10 REAL Dogs That Look Like a Polar Bear (Pictures)

It’s always fun to see animals that look like other animals. This article will check out dogs that look like polar bears!

dogs that look like a polar bear
10 Real Dogs That Look Like a Polar Bear

King of The North 

This gorgeous Great Pyrenees dog is perfectly content to be outdoors in weather that would make most of us cringe. He’s a resident of Empyre Pyrenees in upstate NY, where they get lots of snow, and recently had a storm that brought around 5 feet – yes, you read that right – of the white stuff. 

Great Pyrenees and owner
A happy dog owner with her Great Pyrenees at the porch.

These large, fluffy breeds enjoy the snow and cold so much that they may not want to come inside when their owners call them. While it’s hard to imagine any creature wanting to be out in these conditions, Great Pyrenees and other northern breeds are specially built for cold and snow

Still, it’s important to remember that even these breeds have their limits. At very low temperatures or long-term exposure, any dog can feel uncomfortably cold, suffer hypothermia, or get painful frostbite on their paws and nose. Every dog should have a cozy, safe shelter to go to in extreme weather. 

Santa’s Favorite Puppy

This gorgeous white Chow-Chow puppy would look right at home in the North Pole! As cute as he is, you can see the beginnings of the Chow Chows trademark scowl beginning to take shape. Chow-Chows are an ancient breed that originated in China.

white Chow Chow puppy
A white Chow Chow puppy stands at the backyard.

Their thick fur, dignified demeanor, and unique way of walking – some would call it stiff-legged – make them stand out from other similar breeds of dog. 

They’re not known for being super-friendly with people or other dogs, but if they’re socialized early and have a strong human to follow, they can be wonderful companions and protectors. 


This Kuvasz dog looks a bit like a polar bear, but he can also pass for a sheep in some lights. This makes sense since the breed – originally from Hungary – was used as a herding dog for generations. In addition to herding, this breed is also known for being guard dogs for the Hungarian royal family. 

adult Kuvasz sits quietly
An adult Kuvasz sits quietly on the ground.

The dog in this picture looks like he respects his regal heritage, but at the same time, he would probably rather chase a frisbee than stand guard at a palace. While Kuvasz can have a dominant personality, they’re also fun dogs who like to play and be silly with their people. 

Not a Pillow 

Mascotte the Samoyed is having a lovely evening lounging on the couch. At first glance, someone might mistake her for a plush throw pillow, but her adorable eyes give her away. 

Samoyed on a plain background
A Samoyed phot shoot on a plain background.

Samoyeds have a long and fascinating history. Originally from the arctic regions of northern Siberia, the dogs were valuable to the indigenous Nenets people for herding reindeer and pulling sleds. Genetic studies have traced ancestors of modern Samoyed dogs up to 2,000 years back in that region. 

Today, these mid-sized, dark-eyed dogs are known for their excellent temperament and abundant energy. Most are white, but some may have a cream-colored coat or a combination of cream and white. 


We’re not sure exactly what breed little Mabel is. She’s a rescue dog, and her people suspect she is a Shepherd/Husky mix. She is an unbelievably cute puppy who seems extremely happy and eager to share her doggie smile with the world. 

white Husky puppy sits on a bench
A white Husky puppy sits on a bench.

Both German Shepherds and Huskies can be white, although it is relatively rare. When these dogs are light in color, their heavy coat, long snout, and large paws can definitely give a polar bear vibe. Mabel seems to be on the small side for both these breeds, but who knows, she may have a growth spurt and become a bigger dog. 

We hope she found a great home with humans who adore her! 


Lily is an older Great Pyrenees getting physical therapy to help her with arthritis in her hips.

Great Pyrenees ear scratch
Great Pyrenees having an ear scratch from his owner.

Great Pyrenees trace their ancestry to the French Alps, where traditionally, they helped farmers protect their livestock from wolves and other predators. Nowadays, these dogs are beloved for their majestic size, plush coat, and loyal temperament

They can be energetic working dogs in their youth, but like many large dog breeds, they may experience hip problems as they age. You must take your dog for regular checkups and let the vet know if it is showing any signs of pain or difficulty walking. 


This Central Asian Shepherd is having a lovely autumn walk. His fancy harness fits his style perfectly. These dogs are from vast regions of the steppe where the weather is brutal, and there are many predators to fight off.

Central Asian Shepherd standing
Central Asian Shepherd stands and looks on his side at the park.

That means Central Asian Shepherd dogs have evolved to be strong, hearty, and courageous.

They tend to be somewhat aggressive, independent dogs, so they’re not recommended for novice dog owners. They require plenty of observation, training, and bond-building to be good pets.

The dog in this photo has cropped ears, as do most dogs of this breed. Traditionally, cropping was done to prevent dogs’ ears from being ripped during guard dog activities. In recent years, animal rights organizations have educated the public about the cruelty of this painful procedure, so hopefully, more breeders and owners will choose to keep their dogs’ ears intact. 

Chair Bear 

Keanu is chilling in the living room, but he looks like he should be on the tundra. This Samoyed has fur density, bulk, and giant paws that give him a polar bear-like look. He and his sister, Summer Girl enjoy a healthy following on social media, where their humans document their everyday adventures. 

Samoyed walks towards bowl
The Samoyed walks towards the bowl in the living room.

Did you know that all white Samoyeds are the descendants of a litter of puppies born in the late 19th century? 

A group of explorers hoped to make an arctic expedition and brought some dogs. Unfortunately, most did not survive the journey, but there was a silver lining. One of the females gave birth on the ship to a litter of hale and hearty pups, all of whom had snow-white fur. 

Interestingly, these white Samoyeds were used not just for sled pulls but also for hunting polar bears! Perhaps, looking a bit like baby polar bears themselves, the dogs acted as decoys, drawing the bears in so the hunters could take their opportunity. 

Matzo and Marcie 

These two mini-bears are bringing ALL the happy, positive energy! The two young Great Pyrenees are new siblings! In the pic, Matzo had recently been adopted, and Marcie seemed overjoyed to have someone to play with. 

two Great Pyrenees puppies
The two Great Pyrenees puppies stay together.


Senior gentleman Huckleberry is one of the most polar bear-ish dogs we’ve ever seen. He is so friendly and sweet; he makes you want to give him a big hug. He recently got a haircut to trim down some of his wiry, curly coat. 

white Irish Wolfhound at the park
A happy white Irish Wolfhound at the park.

Huckleberry’s owner was trying to find the best diet for him because as he got older, he was putting on weight that made it harder for him to get around. He is a Wolfhound, one of the world’s largest dog breeds. 

Wolfhounds’ history goes back centuries. They were used as hunting dogs and guard dogs by the Gaels, ancient Irish people. They were later adopted by Romans who were invading the British Isles.

These days, Wolfhounds are chosen as pets by people who want big, cuddly, affectionate dogs.