151 Best Dachshund Names of 2024 

Ahhh you got a sausage dog! Beloved by millions worldwide, the Dachshund, despite its often comical appearance and waddling walk, was originally bred as a hunting dog

Though they may seem like a recent phenomenon, Dachshunds have a long and fascinating history. They were originally bred in Germany in the early 1600s to hunt badgers. Their short legs and long bodies made them ideally suited for this task, as they could easily squeeze into underground tunnels. 

Dachshund names
Best Dachshund Names

The name “Dachshund” comes from the German words “Dachs,” meaning badger, and “hund,” meaning dog. 

In 1885, the first Dachshund was brought to the US, and the breed quickly gained popularity.

Today, Dachshunds are still prized as hunting dogs, but they are also beloved as family pets. Thanks to their friendly dispositions and loyal nature, Dachshunds make wonderful companions.

What NOT To Name Your Dachshund?

While it may be tempting to pick out a name for your new Dachshund based on its appearance, there are a few things you should consider before making your decision. 

First, remember that your dog will be responding to their name for the rest of their life, so choose something that is easy to say and won’t get confusing when used in different contexts. 

A fanciful name like “Quasimodo” or “Rapunzel” might sound pretty cool, but try yelling that every few minutes and it would get old real quick! 

You’ll also want to avoid names that sound like commands, as this can make training more difficult. Names like “Po” and “Bo” sound remarkably like “No”, and are going to cause a lot of confusion for you and your poor dog.

Stay away from anything that rhymes with common commands like “sit”, “come”, “no”, and “stay”.

You’ll also want a nice, crisp start to the name like T or K that can be easily heard. A name that starts with a soft letter like B or S will be harder to pick up.

Also, keep in mind you’ll be calling your dog’s name in crowded, public spaces, and while a cheeky name like “Farty” might be funny at the time, your dog might not think so! 

Lastly, if you have multiple pets in the family, make sure their names sound distinctly different. You’re in for a rough time if you constantly call all your pets at once! 

woman holding Dachshund
Dachshund looks up with a woman holding him.

Male Dachshund Names

  1. Jet – This is a very common Dutch name that means shiny or black.
  2. Bear – A name which has Germanic origins, this means strong.
  3. Max – Is a masculine name derived from Latin origin that means “the greatest.”
  4. Hunter – A nice, masculine name, and what better breed to name it after than one that was born and bred to hunt! 
  5. Milo – This is a cute name originating from the Slavic language. It means beloved or dear.
  6. Finn – This word originated from the Irish language that means “fair.”
  7. Hemi – This is a masculine name derived and originated from the Maori language. It means “God is gracious.”
  8. Asher – This term has origins in Hebrew and is a common gender name that means “happy” or “blessed.” 
  9. Bruno – Derived from the old German language, it means brown. All the better to fit a brown Dachshund! 
  10. Udo – A masculine name with its origin in the German language, it means the power of the wolf
  11. Warner – Also from the German language, it means “the defender” or “defending warrior”, a nice, powerful name for your boy dog. 
  12. Ziggy – A masculine term that means victory. This is a funky name with a significant meaning for your male dog.
  13. Dobby – Strong, loyal, and intelligent, Dobby is the popular elf from Harry Potter whose name means “beloved”. 
  14. Theo – It is derived from the old classic Greek terms with the meaning God’s gift
  15. Oliver – this name is derived from the Old Norse. It is a commonly used masculine name that means “ancestor’s descendants.”
wirehaired dachshund
Wirehaired Dachshund standing on the grass.

Female Dachshund Names 

  1. Bella – This word’s origin is Italian, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, and Latin words. This word represents a beautiful female.
  2. Sophie – This name is derived from the name Sophia. This is a typically female name that means “wise.”
  3. Lola – A female name from Spain, it means “sorrows.” 
  4. Minnie – This Scottish word tells about a sweet lady who can melt anyone’s heart.
  5. Millie – From Latin, this name means gentle strength and strength in work
  6. Charlie – This term is a gender-neutral name that can be used both for males and females. 
  7. Luna – Luna is a Latin word that means moon
  8. Dixie – Dixie comes from the French and represents the number ten
  9. Ellie– This name is derived from English and French origin, meaning “light.”
  10. Pepper – Appropriate for both males and females, its everyone’s favorite spice!
  11. Whiskey – Why not name your Dachshund after your favorite beverage
  12. Tito – The origin of the word is from the Latin language. The name is associated with meanings like strong-willed, loving, and brave
  13. Rocco – This word is derived or originated from the Italian language, meaning “battle cry”. 
  14. Penelope – The origin of this name comes from the British language. It is the name of a wife of a heroic character in Greek mythology. 
  15. Gizmo – This name is especially given to fast and active dogs as this word means mechanical device or gadget. This word originally originated from American English. 
purebred English Cream Colored Dachshund
Long-haired purebred English Cream Colored Dachshund

