Are Cavapoos Good With Kids? [5 Facts to Consider]

The amazing thing about a Cavapoo dog is that they are one of the most well-rounded breeds in the world. And not only are they absolutely adorable, but they also LOVE being around people. 

But what about the tiniest people? Are Cavapoos good with kids?

are cavapoos good with kids
Are Cavapoos good with kids?

When trying to decide whether or not a Cavapoo puppy will be a good fit in your home, temperament is debatably the most important element. 

While there are certainly other factors we all consider before getting a dog, such as their level of cuteness, how much they shed, how big they will get to be etc.  

None of that really matters though if you bring home a pet that either can’t handle being around other people, or doesn’t want to be.  

Whether it’s playing fetch outside, going for a walk around the block, or even just cuddling up on the couch, Cavapoos absolutely love attention, and love to spend time with people. They are very eager-to-please dog breed, having such an deep passion for family, and devotion.

There are a bucket load of reasons why Cavapoos are great with kids, as well as some potential risk factors to consider beforehand, all of which we will cover in the following sections. 

Why the Intelligence of Cavapoos Make Them a Good Family Dog

Cavapoos have grown to become one of the most popular designer dogs in the world, being well-known as breeds with a kind demeaner, high intelligence, soft/cuddly fur, and a very friendly temperament.  

recently groomed cavapoo puppy
A recently groomed Cavapoo dog shows off its teddy bear character

Due in large part to their Poodle heritage, they are one of the smartest breeds in the world, making them ideal dogs to train with. However, even though they are obedient, they are almost too intelligent for their own good, and can catch on to what’s expected of them very quickly.

Cavoodles (aka the Cavapoo) are quickly able to adapt to their environments, and come up with creative solutions. This level of high intelligence can sometimes pose a problem for a Cavapoo owner, as it can cause the dogs to act independently. 

Though they are loving in nature, they have a tendency to be somewhat stubborn due to these conditions, so you will have to be extra diligent to get their attention (likely with treats).  

One advantage this particular breed has over others is the fact that not only is the Poodle one of the smartest breeds in the world, but so is the other half, the Cavalier King Charles. 

fun loving puppy
Two fun loving puppies! Both the Maltipoo and Cavapoo LOVE being around people

So, with the Cavapoos Poodle Mix lineage, they should be easy to train, but will need consistent positive reinforcement to help shape there behaviour, and strengthen their bond with you over time.  

When it comes to the training process, many Cavapoo breeders recommend teaching basic skills when the dog is about 8 weeks old. 

In order to enhance further skills, they suggest you continue their training after 10-12 weeks (or after their vaccinations). 

The best way to train Cavapoos is to appeal to their intelligence, allow it to flex it’s mental muscles by investing in toys, and even setting up an obstacle course for them can go a long way. 

Cavapoos have “natural healing powers”, as they carry a very friendly vibe, empathy, and superior intelligence. This makes them ideal therapy dogs as well.  

It is all of these components that make Cavapoos one of the more intelligent breeds available, and the training process (if done correctly) can be a fun way to bond with them too. 

When it comes to how this relates to kids, the training process provides a great way to potentially get the child more involved, and form a bond early on with the dog. 

Also, the therapeutic aspect of Cavapoos make them one of the more ideal family pets, and they are tremendously careful around children.   

Cavapoos Love to Play (Perfect for Most Kids)

cavapoo two dogs
Cavapoo dogs thrive in the company of humans but can also adapt to other dogs, cats, and smaller children

Cavapoos are some of the most cute and cuddly fur babies available today, and their intelligence is undeniable, but one aspect that often gets overlooked is their fun-loving nature. 

Cavapoos have a tendency to be very active for a small dog, and be fantastic playmates, especially to children (typically at least 6 years or older). 

On top of that, they love to participate in dog sports and activities (much like their parent breeds), making them ideal dogs for playing fetch, and chasing balls. This can provide a fun activity for your child as a way to bond with the pup, and teach the dog valuable training at the same time. 

Any dog lover will have a great time with this active mixed breed.

When you are trying to decide whether any animal will be good around your child, playfulness is a huge aspect. Making sure that both the child, and the dog are getting the adequate amount of playtime, as well as social time, can be difficult. 

By bringing in a Cavapoo to your home, you are bringing in the perfect sized dog, with the perfect temperament for a young child. 

Size is another important factor, Cavapoos are not too big in size, and so there is some relative fragility to consider, so just make sure the child is careful around the dog, as they can have some skittish tendencies. 

Children have a tendency to get rowdy when playing, especially in the presence of a puppy, which could result in one or both of them getting hurt.

Cavapoos and Loyal and Love Families

fluffy cavapoo puppy with white chest looks at owner
Bicolor and Tricolour Cavapoo puppies have splashes of white and other shades. Cute!

Another quality Cavapoos posses is their unwavering loyalty, and love for people. They are an extremely people-oriented breed, and are likely to have a strong desire to please, making them very obedient, and enjoyable dogs to be around. 

