Are Rottweilers Dangerous? (Statistics and Truth)

This is a question that many people ask, and the answer is not always clear. There are many myths about this breed of dog, but we want to set the record straight. In this article, we will explore the truth about Rottweilers and their reputation as a dangerous breed.

We will look at studies that have been conducted on this topic, and we will let the data speak for itself. We will also give our honest opinion on this misunderstood breed.

are Rottweilers dangerous
Are Rottweilers dangerous? (Statistics and Truth)

So, are Rottweilers dangerous? The answer is not a simple one. There are many factors that contribute to this answer, and we will explore them all in this article.

What we can say is that they do have all the necessary prerequisites to cause serious harm. We hope that you will have a better understanding of the truth about Rottweilers by the end of this article. So let’s get into it!

The Origins Of The Rottweiler

The Roman army is believed to be the origin of the Rottweiler breed. These dogs were bred to be strong and loyal, and they served as guard dogs and working dogs for the Roman army. After the fall of the Roman Empire, these dogs were kept in Germany, where they continued to be used as working dogs on farms and in villages. 

They eventually became known as “Rottweilers,” after the town of Rottweil in Germany. Rottweilers are large dogs, with males typically weighing between 115 and 130 pounds and females between 80 and 120 pounds. They are muscular and stocky, with short coats that can be black, tan, or black and tan.

Rottweilers were originally bred as working dogs, and they still excel at jobs such as herding, guarding, and law enforcement. However, they are also popular as family pets, thanks to their loyalty and devotion to their owners. If you’re thinking of adding a Rottweiler to your home, be sure to do your research and find a reputable breeder.

With proper care and training, a Rottweiler can make a wonderful companion.

We do not recommend getting a Rottweiler as your first dog since they require a great deal of training, proper socialization, and plenty of exercise. We also strongly encourage you not to get a Rottweiler solely because of their robust appearance. Dogs shouldn’t be treated as an addition to your “look” but rather as lifelong companions.

strong rottweiler
Strong Rottweiler

Are Rottweilers Dangerous?

While Rottweilers are large and powerful dogs, they are not inherently dangerous. However, they possess a greater potential for causing harm than smaller breeds of dogs and therefore require responsible ownership and training. When raised in a loving home and adequately socialized, Rottweilers can be gentle, affectionate companions.

However, if they are not given the proper care and attention, they may become aggressive.

Their formidable size, strong jaw, and powerful neck make them capable of inflicting serious injury, even death, to another animal or human. If a Rottweiler does attack, it is often caused by something the dog perceives as a threat without obvious warning. This is why responsible ownership of a Rottweiler is so essential.

Proper training and socialization are essential in order to prevent aggression and ensure that your Rottweiler grows up to be a well-adjusted, friendly dog.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to aggression in Rottweilers, including lack of socialization, poor training, abuse, or neglect. In some cases, aggression may also be genetic (however, this is quite rare). It is important to remember that any dog has the potential to bite or attack if it feels threatened or provoked.

However, with proper care and training, most Rottweilers will never pose a threat to people or other animals. 

Rottweiler licks her owner
Rottweiler and her owner are playing at the park.

Training Your Rottie

Training should become a staple from a young age. It will allow your Rottweiler to understand what is expected of them and build a bond between you and your dog. Start with basic commands such as sit, stay, come, down, and leave it.

Maybe one of the most important commands they should learn is to respect your order without hesitation. A stern “No” or “Come” should do the trick every single time.

It is also essential to get your Rottie used to being around people and other animals, as this will help prevent them from feeling threatened or aggressive in social situations. Introduce them to different types of people, such as men, women, and children of all ages, and make sure they have positive experiences with each. 

You can also take your Rottweiler to dog parks or doggy daycare to help them socialize with other animals. It is important that these experiences are positive ones, so make sure you choose a reputable daycare or park where the staff is experienced in handling large breeds.

With proper care and training, most Rottweilers will never pose a threat to people.

Rottweiler training
Training two Rottweilers in the field.

Other People Are Partly To Blame Also

While your Rottie is solely your responsibility, other people may cause your Rottie to misbehave and provoke him into attacking. We believe that it is of utmost importance that people learn how to behave around dogs, especially larger breeds, to avoid panic setting in and causing the dog to become nervous. 

