Depets Self Cleaning Slicker Brush Review (Hands-on Testing)

Pet care just got easier! After trying out the Depets Slicker Brush with our official test dog and test cat, we couldn’t help but be impressed.

  • Our team was impressed with this budget-conscious self-cleaning slicker
  • It is lightweight, which is great for travel but not ideal for durability
  • Overall our main test dog responded well to this brush
  • Our OodleLife staff member has chosen to keep using it (and also use it on their cat!)
A video showin gour team testing the slicker brush self cleaning
When the OodleLife team tested this budget-friendly slicker brush, the self-cleaning click action impressed us.

This nifty grooming tool promises a clean pet and, consequently, a cleaner home. With just a few strokes, it swept away loose fur, dander, and dirt, leaving our pets’ coats looking shiny and our living room far less hairy.

Budget Pick
Depets Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

The Depets Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is an innovative grooming tool designed to keep your pet's coat healthy and reduce shedding. With its user-friendly self-cleaning mechanism, it offers a hassle-free grooming experience for owners of dogs, cats, and bunnies alike.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Reduces shedding.
  • Gentle on skin.
  • Suitable for many pets.
  • Bristles may be harsh for some pets.
  • Self-cleaning mechanism may wear out.
  • Not ideal for all pet sizes.
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The real game-changer is the one-click cleaning button, a convenience we didn’t know we needed but now can’t live without.

Push the button, and voilà, the collected fur slides right off. Anyone who’s tried to wrestle a bundle of fur out of a brush will appreciate how much time and mess this feature saves.

The team was a little surprised at how well this budget slicker performed
The team was a little surprised at how well this budget slicker performed

Let’s not forget the comfortable nonslip handle, which made grooming sessions feel less like a chore and more like a relaxing spa day. Hold up, can we get a handle like that on everything?

As for our pets, they seemed to thoroughly enjoy the extra fuss and massaging beads, almost as if they were at a five-star pet salon. (Well when you watch this video you can see that they tolerate it at least)

Bottom Line

We’re genuinely surprised at how much we—and our pets—adore the Depets Slicker Brush. It checks all the boxes for ease of use, efficiency, and pet satisfaction. If your four-legged friend is in need of a good grooming session, don’t hesitate.

Overview of the Depets Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Our OodleLife team made this hands-on testing video for this surprisingly feature-packed self-cleaning slicker. Chris Allen narrates.

We’ve all been there—pet hair everywhere, on the couch, our clothes, even in our morning coffee. Enter the slicker brush from Depets, a nifty tool for fur management.

A happy OodleLife test dog.
A happy OodleLife test dog. We reward the dogs in our hands on testing with extra pats, walks and treats!

It promises to tackle loose hair, mats, and dirt. A quick push of the button and voila, the hair’s gone, making clean-up a breeze.

Using it feels like a mini spa day for the pets and a workout session for our hands, minus the fatigue, thanks to its comfortable, nonslip handle.

It’s a bonding ritual where Fluffy gets a massage, and we get the satisfaction of a fur-free home.

But let’s be real, it’s not just about us. The little round beads on the bristles are like gentle fingers, never scratching but always soothing.

It’s like a pet whisperer, turning our brush-shy critters into grooming enthusiasts, regardless of their coat type.

Sure, it’s not a one-size-fits-all; some short-haired pets may give it the side-eye, but for the most part, it’s been a crowd-pleaser in our pet-loving community. It’s our furry friends’ equivalent of us getting a good hair day, every day.

Key Features

The bristles are NOT durable and wiry fur will bend them.
The bristles are NOT durable and wiry fur will bend them.

Clean Pets, Clean House

When we brush our pets with the Depets Slicker Brush, it’s like giving our homes a fresh makeover. Imagine wearing a white shirt and cuddling with your furry friend—no need to carry a lint roller or worry about fur-covered furniture anymore.

This brush is a game-changer. It grabs loose hair, dodges shedding mats, and sweeps away dirt with surprising ease. The peace of mind that comes from knowing our pets – and our living spaces – are clean, is truly priceless.

Great Brush, Healthy Pets

Let’s be real, pets can’t resist a good pampering session. The round beads on this brush are like tiny masseuses for our pets.

Not only do they prevent skin scrapes, but they also dive down to the secret hideouts of shedding hair. By reaching these deep layers, the Depets Brush encourages blood circulation, and let’s not forget, a healthy pet is a happy pet.

