Best Cavapoo Breeders In Nevada (2024 Update)

There are many benefits to working with a reputable dog breeder near you. A responsible dog breeder will strive to ensure they get their pups checked for any genetic issues. Puppies also go through quality training programs to help them develop their skills in all areas.

More importantly, a responsible breeder prepares a puppy for adoption right from a tender age.

Cavapoo breeders in Nevada
Best Cavapoo Breeders In Nevada
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If you’re looking to adopt a Cavapoo, this post gives you a list of the best Cavapoo breeders in Nevada.

1. 4E Kennels

4E Kennels is a responsive breeder in Las Vegas, Nevada. One thing you’ll like about this breeder is that they strive to change the dog-breeding game. The breeder strives to create a family of people who love to take care of their pups.

cavapoo running int he sun
A beautiful Cavapoo running in the sun

Through their philosophy, they have managed to raise healthy and happy pups that get along quite well with their pet parents.

Getting a Cavapoo from 4E Kennels is a good idea since the breeder has solid experience in breeding small puppies. Their puppies undergo social training to become service dogs and therapy dogs.

4E Kennels follows a strict breeding program to ensure their dogs meet the required quality standards. Cavapoos from this breeder have decent temperaments and will make great family companions. The breeder is normally committed to making sure they provide their clients with the perfect puppy that meets their expectations.

If you love to cuddle, a Cavapoo from 4E Kennels will offer you the company you need.

Contact Details:

Website: https://www.4ekennels.com/

Phone: (702) 751-0887

Email[email protected]

Location: Pahrump, Nevada

2. Puppy Heaven

Puppy Heaven has been in business since 2004. They are one of the best breeders in Nevada as they always strive to pair their healthy pups with lovely families. Cavapoos are a designer breed, and their remarkable traits make it easy to fall in love with them.

lying down Cavapoo puppy
Cavapoo puppy lying down on the ground.

Puppies at Puppy Heaven are beautiful and come from the perfect cross-breed of a Poodle and a Cavalier. 

Cavapoos from Puppy Heaven are always full of joy, loving, and playful. With these attributes, you can rest assured that they will transform your life and your family’s. Your kids will enjoy playing with these adorable creatures.

Puppy Heaven has been in the industry for a while now, and they have built a solid reputation for their business. If reviews are something to go by, this breeder is the best among competitive breeders in Las Vegas.

Cavapoos undergo vet checks to ensure they are healthy before going to their forever homes. The breeder also selects the perfect families for their pups to guarantee they are in safe hands.

To adopt a Cavapoo from Puppy Heaven, inform the breeder in advance about the pet you want and the preferences you’re after. Even if the breeder doesn’t have a puppy when you ask, they’ll update you once they find the right match for you.

Contact Details:

Website: https://puppyheaven.com/

Phone: (702) 445-6605

Email[email protected]

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

3. Star Bright Doodles

Star Bright Doodles specializes in breeding Mini Goldendoodles and occasionally offers Cavapoos. Rachel, the owner, has over ten years of experience in breeding mini-sized Doodles. She is quite passionate about breeding these small dogs since she knows that the puppies grow to become other people’s best friends.

Cavapoo with flowers
A Cavapoo with flowers, posing for a photo.

Puppies enjoy the cozy and friendly environment they live in from the time they enter the breeder’s home. Since they are home-raised, they interact with adults and kids, which helps them develop their social skills. Cavapoos and the Mini Doodles from the breeder are also playful and get along well with kids.

Star Bright Doodles is a good place to start your search if you’re thinking of adopting a healthy and happy puppy for your loved ones.

As for puppy training, Star Bright Doodles ensures their pups undergo early neurological stimulation and early scent introduction training. The breeder also uses a Puppy Culture socialization program to ensure their puppies are well-rounded. 

The family environment where puppies grow will give you the assurance you need that your dogs get the quality care they deserve when actively growing.

Contact Details:

Website: https://www.starbrightdoodles.com/

Email[email protected]

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

4. Cathy’s Doodles and Poodles

Cathy’s Doodles and Poodles is another great place to get a cute Cavapoo with a home-raised background. The breeder places a huge emphasis on the health of their puppies. They always pick a healthy parent to use in their breeding program. 

cavapoo wearing a scarf
A stylish Cavapoo dog with a necktie

Parent dogs are usually checked to make sure they don’t have any genetic issues that they might transfer to their litter.

Cavapoos from Cathy’s Doodles under training protocols featuring early neurological stimulation, and exposure to sound and sights, among other things. All their pups eat quality food and get a healthy dose of supplements to support their growth and strengthen their immune.

You’ll love how Cathy’s Doodles’ breeding program has evolved over the years. While they are a small breeder, they always strive to learn from the best. Therefore, they focus more on improving the quality of their Cavapoo breeds.

In turn, this also means that you stand a better chance of getting the best Cavapoo that will get along with members of your family.

Cavapoo parents live in guardian homes. Cathy’s Doodles and Poodles chooses the best family homes for their lovely pet parents.

Contact Details:

Website: https://www.cathysdoodlesandpoodles.com/

Email[email protected]

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

5. Petland Las Vegas

There’s always something good about pet shops with hundreds of positive reviews. Well, Petland Las Vegas is no exception. They run a reputable business, and their clients are happy about the pups they get from the dog breeder.

recently groomed cavapoo puppy
A recently groomed Cavapoo dog shows off its teddy bear character

Petland Las Vegas mainly operates as a pet store. They have been running their operations for over two decades, and they often strive to provide families with quality dog breeds. The pet store advocates for high standards of care for their puppies.

The pet store isn’t a puppy mill. In fact, it makes it clear to its clients that they partner with regulated professional breeders across the state. All their breeders have proper licensing from the state and usually follow specific quality guidelines.

As a result, they produce the finest quality puppies for their clients.

Petland Las Vegas also mentions that they never get their pups from puppy mills. They only partner with USDA-inspected and regulated breeders. So, when you get a Cavapoo from Petland Las Vegas, you’ll be going home with a healthy puppy ready and fit for adoption.

The pet store provides puppies with a healthy and safe environment before transitioning to their forever homes. They have a spacious store to help minimize potential health issues associated with small-sized puppies, especially when they live in congested environments.

Cavapoos from Petland Las Vegas come with a health warranty. Get in touch with the pet store to determine what the warranty covers.

Contact Details:

Website: https://www.petlandlasvegas.com/

 Phone: (702) 949-7387

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada


You can now relax as you have several options for the best Cavapoo breeders in Nevada. It might be challenging for you to choose one from this list, but you’ll be happy knowing that any breeder from this list has a proven track record of breeding healthy and happy pups. All the best as you search for a Cavapoo to join your family.