10 Dog Breeds Most Likely To Bite Humans (With Photos)

Dogs are usually affectionate, fun-loving, and friendly. However, there are times when dogs may lose their patience, get agitated, or become aggressive. This aggression can be shocking for many dog owners who know their pets to be kind and gentle with them.

Aggression and biting are more common in some dog breeds and can lead to dog breed bans in some states. 

For example, some states enforce strict Pitbull breed bans (Pitbull Warning Assoc), removing the ability for residents to own Pitbulls. Pitbulls are especially notorious for aggressive behavior and are the top breed of dog to be wary of as you pass them. Although not all dogs are alike, there is evidence to suggest that Pitbulls may be genetically predisposed to fight (ASPCA Statement) other dogs.

Unfortunately, many dogs may show signs of aggression due to a history of abuse or a general distrust of their surroundings. Dogs must have plenty of love, affection, and a safe environment to release the past trauma and embrace non-violence.

Below is a list of dogs most likely to bite and exhibit signs of aggression.

dog breeds most likely to bite
10 Dog Breeds Most Likely to Bite Humans (with Photos)


Pitbulls can be generally loving and happy dogs. These dogs tend to enjoy long walks and sunshine. Many types of Pitbulls are good with small children and other dogs, but they can roughhouse and make a lot of scary noises when playing.

Supervise your dog’s playtime since it can lead to squabbles among dogs and children.

Pitbulls have historically been used in dog-fighting rings, leading to more genetically aggressive traits while also giving them the reputation to be one of the dogs most likely to bite. However, you can combat aggressive behaviors by providing a calm and gentle environment.

Best Dog Food for Pitbull
A beautiful Pit Bull


Like Pitbulls, Rottweilers enjoy playtime and can be fierce when roughhousing with others. These guard dogs enjoy being watchful regarding their surroundings and have no qualms about getting violent if it means keeping their family safe.

Rottweilers are loyal and can be a touch wary of strangers. These dogs prefer to be near familiar people and will take time to warm up to others. Keep a watchful eye on your Rottweiler as they play with others and get introduced to new people.

are Rottweilers dangerous
Are Rottweilers dangerous? (Statistics and Truth)


Chihuahuas are notorious for biting. Since they are so small, there are very few consequences. Chihuahuas are sassy toy dogs who can easily be moved, carried around, and swept up upon misbehavior.

This dog breed is not ideal to have around young children and doesn’t take kindly to strangers very quickly.

Chihuahuas will offer warnings and be very vocal about their dislike for someone before a biting occurs. Try to be vigilant of these signs in your dog to prevent them from hurting anyone.

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers are fearless, leading to avoidable conflicts. Doberman Pinschers are willing to put themselves in harm to protect others. These dogs are always on high alert and enjoy protecting their loved ones.

You may find a Doberman Pinscher behind windows, observing people as they walk passed. These dogs love their owners and families, and they will remain loyal.

However, if a Doberman Pinscher senses a threat, they will have no problem standing up to the threat and ensuring that their families are never harmed. These dogs are fast and will also give chase if a threat runs away, leading to possible injury for both parties.

Black Doberman Pinscher
Black Doberman Pinscher on leash.


Dalmatians are smart and outgoing. However, Dalmatians can get aggressive if they feel their space is being trampled on by other dogs or small children. Dalmatians are not likely to attack small children but may snap or growl when frustrated.

Dalmatians are loving and will enjoy spending time with their loved ones but can get overwhelmed easily. These dogs will likely bark and offer plenty of warnings before they bite or snap at others.

Dalmatian sitting on grass
Dalmatian enjoys morning sunshine.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds love having a job and are confident in their abilities to get their job done. This breed is smart and has plenty of experience hunting, shepherding dogs, and doing labor around farms. However, these dogs are also perfect for sniffing out contraband and are often used by the police for their K-9 Units.

German Shepherds may get aggressive if they feel their family is threatened or think someone may harm them. These guard dogs are always vigilant and dedicated to keeping their loved ones safe.

black German Shepherd
Black German Shepherd running.