It’s rewarding seeing them strut away with that extra bounce in their step after a brushing session that’s both thorough and gentle.

The plastic is lightweight - good for travel but durability is a concern
The plastic is lightweight – good for travel but durability is a concern

One-Click Cleaning Button

We all love spending time with our pets, but cleaning the brush afterward? Not as fun—until now.

At the click of a button, the captured fur leaps off the bristles of the Depets Brush, readying it for the next use. It’s such a simple feature, but it feels like we’ve been given a magic wand. The washability of the brush is the cherry on top; hygiene is a breeze with this clever design. Honestly, it makes you wonder how you ever tolerated the tedious pick-and-clean method.

Comfortable and Nonslip Handle

We’ve all been there, wrist deep in fur, while our brush decides to mimic a bar of soap in the bath.

Thanks to Depets, we wave goodbye to the slip-and-slide debacle. Their comfort-grip handle fits in our palms like it was made for us—holding this brush feels as natural as petting our four-legged companions.

A brush that doubles as a hand massager? That’s a twist we didn’t know we needed, but now can’t live without.

Enjoyable Brushing Experience

Sometimes our pets see the brush and bolt. It’s like they think it’s a vet appointment on a stick. But with the Depets Slicker Brush, grooming time becomes ‘us time’.

It’s suitable for all breeds and coat types, transforming potential chaos into calm bonding moments. We cherish these brushing sessions, filled with purrs and tail wags, not only for the cuddles but also because we know our pets are loving it just as much.

A happy OodleLife test dog. We reward the dogs in our hands on testing with extra pats, walks and treats!
A happy OodleLife test dog. We reward the dogs in our hands on testing with extra pats, walks and treats!

Pros and Cons


After giving the Depets Brush a thorough go, we can decidedly say that the battle against the hair of our beloved fluffy friends is finally turning in our favor.

The idea of a living room free of tumbleweeds of pet hair has transitioned from a far-fetched dream to an achievable reality. The self-cleaning mechanism is nothing short of a marvel – with a simple push of a button, accumulated fur ejects off the brush like a rocket launch. It’s a sight that could lighten up any pet owner’s day.

The specially designed bristles with their gentle round beads have our pets lining up, believe it or not, as though they’ve booked a spa appointment.

It’s impressive to see our canine and feline companions bask in the joy of a good brushing session. The ergonomic handle ensures our hands don’t ache and complain, leaving us ready and eager for the next grooming round. Plus, the nonslip feature has given us a much-needed grip on grooming, literally.

comfortable bed for Goldendoodle
A mother dog with a comfortable bed. (Image: Instagram/@kahla.thegoldendoodle)


However, we have to give you the full scoop. While the Depets Brush claims to be suitable for pets with any hair length, experiences have varied.

One of our teammates with a particularly short-haired beagle found it a bit lacking. While it did collect some hair, the brush didn’t live up to its miraculous shedding remedy reputation like it did with our longer-haired pals.

Moreover, the ease of cleaning is a double-edged sword. Some pet parents expect to perform this task less frequently, but depending on your pet’s shedding levels, you may find yourself hitting that release button more times than anticipated. It’s not a deal-breaker but something to keep in mind for our more fur-abundant friends.

What Others Think

We’ve all been there, right? Desperately trying to keep our homes free of pet hair, only to find it magically reappearing moments later.

Well, it seems like the Depets Self Cleaning Slicker Brush has been a game changer for many in this relentless battle. Owners are raving about how their fur-covered clothes are now a thing of the past, even those who admitted to getting the brush just to keep the peace with their pet-loving partners.

However, not all have an unbounded love story with it; a few have raised their eyebrows, claiming the brush falls short for their short-haired pooches that shed like it’s their job.

But then again, this is totally outweighed by the cat-to-brush love stories that are all over the reviews. It’s like some sort of pet romance, where even the furriest of felines find themselves head over paws after the first stroke.

As we all know, comfort is key, and it seems the Depets brush has won some hearts with a handle that’s as cozy as a winter snuggle. Plus, its fuss-free cleaning mechanism has had people stunned—like a click-of-a-button magic trick that makes the fur simply pop off. Now that’s some wizardry we could all use!

A super happy jumping Cockapoo!
A super happy jumping Cockapoo!


In the spirit of keeping things short and easy to manage (like a good dog haircut!), the Depets brush is a handy, budget-friendly tool that’s made our pet grooming sessions less of a chore and more of a joy. It has a clear place in the budget market.