Best Hunting Dog Names

Naming your new dog can be a tough decision. After all, once they learn its name, it’ll be hard to change it, so it’s important to find the one that will stick. 

If you have a hunting dog, that can make the decision even more critical. You want a short, easy-to-remember name so you can call your dog to you while you’re out hunting. 

best hunting dog names
Choosing the best hunting dog names – actually good suggestions

You also probably want one that won’t confuse other hunters (so names like “Bear” or “Skunk” may not be a good choice.) 

So what kind of names should you be considering? We’ll discuss a few tips that’ll help you choose the best name for your dog before giving you a few suggestions that might be a good fit. 

Tips for Choosing a Dog Name 

When searching for a dog name, you will want something that suits your four-legged companion but is still unique and easy to remember. Here’s are some tips to help you make your choice. 

Keep it Short and Simple 

Try to find a name that is short, sweet, and easy to remember–one or two syllables are the best. If you have little kids in your family, a longer name can be difficult to pronounce. And if you need to call your dog but are struggling to remember its name, that can be a problem. 

Some people may go with a longer “official” name for their dog, which can look great on certificates. But in most cases, you will end up shortening that name in daily use. As long as you’re okay with using a nickname most of the time, though, a long name can still be suitable for your dog. 

End With a Vowel 

The best dog names end with a vowel, most often -y or -e. Think of common dog names such as “Buddy”, “Sadie,” or “Charlie,” for instance. 

Even if you give your dog a name ending with a consonant, you may find yourself adding a “-y” sound at the end of their name anyway. Many people with dogs named things like “Max” or “Jack” end up calling them “Maxie” or “Jackie” from time to time, for instance. 

Make it Unique 

It’s important to give your dog a name that stands out. This is even more important if you have more than one dog, as names that sound too similar can lead to confusion. 

Also, avoid naming your dog after a family member or a friend. Otherwise, you might confuse the dog and your family. 

english mastiff dog
An English Mastiff dog is amongst the largest in the world – and deserve a strong big dog name

Consider Personality and Appearance 

Personality and appearance are two equally important factors to consider when naming your dog. 

It’s common to name dogs after appearances. Big dogs may earn names like “Hunter” or “Bear,” and smaller dogs may earn names like “Princess” and “Teddy.” But appearances aren’t everything–be sure to find a name that matches their personality, too! 

For example, if you have a fluffy white dog, it may be tempting to name them something like “Marshmallow” or “Fluffy.” But if they have an energetic personality, something like “Rocket” or “Ziggy” might be even more fitting. 

Practice Saying It 

Regardless of the name you choose, you and your family will want to practice saying it until you make it official. 

If you have little kids, make sure you pick something that’s easy for them to pronounce– or one they can shorten, if not. 

Practicing your dog’s name can also be a great way to form a bond with your new friend! 

Best Hunting Dog Names 

Do you have a dog that you’d like to take on hunting trips? Or do you simply have a dog breed that’s common for hunting, like a basset hound or a poodle, and you want a name to reflect that? 

No matter what the reason may be, there are plenty of perfect hunting dog names for you to choose from. Here are some of the best names to give to your hunting dogs! 

labrador guard dog
A Labrador as a guard dog


A notable Greek goddess, Artemis was the goddess of hunting and wild animals, making this a perfect name for a hunting dog. 

Since this name is a bit long, many dog owners may end up shortening it to “Artie” or “Missy.” In any case, it’s a beautifully appropriate name for your powerful hunting companion. 


Oakley is a perfect name for any dog. It’s cute and easy to pronounce, and it has some playful energy behind it. 

As you might have already guessed, the name Oakley means “meadow of oak trees.” Nature-themed names such as this are perfect for hunting dogs who will spend a lot of time in the wilderness. 


Many people associate this gender-neutral name with To Kill A Mockingbird. However, it can also make a great title for your hunting dog. 

This one-syllable name is easy to remember and isn’t very common, so you can expect it to be unique to your dog. Scout means “first explorer,” making it fitting if your dog has an adventurous personality. 

doberman guard dog
A Doberman


While it’s a rather unconventional name, Maverick can be an excellent name for your male hunting dog. It has a unique, old-fashioned vibe to it, too. 

Maverick means “independent,” so it’s perfect if your hunting dog tends to take the initiative during hunting trips! 


This is, admittedly, a pretty common name for dogs. However, it’s just too sweet not to mention! Consider giving this name to your female furry friend. 

It rolls off the tongue perfectly, making it easy to call for your dog when you’re out in the wilderness. 


If you and your dog plan to go deer hunting this winter, this might be the perfect name for him! It’s easy to remember and really evokes the feel of hunting. It also has some additional appeal to fans of Marvel’s Winter Soldier. 


Fans of the award-winning novel Shiloh will love this name for their hunting dog. While the dog in this book is a beagle, it’s suitable for dogs of any breed. 

Shiloh is a name with Hebrew origins. It means “peace” and originates from Genesis, so this name may appeal to dog owners who want a name to reflect their faith! 

best dog food for German shepherds
Choosing the best food for a German Shepherd can be tricky – they eat alot! Some people make food for their German Retrievers at home.


Astrid is a powerful name with Scandinavian origins. It was once common among royalty, and it means “divinely beautiful.” 

Because it has feminine origins, most people will give this name to a female dog. However, it’s suitable for a male dog as well. 


This name may be a bit on the nose, but it’s a cute and fitting name all the same. While it’s more common among males, it can be suitable for a female dog as well. 

With a fierce name like this, everyone who meets your dog will know what a strong and loyal hunter they are! 


Like Hunter, this name will let everyone know off the bat that your dog is a powerful, dedicated hunting dog. It rolls off the tongue easily, so you’ll have an easy time calling your dog back to you when you’re out hunting together. 


This masculine name is perfect for your toughest hunting dog. It means “heavy” and sounds quite similar to “brutal.” 

This name may appeal to those with a passion for Ancient Rome. If you have two dogs and want matching names, consider naming the other one “Caesar.” 


If your dog has a big, earth-shaking bark, this might be the perfect name for them. This name also references the sound of a fire, making it even more suitable for a dog who will accompany you on your hunting trips. 

portuguese water dog vs labradoodle
A side by side of a Portuguese Water Dog and a Labradoodle. What beautiful chocolate coats!

Best Hunting Dog Names – Takeaways 

There are endless name options out there for your hunting dog, but these are just a few of the best. 

Overall, it’s important to find a name that suits your dog’s appearance and personality. Perhaps a hunting dog name may not be best for them; if you’re not sure, we have plenty of other dog name suggestions for you to consider.