It is still recommended as one of the best breeds for people looking for a close, and loyal companion.  

Cavapoos love their people, and absolutely love to spend as much time with them as possible. Sometimes this can translate into a bit (or a lot) of separation anxiety, and so it is essential that you properly train your pup to avoid this. 

Similarly, Cavapoos thrive in a household where their owners are around them most of the time, which can pose problematic for some pet owners who travel a lot. Cavapoos love their people (normally the whole family), although they may end up picking one or two favorites. 

This breed is guaranteed to show you a ton of love, and affection. They will often follow you around the house, trying to be a part of everything you do, essentially they will try to become the center of your world.    

Cavapoos are Allergy and Asthma Friendly

apricot cavapoo
It can be tricky to tell the difference between a red, apricot or tan Cavapoo.

One of the main reasons why Cavapoos are tremendous family pets is because of their allergy-friendly coat. Cavapoos are considered to be low-shedding dogs, and thus have become very popular options for people with allergies. 

With that being said, depending on the coat type they may require more grooming than others. 

To begin, while no dogs are technically “100% hypoallergenic“, the Cavapoo is one of the closest breeds out there. The dog hair and dander on Cavapoos have proven to be tolerable for most people with allergies, as they generally take on more of the Poodle genes in this department. 

The saliva of a cavapoo is also just like a poodle, and thus may contain less allergenic proteins than other breeds.   

This is one of the many reasons why Cavapoos are so great around kids, not only are they friendly, playful, and loyal, but they also are great if your child has allergies, or a weakened immune system.

The lack of shedding also means that you will probably have less to clean up after, which (when you have a kid) can become especially rewarding as you end up spending most of the day cleaning anyway.

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Cavapoo Negatives with Kids – When Children and Cavapoos DON’T Mix

Now that we have covered some of the reasons why Cavapoos make such amazing pets for families with children, we should go over some of the potential concerns as well.  

1. Separation Anxiety

As mentioned previously, due to this breeds’ need for human companionship, and affection, there is a chance for your Cavapoo to develop separation anxiety. 

Cavapoos have a tendency to be somewhat clingy, wanting to be as close to family members as possible at all times. So, one thing to consider before getting a Cavapoo is that if they are left alone without their family too often, then they can develop separation anxiety.  

This can take the form of persistent barking, howling or screaming, as well as destructive behavior. 

When dogs begin to develop separation anxiety, you will see an increase in shaking, trembles, you will notice your dog pacing up and down the house a lot.  

However, sometimes it is not this obvious, but you may notice a change in behaviour when you try to leave for work, or vacation. 

There is a good chance that your Cavapoo is going to be home for most of the day, and so it is important that you take the time to ensure they are comfortable by themselves.  

red and white parti cavapoo
Distinct Parti or Bicolor coat Cavapoo dogs are super impressive!

2. Sensitive Dogs (and Small)

Aside from this, another concern you might have with bringing a Cavapoo into your household, is the fragility, and skittishness of the dog.  Just like the Poodle parent, a toy breed or miniature dog (or even mixes like Mini Goldendoodle or Cockapoo) can be surprisingly senstive. 

As Cavapoos are relatively small in stature, and sensitive in nature, too many sudden movements, or aggressive tones can cause unnecessary stress to the animal. 

This is something to consider if you have a lot of children running around the house, or a home with a lot of commotion.  

While Cavapoos are great family pets, the family members also have to be careful when handling, playing with, or even talking to the dog, as they can become quite skittish. 

Most likely due to their size, they will look to their owner for protection, and if they feel like you are being boisterous, or aggressive, they will get scared easily. 

3. How much space do you have?

Before adopting a Cavpaoo from a resuce or repitable breeder, consider the space you have around. yes, even for a Mini Cavapoo.Even a small dog breed needs space.

There are a variety of factors to consider before bringing a dog into the same house as a child. You want to make sure that you are bringing home a breed that is people-friendly, loyal, careful, playful, and sociable.  

Depending on your living situation, you may also want to consider the amount of space they will need versus how much you will be able to provide. 

As well as their exercise, and dietary needs, as the last thing you want to do is bring home a Cavapoo dog that your child forms a bond with, only to have to give it away months later because there was nobody around to take care of it.  

Are Cavapoos Good With Kids Conclusions

f1b cavapoo wavy coat sits on the grass
F1b wavy coat Cavapoo dogs are the most likely to be hypoallergenic

Cavapoos are amongst the most sociable, and loyal breeds out there, however this does mean that they are more likely going to become very dependent on you. Theyare a family pet who relies on their family. A dog owner must be aware of this social dependency and put int he time to reward this good family dog.

Children can certainly help with the social, and playful aspects, but at the end of the day you are responsible for what happens to the dog, and so taking the proper precautions is paramount.   

In a way, because Cavapoos are so family-oriented, and reliant on people for companionship, it almost makes them the perfect pup for a family with children.

So long as the child is careful around the dog, Cavapoos can absolutely grow to become tremendous pets for families with children.