90+ Harry Potter Dog Names (& Their Meanings!)

The Harry Potter series was already a popular book series and together with the movies now make one of the most beloved tales. 

If you are one of the million Harry Potter fans around the world, you might want to name your precious pooch after some of the most beloved characters or things. 

Harry Potter dog names
90+ Harry Potter Dog Names (& Their Meanings!)

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you! Here are some of the most prominent names from the Harry Potter book and movie series that you might want to name your dog.

Names After Characters 

Dumbledore – Headmaster of Hogwarts one of the most legendary figures, he was the only wizard Lord Voldemort truly feared.

Harry – The most important and prominent figure around which the whole series revolves. True to his quest, Harry has proven bravery and courage in every step he took along with determination and self-sacrifice.

Hermione – Hermione actually means “Messenger” but in the books, her name was a reflection of her parents. Apart from having many significant roles, Hermione is a loyal friend and companion to Harry and Ron.

Ron – Harry’s best friend, Ron, or Ronald Billius Weasley, is loyal, funny, and smart.

Draco – Draco Malfoy is a mean, power-hungry character in Harry Potter. He may act all cunning and fearless but without his friends and family, he is cowardly and small. 

Lucius – Lucius Malfoy is an extremely unpleasant character that is one of the baddies. 

Snape – Severus Snape is a bitter, cold character with a sarcastic wit. Throughout the series, he was thought to be a big baddie, but it turns out otherwise. 

Luna – Luna Lovegood is an ethereal, likable character with a quiet but eccentric character. Her name means “moon.”

Dobby – The gnome that is fiercely loyal to his friends and will put himself in harm’s way to protect them. 

Hagrid – The perfect example of a loyal, trustworthy, sentimental, outstanding friend who will never leave you alone in times of need. 

Minerva (Minnie) – Professor Minerva McGonagall is a strict yet loyal teacher who doesn’t tolerate foolishness, especially during her class.

Bellatrix – Bellatrix Lestrange is a character that finds pleasure in inflicting pain and suffering on others. She has a temper not only dangerous to herself but dangerous to everyone around her. 

Gellert – Gellert Grindelwald, the most powerful dark wizard before the time of Lord Voldemort. 

Neville – Shy and reserved, Neville is one of the good guys in Gryffindor House. 

Sirius Black – A good guy and Harry’s godfather, having served a tough time in Azkaban, Sirius remained reckless and is not afraid of sacrificing himself if that was the only way to save his friends.

Newt – Being Dumbledore’s former best student, Newt Scamander is the only wizard to have successfully trained dragons which later came into use to defeat Gellert Grindelwald.

Remus – Remus Lupin is a forgiving and good-natured character that portrayed intelligence and selflessness along with tolerance throughout the series despite dealing with his lycanthropy.

Ginny – Ginny Weasley is energetic and very friendly but at the same time very independent and is not afraid to speak her mind. 

Nagini – Also known as The Snake Girl, Nagini was Lord Voldemort’s pet in the form of a long green snake.

Fleur – Fleur Delacour, a pureblood that possesses literal supernatural beauty and charm, is a compassionate, loving girl who stands up for herself and for those she loves.

Golden Retriever Harry Potter
Golden Retriever dressed as Harry Potter.

Tonks – A friendly yet powerful and skilled witch.

Lily Potter – Harry’s mother who sacrificed herself for her son. 

Regulus – The perfectionist brother of Sirius who was quite different from him but showed similarities with his parents’ personalities.

Alastor Moody – An entertaining character and tough fighter that has gone through many difficult times. 

Hedwig – Everyone who has seen Harry Potter loves the affectionate and loyal companion of Harry’s, his snowy owl.

James – Harry’s father, James was a cheeky kid that grew into a wise and talented wizard. 

Peeves – A little poltergeist that dressed quite oddly in bright colors.

Fred – The entertaining member of the Weasley family who came off as goofy but very protective and brave.

Myrtle – Moaning Myrtle was a ghost who was always seen crying at every excuse she had to moan and wail about.

Cedric – One of the good guys, Cedric Diggory got struck by a Killing Curse which got him. Poor him. 

Diggory – You can always use the courageous Cedric’s last name for a dog and shorten it to “Diggy.” 

Charlie – A hardworking member of the Weasley family who is a dragon handler. 

Oliver – The captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, Oliver Wood is a very competitive player.

Molly – The doting, protective mother of the Weasley family who did not tolerate rude or irresponsible rowdy behavior in her household. 

Fang – Hagrid’s huge, intimidating dog. 

Rita Skeeter – An annoying reporter who would do anything for a good story, even if it required spying on people.

Pomona Sprout – A cheerful and loyal professor with a positive mindset.

Horace Slughorn – A cheerful and friendly master who was quite fond of food.

Bane – An unhappy and slightly dangerous centaur.

