Halo Dog Collar Review [2024 Hands-on]

Our furry best friend comes with some challenges, mainly training and behavior. If you’re looking for solutions, then the Halo dog collar could be your answer to both. 

Using smart technology, the Halo dog collar fuses training, fencing, tracking, and behavior for your dog into one easy step. 

halo dog collar review
Halo Dog Collar Review [2022 Hands-on]

In this article, we will explain what the Halo dog collar is, its associated subscriptions, and the features that could benefit you and your pooch. Read on to find out more!

Live GPS Tracking
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What Is a Halo Dog Collar?

Halo dog collars are wireless dog collars that blend smart technology across multiple categories

The mission of the Halo brand is to create safer and happier lives for dogs and their owners. Halo products help prevent lost or stolen dogs and provide roadside safety, improved behavior, wireless or cordless leashing, and, most importantly, freedom. 

Each Halo dog collar kit includes one collar and sized strap, a Halo beacon, one wall charger, several USB cables, and numerous collar attachments. You can use the Halo dog collar on any pup over five months. 

Staffordshire held by collar
Staffordshire held by the collar.

Halo Dog Collar Subscriptions 

Through one of three subscription options (Basic, Silver, and Gold), you can gain access to the world of the Halo dog collar. Fencing, wireless leashing, training, statistics, GPS tracking, live trainers, and Q&A sessions are all at your disposal. 

Basic Plan Features 

  • 20 fences and virtual boundaries 
  • Basic tracking and data
  • Basic training 
  • 21-day training program
  • Unlimited cellular data 
  • Basic safety sessions

Silver Plan Features 

  • Owner to pet communication system directly from the collar 
  • Custom support for indoor and outdoor activities
  • 20 fences and virtual boundaries 
  • More developed tracking charts and data
  • Basic training 
  • 21-day training program
  • Unlimited cellular data 
  • Basic safety sessions

Gold Plan Features 

  • Monthly premium training sessions
  • Expert dog trainers complete with options for live sessions
  • Q&A
  • Owner to pet communication system directly from the collar 
  • Custom support for indoor and outdoor activities
  • 20 fences and virtual boundaries 
  • More developed tracking charts and data
  • Basic training
  • 21-day training program
  • Unlimited cellular data 
  • Basic safety sessions

Features of the Halo Dog Collar

One of the main perks of Halo dog collars is the ability to establish up to twenty virtual fencing lines for your dog. Virtual boundaries can be created by walking or via the map using the Halo app for iOS and Android. 

In addition to “invisible” fencing, the Halo is, of course, a collar. Its wireless feature allows independence and natural roaming to occur for your pup. The collar works with the fencing to alert dogs to upcoming boundaries. Voice commands, vibrations, static, and even praises are integrated to encourage good behavior.

GPS and activity trackers analyze and report your dog’s whereabouts, the number of walks and other movements, and even their sleeping patterns. 

As a Halo product, the dog collar is equipped with a 21-day intensive training program. The program helps your dog adapt to the wireless equipment and provides helpful training tips for indoor and outdoor behavior. 

leather dog collar
What a good boy! Leather is a durable, stylish and long lasting material for dog collars.

Pros and Cons of the Halo Dog Collar

The Halo dog collar blends modern technology with safety and security for our beloved pets. Benefits of the Halo dog collar include safety features and monitors, along with smart and water-resistant technology.

Before you get ecstatic, the Halo dog collar has some cons too. A notable drawback of the Halo dog collar is its integrated subscription package. One of the three subscription plans must be activated and paid monthly to access all amenities of the Halo dog collar. 


  • Wireless and smart technology
  • Water-resistant 
  • Unlimited cellular data
  • Adaptable to any indoor or outdoor environment
  • 10 miles active radius
  • Safe and proactive training 
  • Strong battery life 
  • An easy to use app to keep track of progress 
  • Adjustable and sizeable collar 
  • One year limited warranty


  • Collar can be incompatible with smaller dogs
  • No free plans 
  • Many Halo features are only available with the Silver or Gold Halo subscriptions
small dog with a collar
A small dog with a collar.

21-Day Halo Dog Collar Program

A benefit of the Halo dog collar brand is the 21-day intensive program. Its goal is to familiarize your dog and you with the features and benefits of the Halo dog collar. You will also learn how to best optimize its uses. 

Halo’s dog collar program is inspired by a partnership between Halo and the expert dog trainer, Cesar Millan. Millan combines his knowledge of behavior and training methods with his passion for dogs. The result claims to produce a well-trained and well-behaved pet.  

The 21-day Halo dog collar program introduces four simple steps into your dog’s routine. Steps include:

  • Step 1: Halo dog collar set up 
  • Step 2: Beginning user training 
  • Step 3: Indoor training 
  • Step 4: Outdoor training 

Day one and day two introduce the first two steps, set up and beginning training, for the Halo dog collar to you and your dog. The Halo dog collar kits provide a step-by-step training guide that owners can follow manually or on the Halo app. Millan inserts useful training videos and tutorials for basic dog training and training specifically for the Halo dog collar which can be accessed exclusively through the Halo app. 

Step three encompasses days three through ten. During this time, your dog learns indoor training. Finally, the fourth step incorporates days 11 through 21. Here, your dog learns outdoor training with the Halo dog collar. 

Both indoor and outdoor training are aligned with the training features inside the Halo dog collar itself. The training features consist of commands and encouragements through vibrations, sounds, and static. Training features include:

  • Boundary commands such as “come home”
  • Warnings 
  • Whistle commands
  • “Good dog” encouragement
  • Emergency sounds or vibrations 

Each training feature can be applied or retracted at the owner’s discretion. Custom commands and encouragements can also be created in the Halo app and applied to your dog’s training program. 

GPS and tracking features are covered in step four, outdoor training, of the 21-day Halo dog collar program. In addition to learning commands and cheers, your pup will learn how to respond to boundaries and features. 

By the end of Millan’s training program, you and your dog will possess the confidence to navigate and operate the Halo dog collar. 

dog wearing collar in farmland
A dog wearing a leather collar sits next to a wire fence

Is the Halo Dog Collar Right for You?

The Halo dog collar is great for the hands-off operation of your dog’s movements. It is also excellent for monitoring your fur friend’s health and wellness. All-in-all, the Halo dog collar integrates premier training and safety characteristics with advanced wireless technology. 

Looking beyond its features, it’s a good idea to factor in if this collar is the best match for your pup. If you have a mid to large-size dog, then the Halo collar will work best for you. Moreover, there’s no getting around the fact that the Halo dog collar is not a one-off expense. Instead, you will have to subscribe to one of three plans. 

There’s no question that the Halo dog collar is a quality product. User reviews are consistently positive, with a minimum of four-star ratings across multiple platforms.

cocker spaniel wearing collar
A Cocker Spaniel outdoors wearing a vibrant orange collar

Of course, even with GPS trackers or an excellent fence, a simple microchip is a lifesaver and a really basic and smart investment for your dog. Hands down the best cheap bang for your buck way to get a missing dog back.

Final Thoughts

The Halo dog collar is feature-rich. But, those features require a monthly subscription

If the Halo dog collar sounds like the perfect fit for you, then it is a product that can serve you and your furry friend well. 

Just remember that a training collar requires lots of responsibility and care to be beneficial. Ultimately, what matters before training and addressing behavior is the health and well-being of your beloved pup.