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apsos are loving dogs, but they know their limits. These dogs get tired quickly and enjoy having their own space. Lhasa Apsos enjoy their alone time and their quiet time, meaning that small children may not mix well with this breed.

This breed of dog will let others know when they want space, which may include a bite.

lhasa apso
A Lhasa Apso proudly trotting

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are work-focused and enjoy having tasks to accomplish. These dogs are intelligent and play well with others. However, they have no qualms about offering a wayward child a small bite during playtime or as a warning to get them to behave appropriately.

Australian Shepherds will likely be more curious about strangers than feel threatened, but they may accidentally cause injury with a misplaced bite while playing.

an older Aussie shepherd
An older Australian Shepherd

Russell Terrier

Russell Terriers are small but are always on high alert. These small dogs only grow 12 inches tall and weigh only 15 pounds. However, they are always lively and have no qualms about yapping, snapping, and biting if they feel threatened.

Russell Terriers are affectionate and protective of their owners. However, they don’t enjoy the loud wildness of young children. Russell Terriers may enjoy time with other dogs and will get into trouble by digging holes and running around the yard.

Jack Russell Terrier hunts
Jack Russell Terrier is a good hunting dog.

Chow Chow

Chow Chows have big, poofy fur that makes them look like lions or bears, and they have a similar mindset as well. This dog breed is very serious and wary of strangers. Introductions between your Chow Chow and others will need to happen under careful supervision since these dogs can be scared of others.

Chow Chows generally don’t get along very well with other pets and may get annoyed with the noise of small children.

Chow Chows are vigilant guard dogs who prefer to keep their eyes peeled for danger and threats.

a chow chow with a curly tail
A Chow Chow with a curly tail. What a beautiful dog!

Preventing Bites

It’s your responsibility to ensure that your dog doesn’t bite anyone, which can be challenging and tricky. Biting may cause a lot of strife and stress for you and your family. It can also lead to legal issues. However, there are some steps you can take to ensure that your dog doesn’t bite and keeps their behavior acceptable.

dog bite
The patient was bitten by a dog in the leg.

Note Behaviors

Take careful note of how your dog behaves near other dogs and humans. If they seem to be getting irritated or aggressive, note what situations are leading to the behavior and how those situations make them feel. Some dogs may be distrusting certain genders or behaviors in humans.

These can act as triggers and make their aggressive instincts roar.

two dogs fighting
Two dogs fighting, one being aggressive!

Provide Your Dog a Safe Space

Always ensure that your dog has a safe space to retire when they begin to feel overwhelmed by external stimuli. Older dogs may not appreciate loud, rambunctious children or parties with neverending music. Providing your dog with a place to relax, away from the noise, can keep bites at bay and ensure safety and good health.

Dalmatian lying in bed
Dalmatian lying in a white bed.

Keep Aggressive Dogs Supervised

If you know your dog can be aggressive, you should keep them supervised around others at all times. Your dog’s aggression may be challenging but will be necessary until you can help them keep their aggression to a minimum and prevent accidents that can lead to serious injury. Consider making them a nice spot nearby your most frequented areas in the home so you can watch them at all times.

barks beside the owner
Dog barks at a stranger beside the owner.

Adopt Warning Signs

Place signs around your fence or at your front door to warn others that a dog is on the premises. A simple “Beware of Dog” sign may suffice and help keep unsolicited visits away that may cause your dog to be nervous.

warning sign
A warning sign to stay away from the premises or a dog might attack you.

Final Thoughts

Some dogs are known to be more aggressive than others. Although Pitbulls are one of the dogs most likely to bite, there are plenty of other weary dogs who will bite when they feel threatened. Chow Chows, for example, are not easily trusting and generally don’t like strangers.

These dogs can feel easily unsafe around others and may present with aggressive symptoms when they feel cornered.

Chihuahuas are notorious for biting, as well. However, these dogs are so small and easily managed that they become the butts of jokes around the world.

There are many ways to present aggression in dogs and ensure that they don’t bite humans. You’ll want to ensure they have a safe place to go when they feel overwhelmed or threatened. You’ll also want to keep warning signs on your property, keep your dog supervised when with others, and make notes of aggressive signs for their future encounters.