Norbert – Hagrid pet dragon with all qualities such as physical strength and armored hide.

dog wearing monster costume
Pitbull Terrier wearing a monster costume at a party.

Fenrir – A bad werewolf that was a bounty hunter and had no qualms attacking children. He got killed by Hermione as he was attacking another student. 

Lupin – A good werewolf that was a courageous and versatile fighter.

Fluffy – The enormous three-headed dog that guarded the Sorceror’s Stone in the first book. 

Crookshanks – Hermione’s cat and not known for very bright.

Fawkes – Dumbledore’s beloved phoenix that saved Harry’s life. 

Mrs. Norris – The annoying cat that Filch, the caretaker loves.

Buckbeak – The fierce hippogriff that allowed the very chosen few to interact and eventually, ride him. 

Griphook – The high-ranking goblin that managed the bank at Gringotts.

Viktor – An imposing but not very bright Bulgarian wizard that was a talented quidditch player. For a brief time, Hermione’s love interest. 

Scabbers – Ron’s pet rat that was later revealed to be Peter Pettigrew.

Godric – Godric Gryffindor, the founder of the house and a brave, determined wizard. 

Rowena – For the founder of one of the four houses of Hogwarts, Rowena Ravenclaw. 

Helga – For another founder of a house, Helga Hufflepuff. 

Salazar – The last founder, Salazar Slytherin, is remembered for his cunning and skill.

Padfoot – Sirius Black’s animgas, a massive black dog. 

Ginny – Ginny Weasley is the baby of the Weasley family and Ron’s sister. She eventually ends up marrying Harry in the movies. 

Fudge – Cornelius Fudge was the annoying minister of magic. 

Riddle – Tom Marvolo Riddle who later went on to become Voldemort is considered the most powerful Dark Wizards ever. 

Alastor – Also known as mad-eye Moody, this teacher was a fierce and determined fighter and a member of the Order of the Phoenix. 

Rubeus – The first name of Hagrid, the devoted and loyal groundskeeper in Hogwarts. 

Errol – One of the Wesley family’s owls.

dog wears witch costume with broomstick
A dog wears witch costume with broomstick.

Names After Things 

Gryffindor – Founded by Godric Gryffindor, this is one of the four houses of Hogwarts. Those from Gryffindor are known to be brave and determined.  

Slytherin – Another one of the four houses, those from Slytherin tend to be the bad guys. 

Ravenclaw – Another house, those from Ravenclaw prize wisdom and intellect. They are the brainiacs of Hogwarts. 

Hufflepuff – Patient, just, and hardworking, Hufflepuffs are rarely disliked by anyone.

Muggle – Muggles are humans without magical ability, aka “normal.” 

Basilisk – The giant serpent bred by Voldemort eventually got killed by Harry Potter. 

Hippogriff – A magical creature with the front of an eagle and the back of a horse. Fierce and powerful, they are extremely dangerous but can be tamed. 

Kneazle – A magical creature that looks like a cat. 

Animagus – A witch or wizard that could transform into an animal. Peter Pettigrew lived as Ron’s rat, Scabbers this way, spying on the gang. 

Azkaban – The dark, foreboding prison that houses the criminals of the wizarding world. 

Diagon – Behind a pub called the Leaky Cauldron, Diagon Alley is where the wizarding world shops. 

Patronus – One of the most powerful spells, the Patronus spell protects from Death Eaters. 

Goblin – Named after those that guard everyone’s wealth that is stored in Gringotts. 

Lumos – The wand-lighting spell that brings light to the dark.

Quaffle – One of the three balls used in quidditch.

Chihuahua with Gryffindor scarf
A Chihuahua wearing Gryffindor scarf from Harry Potter movies series.

Snitch – Another one of the balls used in quidditch that the Seeker goes for.

Bludgers – Another type of ball in quidditch. Don’t get hit by it! 

Quibbler – The name of the tabloid newspaper of the wizarding world that isn’t really known for accuracy or credibility. 

Hufflepup – A word play on the Hogwarts house.

Hufflepug – Got a pug? 

Ravenpaw – Another word play. 

Butterbeer – What the students drank at Hogsmeade and served in numerous wizarding pubs. 

Pixie – Cornish pixies are small, blue creatures that loved getting into trouble. 

Accio – The summoning spell that is used frequently throughout the series. 

Alohomora – Also known as the Thief’s Charm, this spell was used to unlock doors

Gnome – A magical creature, Dobby was the most famous one of them all. 

Centaur – A magical creature that had the upper body of a man and a lower body of a horse. 

Horntail – A type of dragon. 

Ridgeback – Another type of dragon that is also a type of dog! 

dog wears wings costume
A dog wears costume and ready to dwell just like on an anime series!

Final Thoughts 

We hope this list gives all you Harry Potter fans some new ideas for your new dog. Good luck, and happy naming