How Long Do Miniature Poodles Live?

The average lifespan of a Miniature Poodle is between 10 and 15 years. Some Miniature Poodles have been known to live up to 18 years.

A quick and simple answer to an important question. As a Poodle and Poodle Mix expert, I get asked about breed lifespans all the time!

how long do miniature poodles live for
How long do Miniature Poodles live for?

In this article you will learn:

  • How to make a Miniature Poodle live longer
  • Health tips that make a difference
  • Should you neuter or spay a Poodle to increase lifespam

Average Miniature Poodle Size 

Miniature Poodles are the smaller version of Standard Poodles. They typically weigh anywhere from 12 to 24 pounds (typically around 20 pounds). They stand up to 14 inches tall and are generally 8-12 inches long. 

Poodle on regular walk
The Mini Poodle enjoying his regular walk. (Image: Instagram/@milo.miniature.poodle)

Ways to Help Miniature Poodles Live Longer

Keeping your Miniature Poodle healthy is the key to a long and healthy lifespan. Here are ways to help them enjoy a vital life.

Daily Exercise

Give your Poodle daily exercise. You can take your furry pal for walks or play fetch to help them burn pent up energy. It would help if you also played with them regularly to ensure that they are not bored and restless.

Mini Poodle walks on beach sand
A Mini Poodle walks on the beach sand. (Image: Instagram/@minipoodlerudi)

Another idea for busy pet owners is to give your Miniature Poodle some toys. Give them new toys that will help to keep them entertained throughout the day. They’re going to be happier if with having things to do while you’re gone.

Healthy Diet

Make sure your dog is eating right. Feed your Poodle healthy dog foods packed with all of the nutrients they need to stay fit and strong. If you’re keeping a strict diet, make sure not to give them too many carbohydrates and fatty foods.

best brush for poodle coats

Weight Management

Don’t overfeed your dog, as eating too much can lead to obesity – something that’s very common among this breed. If you feed your dog on a consistent schedule, measure out their meals carefully so they won’t unknowingly overeat before it’s time for another meal.

sitting Mini Poodle at a chair
The Mini Poodle is sitting on a chair at a restaurant. (Image: Instagram/

Keep their weight in a healthy range. There will always be those days when you give your dog extra snacks or even table scraps. However, If they overeat food throughout the day, make sure to eventually put them back on their regular diet as soon as possible.

Give your Miniature Poodle a diet that’s rich in antioxidants and fatty acids. This will help keep him at a healthy weight while also giving him the nutrients he needs to maintain his energy levels and good health. The best type of food for a Miniature Poodle is one made specifically for small breeds.

Regular Veterinarian Visits

Visit the vet often, especially when you’re first getting a Miniature Poodle so both you and your pup can get accustomed to each other’s habits, voices, and movements. Your vet is a primary factor in better understanding your puppy as they likely have experience working with the breed. 

calm Mini Poodle on a car
A calm Mini Poodle on the car is going to a vet check-up today. (Image: Instagram/@penelepoodle)

Annual checkups are also essential to keeping your dog healthy. Your vet will be able to diagnose minor problems before they become large ones and help keep your dog in the best possible shape throughout its life.

Dental Health

Dental health is vital for all dogs, but especially for Miniature Poodles. Unfortunately, about 80 percent of Poodles have some sort of dental issue by the time they reach two years of age. 

black poodle puppy fading as they age
A miniature black Poodle puppy

Make sure you brush their teeth at least twice a week so they do not develop any serious dental problems. 

How Does Spaying and Neutering Affect Poodle Lifespan?

Research has shown that spaying and neutering your Poodle will make them healthier and also help give them a longer lifespan. Spaying and neutering doesn’t just decrease the likelihood of reproductive-related diseases.

Mini Poodle look happy
The Mini Poodle looks happy at the dog park. (Image: Instagram/@charlie_lulu_poodle)

It can also lead to a significant decrease in problems such as testicular cancer, prostate disease, uterine infections, and mammary tumors in both male and female dogs. Weigh all these factors before deciding if this surgery is appropriate for your pet.

Also, waiting to spay or neuter after the Poodle has reached sexual maturity is essential. At the very least, wait until he is six months old – but it’s best to hold off until your dog is closer to a year old.

The average lifespan of a miniature poodle is between 10 and 15 years. Some miniature poodles have been known to live up to 18 years.

Health Concerns

Miniature poodles can sometimes suffer from serious health problems such as glaucoma, hip dysplasia, idiopathic epilepsy, and skin allergies. Poodles who suffer from these ailments may have a shorter lifespan.

sleeping Mini Poodle
A Mini Poodle is sleeping on his bed. (Image: Instagram/@salsathepoodle)

Miniature Poodle Temperament

The temperament of the miniature poodle is what makes them such a good pet. 

teacup vs mini poodle
Comparing the Teacup vs Mini Poodle

These poodles are very popular dogs that tend to be very loyal and devoted. They are also known for being very patient, affectionate, and loving towards their owners. 

The personality of a miniature poodle is playful and intelligent. They are also good around adults, children, and other animals, making them an ideal family pet. Miniature poodles are great companions to travel with and tend to find comfort no matter where they are as long as they are with their master. 

However, because they have a high energy level, it’s normal for them to run, jump, and play around the house. It’s fun to watch and even more fun to join in. 

Therefore, if you are unable to give them the time and attention they need to stay happy and stress free, you run the risk of creating health problems down the road that could lower their lifespan.

Poodle Coat Type

The miniature poodle has a dense coat that can come in many colors, including white, brown, silver, gray, cream, apricot, or any combination of these colors. The coat is curly with a soft texture that does not tangle easily. 

There’s great news for pet owners who are worried about excess shedding since miniature poodles have hypoallergenic curly hair. They won’t shed all over your clothes and furniture. In fact, poodles only shed a few strands of hair at a time, making cleanup a breeze. 

What Does This Have to Do With a Poodle’s Lifespan?

Most poodles need regular grooming (such as brushing every day) for their coats to stay healthy and free of mats. This is an essential part of keeping your dog healthy because if their coat gets matted, it can lead to skin problems or ingrown hair.

Remember, improper care leads to stress which leads to a decrease in your poodle’s lifespan.

Wrapping Up

With a proper diet and lifestyle, your Miniature Poodle will be able to live a long and healthy life. As long as you do proper research, work closely with your pet’s veterinarian, and follow their instructions, you should have many years of happy companionship ahead. Long live your Miniature Poodle!