kickass and badass Star Wars names for dogs, or even cute names for your angel puppy. There are also subtle ways to give your dog a Star Wars name without having to explain it to everyone.

three dogs dressed as star wars characters on Endor
Three dogs dressed as Star Wars characters on a planet similar to Endor

I split the names into the following categories for ease of reading

  • Most Popular Star Wars Names for Dogs
  • The List of Actually Good Star Wars Names for Dogs
  • Subtle Star Wars Names for Dogs
  • Names for dogs that look like Ewoks
  • Female Star Wars Names
  • Punny Star Wars Names for Dogs
  • Names I would not call my dog from the Star Wars universe

The Most Popular Star Wars Names for Dogs

It is difficult to know exactly how popular dog names are, but pet insurers and Google Search Trends publish helpful data for us Star Wars loving dog owners. The SIX most popular Star Wars dog names are

  • Luke.
  • Leia.
  • Rei.
  • Han.
  • Chewie/Chewbacca.
  • Artoo (R2-D2).
evoke puppy costume
Boo Lefour the Ewok (well a pug in a Ewok costume).
Unmodified from Dapuglet CC-by-SA via Flickr.

Actually Good Star Wars Names for Dogs

I like some of the top Star Wars dog names by popularity. Some of them make my mega list of the best Star Wars dog names. I think that people need to find a name that suits their pet but is also appropriate.

If you are picking a Star Wars themed dog name for your pet, consider the following first. This is the framework by which I judged which Star Wars dog names are… actually good.

Our list is not just a churned list of every conceivable Star Wars character name – it is judged by the following criteria.

How the best Star Wars dog names were assessed

  • The name had to sound good (duh)
  • The name had to be easy to call out, and you had to be happy to call it out in public (I call this the Don’t want to yell “Good boy Darth Plagueis rule”)
  • A dog name should not sound too much like a command.
    • Verbal commands like Stay, Sit, Come, Down, Fetch, Drop.
    • You can choose to use other verbal cues but most people use these basic ones.
    • A name that sounds too familiar is not worth the hassle.
  • Names will be shortened, so long names need a good short version (Chewbacca will become Chewie, but what will you shorten Palpatine to?)
  • Although subjective, a one or two syllable name is easier for dog training
  • A name that ends in a vowel sound or a ‘y’ can be easier for the dog to differentiate (Leia). Makes less of  a difference with a single or short two syllable name (Luke)

I included the best Star Wars pun dog names at the end of the article – because even though they fail the rules, they sure are cute and funny!