One of the most important things for children to learn is how to behave around dogs, especially larger breeds. Many children are afraid of dogs, and this can lead to serious problems if they’re ever in a situation where they need to interact with one. Some tips that will help your child learn how to safely approach and interact with dogs:

  • Teach them to always ask the owner’s permission before petting any dog.
  • Instruct them not to pull on the dog’s fur or tail, as this can hurt the animal.
  • Show them how to pet the dog gently, using only their hand or fingers.
  • Explain that it’s important not to disturb a dog while it’s eating or sleeping.
Rottweiler mouth
Checking a Rottweiler’s mouth in the field.

Physical Punishment Is A No Go

Many people think that physical punishment is an effective way to train dogs, but this simply isn’t true, especially with larger breeds. Not only is it cruel and inhumane, but it can also actually lead to more behavioral problems down the road.

Physically punishing your dog will only make them afraid of you and less likely to listen to your commands. It’s important to remember that dogs are not humans, and they don’t understand why you’re hitting them. All they know is that they are in pain and that you are the cause of it.

There are much better ways to train your dog without resorting to violence. Positive reinforcement methods such as praise, treats, and toys are much more effective and will help you build a strong bond with your furry friend.

sad Rottweiler
Rottweiler being sad after a punishment.

What Does The Data Say?

Based on the DogsBite.org study, which collected information from U.S. media sources between 2005 and 2019, Pit Bulls and Rottweilers were responsible for 76% (397) of the recorded 521 fatal dog attacks in that time period. Rottweilers were responsible for 51 of the fatal attack during the 15-year period. 

In 2019 Rottweilers accounted for 8% of all fatal attacks (4 fatal attacks) in 2019.

Pit bulls make up about 6.5% of the total U.S. dog population, while Rottweilers account for less than 2%. In other words, these two breeds are disproportionately responsible for fatal dog attacks relative to their numbers in the canine population at large.

It’s worth noting that the term “Pit Bull” is a catch-all for several different breeds of dogs, including the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and American Pit Bull Terrier. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that these breeds are involved in more human bites than any other type of dog

A 2008 canine aggression study found that Rottweilers are average in aggressiveness towards their owners and other dogs but tend to be more aggressive than average towards strangers.

Another study observed and studied dog attacks that were fatal to humans by breed from 1979 till 1998 found similar results. This study seems to suggest that Rottweilers and Pit Bulls are more dangerous than other breeds of dogs.

So, yes, Pit Bulls and Rottweilers are more dangerous than other dogs, at least in terms of fatal attacks. But it’s important to keep some perspective. These two breeds account for less than 9% of the total U.S. dog population, yet they were responsible for 76% of recorded fatal dog attacks over a 12-year period. 

Pit Bull and Rottweiler
Pit Bull and Rottweiler can be aggressive due to different factors!

So Rotties Really Are Dangerous By Nature, Right?

While the data does show that Rotties can be quite dangerous, especially when compared to other dogs, we believe that this is not solely due to their nature. A lot of people acquire Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, and similar dog breeds with the intent of either looking or being dangerous, protecting their property, or in the worst-case scenario…dog fighting.  

When people get these dogs for the wrong reasons, it often leads to neglect, abuse, and poor training. These are the dogs that are more likely to lash out and hurt someone, not because they’re innately dangerous, but because they’ve been put in a position where they feel threatened or have been taught to be aggressive. 

The truth is that any dog has the potential to be dangerous if he or she is neglected, abused, or poorly trained. It’s important to remember that aggression is not a trait that is exclusive to certain breeds of dogs. Any dog has the potential to bite or attack if he or she feels threatened or has been mistreated. 

Are Rotties Dangerous For Other Pets?

Rottweilers can be pretty selfish and stubborn when it comes to other pets, especially if they are not socialized properly. Male Rottweilers can be especially stubborn and territorial. 

If you have another pet, it is important to properly socialize your Rottweiler so that he knows how to share and interact with other animals. Rottweilers who are not properly socialized can be dangerous to other pets because they may become aggressive or territorial. 

Especially non-neutered (castrated) males. However, if you take the time to socialize your Rottweiler, he will likely be a loving and gentle companion to other pets in your home.

Rottweiler running
Rottweiler running on the beach with other dogs.


The bottom line is that there is no simple answer to the question, “Are Rottweilers dangerous?.” Every dog is different, and every situation is unique. It is important to remember that any dog has the potential to be dangerous, regardless of breed. 

However, Rottweilers do have a predisposition to being a dangerous breed in the right circumstances. Factors such as socialization, training, and genetics all play a role in a dog’s aggression level. If you are thinking about getting a Rottweiler, it is important to do your research and make sure that you are prepared to handle this type of dog. 

Thank you for reading! We hope this article has helped you better understand the truth about Rottweilers.