How To Stop a Goldendoodle Biting?! (Updated Guide 2024)

Adding a Goldendoodle to your home can be a wonderful experience. However, dealing with Goldendoodle biting is not something pet owners like to face.

These dogs can bite for several reasons, so knowing why they do it can help you stop this undesirable behavior

Goldendoodle biting
How to stop a Goldendoodle biting?! (Updated Guide )

This guide has everything you need to know about Goldendoodle biting habits and what to do when it happens. 

Why Does Your Goldendoodle Bite and How To Stop It?

To adequately address biting in your new four-legged friend, you need to know the reason behind the behavior. So here are the most common reasons why you’ll see Goldendoodles biting at all ages

  • Teething 
  • Exploring their surroundings 
  • Playing
  • Boredom 
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of training 
  • Scared or fearful 
  • Pain 

However, your new pet could be biting for more than one reason. For example, puppies will often bite while playing with their siblings and because they are teething. 

Let’s explore these causes of Goldendoodle biting and how to stop them. 


Puppies will lose their baby teeth, and the new ones grow in as they mature. During this development stage, the mouth and gums can be sore, making them want to bite anything in reach. This teething stage can last from 3 weeks old to 6 months old. 

Goldendoodle pulls towel
Goldendoodle pulls and bites a towel.

Teething puppies who resort to biting may continue this habit even after they have their adult teeth if their owners don’t address it quickly. 

The Resolution 

If your Goldendoodle falls in the age category of the teething phase, you can encourage them to chew on appropriate items for relief. Some terrific options to give your puppy during this biting phase include: 

  • Hard rubber toys
  • Braided ropes 
  • Nylon bones
  • Deer antlers 
  • Bully sticks 
  • Frozen veggies and fruit 

Exploring Their Surroundings

Dogs have an acute sense of smell. Their heightened scent receptors drive them to explore things around them, including household items and even your fingers. Nipping and biting are your pet’s way of examining new or different items

adult goldendoodle
Moyen Goldendoodles are smaller than Standard Goldendoodles, and larger than Miniatures.

Curiosity is a healthy habit for Goldendoodles, but biting should not be part of the process. 

The Resolution 

If you notice your Goldendoodle biting your hands after you prepare food, it’s likely your pet can smell it, enticing them to check it out. However, if your new best friend is doing damage while exploring its surroundings, you must puppy-proof your home until they learn proper manners

Anytime you catch your dog chewing on an item that’s strictly off-limits, tell them a stern no command and offer them an appropriate toy or chewing alternative that piques their interest. 


Dogs will instinctively bite and nip when they play with littermates as puppies. If this behavior is left unaddressed, mature dogs will continue to bite during playtime. Playful biting is not always harmful, but it can be if it gets out of control as your Goldendoodle matures. 

Goldendoodle getting a belly rub
A Goldendoodle getting a belly rub from his owner.

The Resolution 

When Goldendoodles bite during playtime, you must correct the behavior immediately. Give your pet a stern no command, and offer them an alternative to biting and chewing. Some dogs respond well when owners stop playing with them after biting and leave the room.

This breed is intelligent and will quickly learn that biting is not welcome. 


Goldendoodles are smart dogs requiring adequate mental stimulation and physical exercise. If your pet is not receiving enough engagement throughout the day, it will become bored and chew or bite. Some animals may even bite at your hands and feet to get your attention when bored. 

Goldendoodle with fresh haircut
Goldendoodle with fresh haircut on a white background.

Although boredom can be prevalent in the first couple years of your Goldendoodles life, it can still be a concern for some mature dogs. 

The Resolution 

It’s vital that you walk your Goldendoodle for at least two hours each day for proper physical exercise. In addition, try offering your pet toys to help stimulate their mind, like treat puzzles and snuffle mats. These products will provide the mental exercise they need and keep them from being bored at home.

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Anxious Goldendoodles who bite are no fun. Unfortunately, some dog breeds, like the Goldendoodle, are prone to separation anxiety. You may notice more biting behavior if your dog doesn’t like being alone for long periods.

sad Goldendoodle
Goldendoodle puppy is not feeling well.

This hybrid dog enjoys the company of its humans and can show anxious traits if you leave them home alone all day. 

The Resolution

If your Goldendoodle is biting you before you leave or when you return, they may have anxiety issues. Proper kennel training and routine exercise with mental stimulation can help calm your pet down when you need to leave them alone for an extended time. 

Lack of Training 

Goldendoodle puppies are adorable, and many dog owners will let some typical puppy behaviors, like biting, slide. However, if you don’t train your pet from the day it comes home, these bad habits will continue into adulthood, causing more problems. 

Goldendoodle training
A boy trains a Goldendoodle at the park.

This hybrid dog breed is extremely energetic and needs proper training to follow your commands. Sometimes dogs are rehomed because of behavior issues like biting, only because they were never taught that this action is something they shouldn’t do. 

The Resolution 

For Goldendoodle biting that happens due to a lack of training, you can still turn it around, even with adult dogs. This crossbreed is extremely intelligent and loves to please its owners. Always remember to use a stern no command when they bite, offer alternatives, and reward them when they act appropriately.

Soon, your Goldendoodle will have the proper training and better manners you want in a pet. 

Scared or Fearful 

Some Goldendoodles bite when they are scared or fearful of something. For example, if your pet is afraid of loud noises or certain people, they may lash out by biting. Although this reaction is common for some dogs, you shouldn’t ignore it.

Goldendoodle carried by her owner
Behaved Goldendoodle carried by her owner.

This fearful behavior can get out of control and inflict harm to people or animals without proper coaching as your dog matures. 

The Resolution 

Dogs who feel safe are less likely to bite when a frightening situation occurs. Owners of Goldendoodles that bite can use various methods to help eliminate this behavior, depending on the reason for their fright. Some ways to help your pet are: 

  • Scared of thunderstorms – use a thunder jacket.
  • Frightened about meeting new people or animals – use slow, short introductions. 
  • Afraid of loud noises – offer a crate as a safe space with treats and positive attention.
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Dogs cannot speak to tell us when they are hurting or have pain. Therefore, a dog who suddenly bites its owner may have underlying health issues. Animals will do this to scare people away from handling them where it hurts the most.

brown goldendoodle face
The smiling face of a brown and black Godlendoodle with a short coat (aka a recent haircut)

Although animals can’t talk, they can tell us a lot of information through their actions. 

If your Goldendoodle bites when you try to pet it or handle it, it could be dealing with pain from an illness or significant injury. 

The Resolution 

If you have ruled out other causes for your Goldendoodle biting behaviors, the next step is heading to your local veterinarian. You want to ensure your pet does not have a health condition that is causing them pain. 

Your vet may conduct x-rays or other diagnostic tests to rule out physical fractures or serious illnesses that may produce pain for your dog. 

Final Thoughts

Of course, everyone loves a well-behaved Goldendoodle, but sometimes your pet needs a little extra training and support to learn good manners. Putting in the effort will ensure your Goldendoodle acts appropriately and doesn’t resort to biting. 

Dealing with a Goldendoodle biting can be challenging, but it isn’t impossible to turn around. Once you can pinpoint the reason for the behavior, you can use these successful methods to keep it from happening. You may need professional help from a trainer or veterinarian, but once your Goldendoodle knows how to behave, you will have a terrific and loyal friend.