Dachshund Basenji Mix (Pictures) A RARE Breed

Are you wondering about a Dachshund Basenji mix and what you can expect from them? Well, in this post, we will be exploring exactly that and what you can expect from them. We will be looking at physical and personality traits that are common to this crossbreed.

A Dachshund Basenji mix is a designer breed that is a cross of a Basenji and Dachshund. It is known to be active, loving, and protective of its family which are traits found in both parent breeds.

It is difficult to predict the physical characteristics of the puppies as they will inherit different aspects from either parent.

basenji dachshund mix
What a rare but pretty combo a Basenji Dachshund mix is

What does the Dachshund Basenji Mix look like?

The Basenji Dachshund mix is a mixed dog breed between the Basenji and the Dachshund.

The Basenji is an ancient hunting dog from Africa that has been around for at least 4000 years. They were called Congo Dogs, Ango Angari, and Zande Dog by early Europeans who were residents of the Congo region of the continent.

The Dachshund traces its ancestry back to Germany where it was bred to hunt badgers. The name Dachshund translates to “badger hound” in German with dachs meaning badger and hund meaning hound.

Like many other hybrid dogs, there is no way to know what type of personality or characteristics your puppy will have until they mature. Some may be more like one parent while others might resemble both parents equally.

Dachshund on couch

As with most hybrid dogs, you can expect their coat to take after one or both parents which means it could be any number of colours or patterns.

Brindle patterns are common in both breeds which makes it likely that a puppy will have some type of brindle coloring as well.

What Are Their Characteristics?

These are two very different breeds and it’s hard to know exactly what size they will be or exactly what they will look like. It’s predictable that they will be some sort of medium-sized dog with a short coat but beyond that, there is no predicting.

The best way to determine the traits of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and understand that you may get any combination of traits from those breed groups.

stylised basenji dachshund mix
Tricolor Dachshund Basenji mix

What Are The Talents And Personality Of A Dachshund Basenji Mix?

Dachshund Basenji Mixes are one of the more active members of the Hound group. The Basenji is a graceful hound that was used by the Egyptians to hunt game at night. The Dachshunds were bred to track badgers and rabbits in their dens. They also have a reputation for being fearless little dogs.

This hybrid combines the intelligence, speed, agility, and stamina of both breeds. These dogs are very active with an even temperament. They are alert, loyal, intelligent, affectionate, and playful. They tend to be very vocal. These hybrids get along well with children but may not do as well with other pets since they were bred to hunt small animals.

Basenji dog posing on white background

How Can You Effectively Train Them?

Dachshund Basenji Mixes are not for the lazy pet owner. They need a lot of exercise, so if you’re not the active type, this dog is not for you.

Here are some tips on how to train a Dachshund Basenji Mix:

Be gentle but firm with your dog. Start training your puppy as early as possible. Puppies have shorter attention spans but they learn more quickly. It’s easier to teach them while they’re young than when they get older.

Keep training sessions short – no more than 10 minutes. This will help prevent boredom and burnout on both sides. Make sure that you end the session on a positive note so that your dog will look forward to the next session.

Be consistent in your training methods and include other family members in the training process if possible. Otherwise, you’ll confuse your dog by giving him mixed signals about what’s acceptable and what isn’t.

Use positive reinforcement whenever possible. Praise him when he does something right and give him treats when he behaves well during training sessions or at any other time of day. If you use punishment to train

a basenji cattle dog mix
A Basenji Cattle Dog AND Terrier mix. What a combo.

How Loyal Are They?

The Dachshund Basenji Mix is an incredibly loyal dog that will follow you around the house and yard. They are very smart and learn quickly, so they are easy to train.

Because they are so devoted to their owners, they can suffer from separation anxiety if they are left alone for long periods of time.

If you do not have time to devote to your dog or if you work long hours, this is not the breed for you. This tiny dog can be quite stubborn at times and has a mind of its own.

They may simply ignore commands if they do not want to do something, as they do not respond well to being forced into something.