Best Star Wars Dog Names

  • Yoda. One of the most powerful and wise characters ever to grace the Star Wars universe. He is pint-sized, but whacks an almighty double punch of Jedi skills and wisdom. This Star Wars dog name is a no-brainer. Yoda is small, cute and important. Just like your puppy! 
    • Perhaps best suited for smaller dogs, it is still appropriate for all sizes. Ending with a vowel and having only two syllables, this is a catchy and easy to shout name.
    • It does sound a little like the command NO. With that said, many training approaches don’t use that command as it occurs too frequently in normal conversation.
    • You won’t need to spell this one for people either, as Yoda has almost universal name recognition.
  • Lando. You might be surprised to see Lando Calrissian’s name so high on the list. Despite betraying Han and the Rebels, Lando has always been popular. Not to mention, he comes good and is forgiven in the long run. Noone is perfect, and no dog is perfect either!
    • As a memorable name, Lando is terrific. It is two syllable and finishes with a vowel
    • Only real Star Wars heads really understand that Lando is a bit dodgy and did some regrettable actions. He is in the new films, and is a fan favourite
    • Lando is a great dog name, and one of my favourite characters
    • It is fairly easy to picture yourself calling the name Lando out in puinlic without any hassles
  • Boba. Boba Fett wears a rare and unique set of Mandalorian armour, kicks butt and takes names. This bounty hunter is a fan favourite and has a short memorable name.
    • As a dog’s name Boba ticks all the boxes. Short, memorable, easy to spell.
    • You can go with the formal long name of Boba Fett, and it is always fun to yell out “Boba FETCH!”
  • R2 (Artoo). My favorite character in Star Wars doesn’t speak a word in any film. He beeps and boops a lot though! Of all the droids, R2 is the most famous. Besides BB-8 he is the only droid with a dog appropriate name.
    • Writing R2 phonetically (Artoo) is a popular and great dog name
    • It ticks all the boxes as a dog appropriate name.
  • Leia. Another no-brainer inclusion on the best Star Wars dog name list. Our princess needs no introduction.
    • Princess Leia Organa, The Princess of Alderaan and leader of the Resistance.
    • It meets our criteria for a good dog name. You may need to spell if for people sometimes.
    • In the subtle Star Wars names for dogs list later in this article I listed some ways you can pay tribute to this character or Carrie Fisher without being obvious. Think Carrie, Fish, Al or Aldo, and Princess.
  • Princess. Speaking of princess, this name makes both lists. People really like to call their dogs Princess. It remains one of the most popular dog names in the world. You can use it and also pay tribute to Leia.
    • This name suits a certain type of dog. Remember that puppies do grow up and become older dogs.
    • If you pick a name to match a puppy, be mindful it might not suit them when they are older.
  • Jango. The second bounty hunter on this list, and a prequel character too! Not enough love for Jango Fett, the single-parent of Boba Fett.
    • Jango was a clone first appearing in Episode II – Attack of the Clones.
    • This name is cool enough to stand on its own two feet (with or without a jet booster pack)
    • It meets the dog name criteria and is fun to shout.
  • Obi. Obi Wan Kenobi is a major player in the saga films. A powerful Jedi who is getting his own standalone feature film!
    • Obi or Obie (inspired but spelt differently) are popular dog names. They are rare enough to be unique, and subtle enough not to have to explain it constantly.
  • Poe. Poe Dameron made a buzz (and got zapped) in the Force Awakens, and became one of the main heroes of the recent trilogy.
    • With roguish good looks and a heroic personality – this name can suit many dogs!
    • Adventurous, buy loyal (to a fault) – Poe is a decent dog name to consider. Single syllable and easy to say. Would it suit your dog’s personality though?
Darth pug Star Wars dog
Darth Pug!
Photo via Petful on Flickr CC-by-SA no modifications
  • Wicket. The first Ewok name on the list. These Endor natives are soft, cuddly, but also clever fighters. Wicket is a scout and a warrior, and a real cutie.
    • This name can be perfect for your puppy or dog.
    • Some shaggy dogs will even look like a Ewok! Miniature Labradoodles can have a real Ewok (or Chewbacca) appearance
  • Wedge. Wedge Antilles is a renowned starfighter from Corellia and good friend of Luke Skywalker.
    • A true hero, with a short sharp name. Dog suitable and easy to spell.
    • This is a suitable name for a brave, loyal best friend (your dog?)