Funny Dachshund Names 

  1. Blythe – A funny Dachshund name that means carefree. This term originated from the Proto-Germanic language and held several other meanings like joyous, pleasant, and cheerful.
  2. Bobo – This term is derived from the old French language. It is a gender-neutral name that means stutterer or stammerer.
  3. Una – This is an Irish-originated name derived from the word lamb. This term means to be happy or joyous.
  4. Allegra – This is a feminine name that originated from an Italian term. This name means joyful or happy.
  5. Bullwinkle – The famous moose that is unfortunately, the butt of many jokes! 
  6. Elmo – This is a cute-sounding Italian name. It means the protector.
  7. Beatrice – This is a Latin-originated feminine name that means one who brings joy.
  8. Cayo – this word’s origin can be traced to the Spanish language. This term literally means lively
  9. Dodo – this is a name that came from the extinct flightless bird’s name.
  10. Bark Twain – It refers to a brainy dog who is completely frustrated over the whole world and a nice word play on the famous author. 
  11. Brunhilda – This term is a German-originated term that means dark or noble
  12. Yeti – this term is derived from the Tibetan language, which refers to a hairy creature that looks half human and half bear that lives in the Himalayas.
  13. Moxie – This is a funny American feminine name. This name refers to someone who has high-level energy and is extremely active.
  14. Pee Wee – This is a slang contemporary word that refers to something small and cute. A small and adorable dog suits best with this name. 
  15. Pop Tart – A staple in every kid’s snack arsenal, naming your pooch after your childhood snack might be pretty funny. 
happy Dachshund
Happy Dachshund standing on the floor. Dachshunds LOVE their owners and are notoriously needy.

Food Dachshund Names 

  1. Fritzi – This word is of German origin. This name represents industrious, loving, and resilient.
  2. Cupcake – Cupcake’s name is originally derived from the English language. This means sweet little cake.
  3. Pancake – Breakfast of champions! If you like the classic breakfast dish, go ahead and name your round Dachshund after your favorite flat pancake. 
  4. Pudding – Another tasty dessert, it really depends on what you, and your stomach like! 
  5. Kiwi – A fruit, a bird, and the national icon of New Zealand. Also slang for someone from New Zealand.
  6. Bonbon – America’s classic dessert snack, this makes a pretty cute name for a small dog.
  7. Donut – If you like donuts, name your dog after one!
  8. Sushi – A staple Japanese cuisine, sushi lovers from all over the world have named their dogs after their favorites. 
  9. Beans – Short, cute, and round, Beans is a nice, easy name for many a dog. 
  10. Truffle– Yum! Another sweet dessert, Truffle is a nice, sweet name for a loving dog. 
  11. Peanut – Peanut’s name is generally given to loyal, affectionate, and loving dogs.
  12. Frito – This term is a Spanish word that refers to a portion of deep-fried food.
  13. Cheerio – this name is derived from the circular oats that are eaten in breakfast with milk. It is a very cute name for neutral gender.
  14. Alfredo – An Italian name of a chef who created a sauce to be put on pasta. This is a very popular name for dogs in Spain.
  15. Coco – Made for cocoa beans, Coco is a shorter, simpler name that can suit a chocolate-colored Dachshund. 
  16. Jelly Bean – You can always shorten it to “jelly” for short. Jelly beans are the world’s perennial candy! 
  17. Mango – What about your favorite fruit? Melon, mango, and peach are nice names that you can pay tribute to your favorite healthy snack to. 
red Dachshund costume
Dachshund wearing a hotdog costume in party!

Final Thoughts 

In the end, it’s all about giving your dog a name that you can both live with and love. So take your time, consider all of your options, and choose a moniker that will make everyone happy. Keep in mind you’ll be yelling it…. a LOT!