EzyDog DFD Life Jacket Review (Expert Hands-On)

We go to the beach a lot with our dog, and take or dog on boats too. I decided to try out the EzyDog DFD Dog Life Jacket with Max, my mini Labradoodle. We were curious to see how it would perform in real-life situations.

(DFD stands for dog floatation device if you were wondering)

First Impressions: The EzyDog Life Jacket stood out with its thoughtful design and the promise of keeping dogs afloat easily. Max, who’s usually a bit wary of new accessories, seemed comfortable from the start.

Editor's Choice
EzyDog DFD Dog Life Jacket (also for Puppies)

The sizing ran true and fits our test dog (Max the Labradoodle) pefectly. This is a quality product and the materials feel durable. Tested in salt water and fresh.

OodleLife's Hands On Review of the EzyPet DFD LifeJacket

  • Versatile adjustment straps
  • Secure when fitted correctly
  • Durable materials
  • Allows swimming and running
  • Slightly tricky to intially adjust
  • Limited color range
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Our Verdict

Our experience with the EzyDog DFD earns it a solid 4.5/5 stars.

  • Effectiveness: 5/5
  • Comfort: 4.5/5
  • Safety Features: 4.5/5
  • Durability: 4/5

Max’s experience was noticeably positive. Wearing the EzyDog DFD, he appeared more confident and enjoyed his time in the water more than usual. This life jacket seemed to offer him a sense of security, making our aquatic adventures more enjoyable.

A short video of Chris Allen, editor of OodleLife, and Max the Labradoodle testing the Ezydog harness.

EzyDog DFD Dog Life Jacket Overview

On our recent beach outing, we decided to equip our mini Labradoodle with the EzyDog DFD life jacket. From the get-go, the jacket’s ultra-buoyancy foam was a game-changer, ensuring our little swimmer stayed afloat and maintained a comfortable swimming posture.

The Fit: It was just right—snug enough to offer security without limiting his joyful splashes and dashes through the waves. The ergonomic grab handle proved invaluable, making it a breeze to lift him out of the water whenever needed.

(Tester’s Note: Max is tiny and the handle works for his weight. For a larger dog the handle is durable and seems strong. I can see it being useful to aid a heavier dog in and out of the water. Maybe to assist a dog from lake water up onto a boat or pontoon)

EzyDog DFD Life Jacket Review (Expert Hands-On) 1
Max the Labradoodle, the star of our hands-on test of the Ezydog Life Jacket.

Highlighted Features I liked:

  • Padded Chest Straps: These brought an extra touch of comfort and a secure fit, perfect for a small dog.
  • Nylon D-Ring: A convenient feature for quick leash attachments, making transitions smooth.
  • Stainless Steel D-Ring: Its durability and resistance to rust were reassuring, especially in the salty beach environment.

Finding the right size for a small dog like ours online was initially a concern, but the fit was spot-on, thanks to the accurate size guide. Our beach day was not only fun but also safe, with the EzyDog DFD’s design clearly prioritizing our little one’s well-being in the water.

EzyDog DFD Life Jacket Review (Expert Hands-On) 2
I like the buoyant foam Ezydog use, it feels durable and REALLY floats.

Pros and Cons


  • Adjustable Straps: Ensure a snug, secure fit for different dog sizes.
  • Ultra-Buoyancy Foam: Keeps dogs afloat and supports natural swimming.
  • Ergonomic Grab Handle: Facilitates easy lifting and maneuvering in water.
  • High-Visibility Color & Reflective Trim: Enhances safety through improved visibility.
  • Durable Materials: Withstand the rigors of water play and ensure long-term use.


  • Initial Adjustment Required: Finding the perfect fit can take some time, especially for smaller dogs.
  • Limited Color Options: May not appeal to all preferences. We like the striking yellow/gold and black contrast but not all will.
  • Price Point: Higher than some other options on the market, though reflective of quality and features.

Safety, Comfort, and Key Features

EzyDog DFD Life Jacket Review (Expert Hands-On) 3
Max the Labradoodle, the strt of our hands on test of the Ezydog Life Jacket.

Adjusting for the Perfect Fit: Finding the right fit for Max, especially given his smaller size, took some initial adjusting. The EzyDog DFD’s adjustable straps were key, allowing for a snug fit that kept him secure without hindering his movements.

It has been tricky to find a life jacket that fits Max as he has a classic Poodle shape underneath all that Labradoodle wavy hair. With some adjustment, the Ezydog Life Jacket worked for us. The sizing table on Amazon was true.
Chris Allen (Editor of OodleLife)
(and Dad to Max the Labradoodle)

Ultra-Buoyancy Foam: This feature is at the heart of the life jacket, ensuring Max stays afloat with minimal effort. It supports a natural swimming posture, crucial for his confidence and stamina in the water.

Ergonomic Grab Handle: The well-placed handle made it easy to guide Max in the water and lift him when necessary. Its design focuses on safety and ease of use, providing peace of mind during our aquatic adventures.

Visibility is Key: The jacket’s high-visibility color and reflective trim are standout features. They keep Max visible in various conditions, from crowded beaches to low-light settings, ensuring his safety is always a priority.

Material Matters: The EzyDog DFD is crafted from durable, breathable materials. This combination ensures longevity and comfort, making the jacket a reliable accessory for water play, even on warmer days.

By integrating these features, the EzyDog DFD Dog Life Jacket offers a comprehensive solution for Max’s water safety and comfort, proving to be an essential gear for our water-based activities.

What Others Have Found

EzyDog DFD Life Jacket Review (Expert Hands-On) 4
Max the Labradoodle after he convinced us to take off his life jacket so he could run on the beach

Before I purchased this to test, I researched on groups and Reddit to find what others had experienced with this product. I made notes summarized here.

Positive Experiences:

  • Many users report their dogs show increased confidence in the water while wearing the EzyDog DFD.
  • The ergonomic grab handle is frequently praised for its convenience during water rescues and guidance.
  • The durability and quality of materials receive high marks, with several mentions of the jacket’s longevity even with frequent use.

Areas for Improvement:

  • A few users note the initial fitting process can be tricky, echoing our experience with Max.
  • Some wish for a wider range of colors to personalize their choice further.

Overall Sentiment:

  • The consensus among users is overwhelmingly positive, with many appreciating the peace of mind the EzyDog DFD provides during water activities.
  • The jacket’s effectiveness in keeping dogs safe and comfortable in the water is a recurring theme in user reviews.
EzyDog DFD Life Jacket Review (Expert Hands-On) 5
Max the Labradoodle enjoying a day at the beach (and some product testing)


Q: Is the EzyDog DFD suitable for small dogs like Max? A: Yes, with some initial adjustment, the EzyDog DFD can be fitted snugly to smaller dogs, ensuring their safety and comfort in the water.

Q: Can the life jacket withstand frequent use in saltwater? A: Absolutely. The durable materials of the EzyDog DFD are designed to withstand the rigors of both freshwater and saltwater use, maintaining their integrity over time.

The EzyDog DFD Dog Life Jacket has proven to be a reliable and essential piece of gear for Max’s water adventures, offering both safety and comfort. It’s a worthwhile investment for any dog owner who values their pet’s well-being in aquatic environments.