  • Annie. Anakin Skywalker took a turn over the course of his story. His influence on Star Wars was profound and impacted pretty much every story ever told in the universe.
    • Anakin is a three syllable name, perhaps too long for a dog
    • If you go with Anakin, expect it to be shorted
    • You can sublty use this for a female dog – no one will jump to the Star Wars name tribute!
  • Finn. Finn (aka FN-2187) is a character from the new trilogy. You might be hesitant to name your dog after a stormtrooper, but the heroics of Finn as he joins the Resistance make it a top dog name choice.
    • Single syllable and to the point. A great name for a dog!
    • A caring and sensitive but also brave dog with a zest for life would suit this name.
    • Watch your puppy develop its personality and character over time, just like Finn in the saga!
  • Kylo. The son of Princess Leia and Han Solo, Kylo is a force to be reckoned with. Does your dog have the personality to match?
    • As a dog name Kylo meets all the requirements
    • Hopefully your Kylo puppy is less prone to destroying things
  • Mace. Mace Windu is an original Jedi knight and held in high esteem. With a purple lightsaber colour too!
    • Mace is a simple and easy name to remember
    • It is also the name of a chemical spray used to subdue attackers so take tha into consideration
  • Maz. Super smart and widely respected, Maz Kanata is a force-sensitive character who is centuries old. She travelled the galaxy for centuries collecting artifacts and oddities.
    • A short and memorable Star Wars name, suitable for a dog. Does your dog wear glasses?
  • Rey. With no last name, force power that is unmatched and a win over adversity attitude. Who wouldn’t want to name their dog after Rey!
    • If you have a male dog you can call it Rey (of course it doesn’t really matter) or switch it out for Ray.
  • Phasma. Enter with a bang, exit with a bang. If your dog packs attitude and grit, why not name it after this badass?
    • Suitable for any dog, but a giant breed like a Bernedoodle or Saint Bernard would suit this name to a tee.
  • BB. BB-8! Everyone’s favourite sphere robot. He rolls, he beeps, he helps, he attacks. There is a reason why this cahracter sold the most toys of any of the new characters introduced in the final three saga films.
    • You could spell it ‘Bee-Bee’ or short it to ‘Bee’
  • Endor. This is the first non-character entry in the actually good Star Wars names for dogs list.
    • Endor is the small-forested moon first appearing in Return of the Jedi. based on the giant redwood forests of Northern California, it is a truly beautiful place. 
    • Inhabited by Ewoks! If you like Ewoks but want a name that is less cutesy, Endor might work for you.
Munchkin the Teddy Bear Ewok on YouTube.
Check out our OodleLife channel for dog videos.
  • Mando. The Mandalorian in the Disney+ TV series is affectionately, and sometimes reveringly referred to as Mando
    • A perfect two syllable name for a dog!
    • Any brave adventurous puppy or dog can suit this name
    • It’s only a new character, but the Mandalorian lore has been around for decades (in our world) – remember Jango Fett, and Boba Fett too.
  • Chewie. (Chewbacca, Chewbarker) the original giant walking carpet. An obvious and delightful Star Wars name with high name recognition.
    • Some dogs are the spitting image of Chewbacca
    • He is loyal and a best friend to Han – the perfect dog name for our best friend
  • Babu. Babu sounds like an exotic and fancy name. Does it mean something in Indonesian? No actually it is named after the rascal Babu Frik.
    • The Anzellan male that played a really outsized role in the Rise of Skywalker
    • A little genius and crazy hacker!
    • Perfect name for a your (occasionally naughty) puppy
Star wars dog posing
A Star Wars dog posing – rebel fighter pilot? Y wing pilot?
  • Sky
    • Ideal for a dog with an adventurous spirit or blue eyes.
    • Easy to call out at the dog park.
    • Nod to Skywalker without being too obvious.
  • Walker
    • Great for a dog who loves long walks or has a majestic gait.
    • Memorable and easy to say.
    • Double meaning with Skywalker and walking!
  • Rebel
    • Perfect for a feisty, independent pup.
    • Simple and punchy.
    • Honors the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars.
  • Trooper
    • Fits well for a loyal and dependable dog.
    • Easy to remember and say.
    • Pays homage to the Stormtroopers or Clone Troopers.
  • Binks
    • Ideal for a quirky or goofy dog.
    • Short and fun to say.
    • Named after the infamous Jar Jar Binks.
  • Saber
    • Good for a dog with a keen, sharp personality.
    • Cool and straightforward.
    • Evokes images of lightsabers.
  • Falcon
    • Great for a swift and agile pup.
    • Easy to remember.
    • Honors the Millennium Falcon.


  • Ideal for a sleek or metallic-coated dog.
  • Unique, just like Captain Phasma.
  • Stands out in a crowd of dog names.


  • Suitable for a nurturing and caring pup.
  • Sweet and easy to say.
  • Pays tribute to Aunt Beru, Luke’s guardian.

Jyn Erso

  • Perfect for a rebellious and courageous dog.
  • A bit longer but unique.
  • Celebrates a strong female character in Star Wars.

Mon Mothma

  • Works well for a wise and peaceful dog.
  • Two words, so can be shortened to Mon or Mothma.
  • Honors the Rebel leader.


  • Good for a mysterious or exotic dog.
  • Short and easy to say.
  • Named after Aurra Sing, the bounty hunter.


  • Great for a colorful or artistic dog.
  • Classy yet unique.
  • A nod to Sabine Wren, a Mandalorian artist.


  • Ideal for a playful, energetic pup.
  • Fun to say.
  • Named after the dancer in Jabba’s palace.


  • Fits a strong and noble dog.
  • Short and impactful.
  • A twist on Coruscant, the galaxy’s capital.


  • Good for a complex and intriguing dog.
  • Unique spelling.
  • Named after Han Solo’s love interest.


  • Works for a rogue or daring dog.
  • Zippy and fun to say.
  • Named after Zorri Bliss, a spice runner.

Subtle Star Wars Names for Dogs

Dalmatian on the road
Dalmatian jumps on the road to catch falling leaves!

Star Wars themed names are a great way to show affection for the Star Wars triology while showing love for our pet. If you are worried that the obvious names will invite too many questions or signal a little too strongly your love for the franchise, consider a more sublte approach.

The following names are Star Wars inspired, but not automatically connected.

  • Jak. Jakoo was made famous in the Force Awakens, and you can pay homage to the desolate waste planet by naming your dog Jack.
    • Jak is easy to say, and you can throw a y on the end to make the easy to call Jacky!
  • Carrie. If you are a mega fan of the Alderaan princess but think that Leia is a bit much, consider showing affection for Carrie Fisher and use her name for your dog.
    • Two syllable, easy to remember
  • Princess. Princess makes multiple lists, because for the right dog – it is the perfect name. For most dogs though it will not suit.
  • Max. Honour the Max Rebo band!
    • Respect and love to our jazzy elephant overlord Max Rebo
    • The star attraction of Mos Eisley, pay respects to the Max Rebo band by using the name Max for your dog
    • If anyone pick this Star Wars reference, then they are a good egg
Ewok baby gif
  • Kit. Kit Fisto is a Jedi Knight during the final years of the Galactic Repbulic
    • Well respected but not especially well known
    • A battle expert that fought and died valiantly in order to protect the people and promote peace
    • Easy to say, easy to remember
    • It does sound like the command SIT, but the hard K should be different enough for your dog not to struggle.
  • Big. Name your dog after Biggs Darklighter! A famed star fighter and friend to Luke Skywalker.
    • Works perfectly for a very large dog, and ironically for a very small dog
    • Easy to remember, and you can go with the nickname Biggie too
    • Get double credit for your subtle Star Wars references and your respectful nod to Biggie Smalls
  • Rose. A lovely simple name first encountered in the Last Jedi. Her sisters are Paige and Tico for alternates.
    • Easy to remember
    • Easy to spell
    • People might think you are actually a Titanic superfan though
  • Count. If you are a Dooku head (they exist) then consider Count as a subtle Star Wars dog name.
  • Falcon. Pay homage to the ship that captured our hearts. The Millenium Falcon can give the short, snappy and impressive name Falcon
    • Between the bird of prey and the starship, this name has some serious cool attached to it
    • Perfect for an active dog of any breed or size
  • Saber. You can name your dog after the light sword, the lightsaber.
    • Dogs come in many colours, so do sabers.
    • A fairly aggressive sounding name, would suit a fast or strong dog.
    • I’m not certain a Pomeranian or Teacup Goldendoodle would be the perfect match for this name.
  • Star. An easy and upbeat name. Calling your dog Wars is probably not a good idea though.
  • Iggy (IG-88). I love this psychotic single-minded bounty hunter droid
    • By shortening it to Iggy you get a easy two syllable dog name
    • Ends in a vowel sound for easy training
    • Super cool points if anyone can link it to Star Wars, and is a cool name otherwise!
Star Wars pug lol
Star Wars pug! What name is appropriate. Obi? Darth? Kylo? Padme?


  • Great for a wise or old-soul dog.
  • Short and easy to remember.
  • Named after Maz Kanata, the wise tavern owner.


  • Perfect for a courageous and independent pup.
  • Simple and strong.
  • Honors Val from Solo: A Star Wars Story.


  • Ideal for a loyal and watchful dog.
  • Unique but easy to say.
  • Named after Padmé’s handmaiden.


  • Fits a mischievous or cunning dog.
  • Memorable, not easily confused.
  • Named after the bounty hunter Greedo.


  • Good for a dog with a keen sense for traps!
  • Two syllables, easy to call.
  • Named after Admiral Ackbar.


  • Ideal for an adventurous or daring pup.
  • Easy to say and remember.
  • Named after Poe Dameron, the ace pilot.


  • Works for a stern or commanding dog.
  • Distinct and memorable.
  • Named after Grand Moff Tarkin.


  • Good for a regal or sophisticated pup.
  • Unique and interesting.
  • Named after Count Dooku.


  • Perfect for a powerful, imposing dog.
  • Short and impactful.
  • Named after Darth Bane, Sith legend.


  • Great for a fierce or strong dog.
  • Easy to say and memorable.
  • Named after Darth Maul, Sith Lord.


  • Good for a dependable, loving dog.
  • Simple and classic.
  • Named after Owen Lars, Luke’s uncle.


  • Ideal for a cute, small pup.
  • Short and easy to say.
  • Named after the adorable creatures from Ahch-To.


  • Great for a feisty, energetic dog.
  • Easy to remember and fun to say.
  • Named after the droid in Star Wars Rebels.


  • Fits a brave, leader-like dog.
  • Short and strong.
  • Named after Captain Rex, a Clone Trooper.


  • Good for a small, curious pup.
  • Easy to say and remember.
  • Named after the desert scavengers.


  • Ideal for a bold or adventurous dog.
  • Strong and impactful.
  • Named after the Tusken Raiders.


  • Perfect for a wise but youthful dog.
  • Unique and adorable.
  • Named after the character also known as Baby Yoda.

Female Star Wars Dog Names

Lots of our favourite Star Wars names that made the list of the best names above are for female characters. Others are unisex and can be happily used for any dog.

The female Star Wars names to consider plus a bunch more are

  • Leia. The princess.
  • Rose. First appeared in Last Jedi.
  • Rey. The start of the final trilogy. Strong and inspirational, a great dog name too. Short and sweet!
  • BB. Droid names can be male or female easily. Cute!
  • Carrie. Shoutout to Carrie fisher for her portrayal of the Princess of Alderaan
  • Maz. Wise and glasses wearing, if you think your dog is a collector or brainiac, Maz is a great name.
  • R2. Droid names can be any gender. Think about spelling it Artoo!
  • Annie. (think short for Anakin)
  • Padme. If the prequels float your boat and you love the feeling of sand.
  • Jyn. Jyn Ersu is the protagonist from Rogue One. A conflicted hero who gives it her all. An awesome strong dog name.
  • Beru.  Let’s not forget about Aunt Beru who raised Luke Skywalker. She doesn’t get much screen time, but what she does is hot stuff.

Ewok Names for Dogs

Ewoks are the supercute (but still smart and badass) fighters who are native to Endor. We first encountered them in The Return of the Jedi, and tried to forget their appearance in the Star Wars Christmas special.

The most famous Ewok is Wicket, who remains one of the cutest and most popular Star Wars characters to grace any form of the universe. Ewoks can be shaggy and resemble a Labradoodle.

Did you know the word Ewok is not actually mentioned at all in the Return of the Jedi? Crazy stuff. Ewoks have been given pretty wild names, so consider the above points about what exactly works as a dog name. Remember dogs live a long time, so you are going to spend many years calling out the name you pick. (Do you know how long Goldendoodles live?)

  • Wicket. The supercute, most famous Ewok.
  • Chirpa
  • Logray
  • Warok
  • Teebo
  • Kazak
  • Flitchee

Given the effort we went to in deciding which Star Wars names for dogs are actually good… Ewoks are a bit of a step backwards. Besides Wicket, only pick such an odd name if it looks to be the perfect match for your dog. Otherwise you will spend a lot of time spelling and explaining your name choice to others.

Punny Star Wars Pun Names for Dogs

I don’t think you should have your go to name for your dog as a long pun. It makes training (and explaining to others) a nightmare. But as long as you have a nickname ready to go, there is no harm in having a birth name that is funny or punny!

  • Chew-barka
  • Jabba the Mutt
  • Boba Fett-ch
  • Paw Dameron
  • Darth Barker (what a stretch)
  • Luke Skybarker
  • Darth Meow (tough name for a dog!)
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Star Wars Names I Don’t Like for Dogs

  • Jabba. Even ironically, not a great name.
    • Perfect two syllable and ends with a vowel
    • Might be ok for a super chubby dog that enjoys lazing around
    • It is just that Jabba is a really despicable character
    • Somehow worse than some of the Sith
  • Palpatine. Naming your dog after the Emperor is a boss move, but good luck shortening this atrocity of a dog name.
    • No thanks, stay dead Emperor.
  • Dag (Dagobah). Not a nice name. Also sounds too much like dog.
  • Alderaan. You really should be careful naming your dog after a planet. The names are rarely catchy or phonetically suitable for a dog name.

Star Wars Planet Names for Dogs

Be mindful of my warning above re: Alderaan


  • Great for a laid-back, desert-loving dog.
  • A bit longer but very memorable.
  • Named after Luke’s home planet.


  • Fits a nature-loving, peaceful pup.
  • Simple and earthy.
  • Named after the forest moon in Return of the Jedi


  • Good for a resilient, independent dog.
  • Unique but easy to say.
  • Named after Rey’s home planet.


  • Ideal for a mysterious, enigmatic pup.
  • A bit more uncommon.
  • Named after the remote desert planet.


  • Perfect for a noble, warrior-like dog.
  • Distinctive and strong.
  • Named after the home planet of the Mandalorians.


  • Great for a graceful, elegant pup.
  • Easy to say and remember.
  • Named after the lush, beautiful planet.


  • Fits a tropical-loving or water-friendly dog.
  • Unique but easy to remember.
  • Named after the ocean planet in Rogue One.


  • Ideal for a white-coated or cold-loving pup.
  • Short and impactful.
  • Named after the icy planet.


  • Good for a rugged, adventurous dog.
  • A bit longer but memorable.
  • Named after a planet in The Mandalorian.


  • Perfect for a dog with a rebellious spirit.
  • Easy to say and remember.
  • Named after the location of a Rebel base.


  • Great for a water-loving or sleek-coated dog.
  • Unique but easy to say.
  • Named after the ocean planet.


  • Fits a dreamy, light-footed pup.
  • Easy to remember and say.
  • Named after the cloud city.


  • Ideal for a fast or agile dog.
  • Distinctive and memorable.
  • Named after Han Solo’s home planet.


  • Good for a complex or multi-layered pup.
  • Short and easy to say.
  • Named after Cato Neimoidia, the bridge planet.
good Star Wars names for dogs
We ranked actually good Star Wars dog and puppy names. No filler, all killer.


Did you give your pet a Star Wars dog name? I would love to hear from you! (Photos of your dog are always appreciated too!) Have I missed any awesome Star Wars puppy names?

Let me know – this is a topic I am passionate about and always up for a debate or to add to the list. Enjoy your puppy and hope the galaxy is kind to you today!